Acral peeling skin syndrome?


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Acral peeling skin syndrome (PSS) is a form of PSS (see this term) characterized by superficial skin peeling that predominantly affects the back of the hands and the neck of the feet.

How is neurofibromatosis diagnosed?

Diagnostic methods

The diagnosis is made in the presence of two or more of the following criteria: more than 5 coffee-milk spots; 2 or more neurofibromas or one plexiform neurofibroma, optic glioma, freckles; 2 or more Lish nodules; specific skeletal dysplasias; an affected first degree blood relative.

What is ichthyosis?

Ichthyosis is a process of peeling and flaking of the skin that ranges from a mild but annoying dryness to a severe disfiguring syndrome. Also, ichthyosis can be a sign of a systemic disease. Diagnosis is clinical. Treatment includes the use of emollients and sometimes oral retinoids.

How is ichthyosis treated?

There is no cure for ichthyosis. The treatment consists of hydrating and softening the skin through the use of creams, lubricating bath oils and emollients containing humectants and keratolics (urea, lactic acid and glycolic acid). However, keratolytics can be irritating.

How is ichthyosis transmitted?

Lamellar ichthyosis is generally transmitted in an autosomal recessive manner: parents are healthy carriers of the disease and, with each pregnancy, have a 25% chance of passing it on to the child. In many patients, the disease is caused by mutations in the TGM1 gene.

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When does neurofibromatosis occur?

Neurofibromas that develop in the skin are common. Between 10 and 15 years of age, neurofibromas of various shapes and sizes can begin to appear on the skin. They can be less than 10 or thousands. They usually don’t cause other symptoms.

Where to cure neurofibromatosis?

  • Hospital – IRCCS Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova – AUSL Reggio Emilia. …
  • Hospital A. …
  • Padua Hospital. …
  • Perugia Hospital. …
  • Meyer Hospital. …
  • San G. Hospital Company …
  • San Pio Hospital – Gaetano Rummo – ASL Benevento.

Who Discovered Neurofibromatosis?

There are 2 types, type 1, also called von Recklinghausen disease, by the German pathologist von Recklinghausen who described it in 1882, and type 2 which is much rarer and also affects the optic and auditory nerves and the brain.

What causes neurofibromatosis?

Causes. Neurofibromatosis is caused by a genetic mutation, which can be transmitted by the parents or arise spontaneously during the development of the embryo (i.e. after the sperm has fertilized the egg).

When was neurofibromatosis discovered?

Prevalence is estimated to be one in every 4,000-5,000. The disease was first described in 1592 by the Bolognese physician and naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605).

When do coffee and milk stains appear?

The spots often appear in early childhood, and are usually spotted after age 2. CL lesions are hyperpigmented and have irregular or smooth edges. Their dimensions can vary from a few millimeters to more than 10 cm.

What are lisch’s nodules?

Lisch nodules are melanocytic hamartomas consisting of spindle cells containing varying amounts of pigment. They can be detected in 90-100% of patients with neurofibromatosis and must be differentiated from other iris nodules: nevi, melanomas, inflammatory nodules and malformations.

How many types of neurofibromatosis are there?

There are 3 types of neurofibromatosis (NF): type 1 neurofibromatosis, type 2 neurofibromatosis and schwannomatosis, which are caused by genetic mutations. Type 1 neurofibromatosis typically causes skin, neurological, and bone abnormalities, but it can affect almost any part of the body.

When are spots on the skin dangerous?

A spot, or more often a mole, can hide a dangerous condition, such as a skin tumor. Cases of skin cancers are more frequent than other types of cancers, such as lung, breast or colon cancers. … Carcinoma or basalioma: it is the most common form of skin cancer.

How to get rid of neurofibromas?

However, the nodules can be easily removed. If they are medium-small (up to 3-4 centimeters in diameter) to remove them you can use the laser, beyond these dimensions instead traditional surgery enters the field.

What disease is fibromatosis?

Fibromatosis is a particular medical condition characterized by the presence of benign tumors, called fibroids, which originate from the cells of the subcutaneous connective tissues or the dermis.

How many coffee-milk stains do your children have?

the brownish spots are initially about 6-7 and increase in number with the passing of the years; from 6 years up to puberty freckles appear in the groin and / or armpits; with adolescence, actual neurofibromas appear.

How to understand if it is a birthmark?

The birthmark is usually a patch of varying shape and size, ranging from a few millimeters to larger areas of the skin. It can have different colors: from pink and bright red to purplish-bluish, from light brown to darker and more intense brown tones.

What are café au lait stains?

The café au lait spots, in English café au lait spots, are pigmented skin macules whose color is reminiscent of café au lait in French. They are generally present from birth, are benign and have only aesthetic value.

Why do you get birthmarks on your body?

They are skin malformations caused by irregularities in the formation of skin tissue during embryonic life. Strawberry or coffee cravings are common “moles” due to the accumulation in one place of the skin of melanocytes, the cells that produce the pigment melanin, which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.

When do you get cravings?

Is there a time when the cravings begin? In reality there is no particular period, they could appear immediately, being linked to the hormonal change. Therefore, they could be present from the first weeks of pregnancy.

How are birthmarks created in pregnancy?

They are due to the activity of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, the dark pigment whose production is stimulated by the sun’s rays. Brown spots of many types can appear, even dark and quite unsightly: some, in fact, are covered with hair.

What should you not eat when pregnant?

Foods to avoid

  • Raw, badly washed or unsure vegetables have been thoroughly washed.
  • Raw or undercooked meats.
  • Fresh unseasoned meats, especially if produced at a family level.
  • Raw, undercooked or smoked fish.
  • Raw or lightly cooked seafood.
  • Raw or undercooked eggs (bull’s-eye, soft-boiled)

How to remove milk and coffee stains?

Coffee or latte coffee stain (also soy milk)

  1. Place an absorbent towel or rag under the stained area of ​​fabric.
  2. Dab with plenty of white vinegar and if the fabric is white, dab further with 40-volume hydrogen peroxide (cosmetic) or with delicate bleach.

How to recognize a birthmark in pregnancy?

Birthmarks in pregnancy and itching

Generally, if the itching is associated with a sudden urge to eat, we tend not to scratch, because it is thought that by touching or scratching the baby will be born with an angioma on the skin, in the same area where we scratched.


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