Apprenticeship with previous work experience?


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Previous employment relationships

The Ministry specified that there are no problems in establishing an apprenticeship relationship with a young person who has already had work experience as long as the previous experiences have not been carried out in the same professional qualification.

How long does the professional apprenticeship last?

the duration of a professionalizing apprenticeship contract varies on the basis of the provisions of the national collective bargaining agreements for the category and cannot exceed 3 years. Exceptions are some professions in the artisan sector (for example goldsmiths or carpenters), for which the duration can be extended up to 5 years.

How to activate an apprenticeship contract?

The phases for the activation of the apprenticeship for the qualification and the diploma are:

  1. 1) Search for availability …
  2. 2) Drafting of the Protocol between the employer and the training institution. …
  3. 3) Identification of the apprentice. …
  4. 4) Definition of the individual training plan (PFI) …
  5. 5) Stipulation of the contract.

How much do you earn with an apprenticeship contract?

The gross salary of the apprentice, according to the CCNL, is equal to 45% in the 1st year, therefore approximately 743 euros, therefore a worker with an apprenticeship contract stipulated in 2021 would take a monthly net salary of approximately 700 euros, plus any deductions and bonuses in paychecks.

What happens after the apprenticeship contract expires?

What happens when an apprenticeship contract ends? At the end of an apprenticeship contract, the employer or worker can withdraw from the contract with notice or decide to continue the employment relationship which automatically transforms itself into a subordinate employment relationship for an indefinite period.

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What changes from apprenticeship to permanent?

The substantial difference between an apprenticeship contract and a permanent one consists in the fact that the apprenticeship to the exchange of work performance – remuneration, must be added the obligation on the part of the employee to attend a training course.

What happens when the apprenticeship contract expires?

Even if the apprenticeship contract is by law a permanent contract, it is still expected to expire at the end of the training period. … For example, apprenticeship deadline March 31, 2019. The notice for resignation or dismissal required by the CCNL applied is 15 calendar days.

How much do you take per hour with an apprenticeship contract?

Apprentice: What is the average salary? The average salary per apprentice in Italy is € 13 500 per year or € 6.92 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 12,000 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 19,410 per year.

How many hours does the apprenticeship contract include?

The working hours of the 2021 apprenticeship contract cannot exceed 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week. For those who, on the other hand, have not reached the age of 18, the weekly working time cannot exceed 44 hours.

How is the apprenticeship paid?

The apprenticeship contract provides for a regular salary, and the salary generally starts at 60% of the salary foreseen for one’s level of employment, which gradually over the years will increase to 100%.

Who can do the apprenticeship?

Persons aged between 15 and 25 in all sectors of activity can be hired with an apprenticeship contract for professional qualification and diploma, upper secondary education diploma and professional specialization.

Who can be hired with an apprenticeship contract?

Young people between 18 and 29 years of age can be hired with this type of apprenticeship (in the case of possession of a professional qualification the minimum age drops to 17 years), in all sectors of activity, private or public.

What can’t an apprentice do?

What cannot and mustn’t the apprentice do?

  • ignore the instructions of the employer, the tutor or the person in charge of his / her training;
  • lend his work without the utmost diligence;
  • evade training activities or fail to participate with due diligence in the initiatives set out in the training plan;

How much are apprentice contributions worth for retirement?

10% for social security contributions (that to be paid by the apprentice is equal to 5.84%); 1.31% for the financing of the ASP (social employment association); 0.30% for access to inter-professional funds for the training of the apprentice.

How many types of apprenticeship contracts exist?

On the basis of the professional qualification that the subject intends to achieve, the law identifies three types of apprenticeship contract. apprenticeship for professional qualification and diploma; professional apprenticeship or trade contract; higher education and research apprenticeship.

How many times does the apprenticeship take place?

According to the provisions of Italian law, it is possible to stipulate two consecutive apprenticeship contracts both in the same company and in different companies and also in different cases.

How do apprenticeship contracts work?

The apprenticeship contract is an employment contract which provides for an initial training period at the end of which, in agreement between the parties, the apprenticeship contract is transformed into a permanent contract.

How Much Does a Part Time 20 Hour Trade Take?

The minimum gross salary is established by the various CCNLs and is the same as for normal full-time contracts: if a gross salary of 1,500 euros is revised for those who work 40 hours, for 20-hour part-time contracts the minimum gross salary must be of 750 euros.

How much is an apprenticeship taxed?

In the case of an apprenticeship, the contributions paid by the employer are equal to 11.31% of the taxable salary for INPS purposes, while 5.84% remains to be paid by the apprentice worker.

How to calculate the net salary?

Calculate your net salary now!

So summarizing, to calculate the net salary:

  1. It starts from the gross salary (RAL)
  2. Social security and welfare contributions are subtracted.
  3. You subtract the IRPEF calculated on the remaining amount.
  4. Any deductions are added up (which cannot, however, exceed the personal income tax)

How to cancel an apprenticeship contract?

Resignation upon confirmation of the contract: the apprentice can resign without any reason but must comply with the notice terms imposed by the relevant National Collective Labor Agreement. Resignations will be formalized by filling in the electronic form.

What changes from apprentice to worker?

The fundamental difference between the apprenticeship contract and the ordinary employment contract lies in the fact that in the first, a mandatory training course for the employee is added to the exchange of work performance – remuneration (the law provides, in this regard, that it must be indicated the hours of …

What are the main differences between permanent and temporary employment?

The fundamental difference between these two forms of contract is the duration of the employment relationship: a maximum duration is not established for an indefinite period, therefore there is no final date of the contract, instead in the fixed-term one.

What are the apprentice’s obligations?

As part of the apprenticeship contract, the employer must comply with all the typical obligations of any subordinate employment relationship (pay the salary, respect the collective bargaining …) and, in addition, implement all the training obligations required by law or by the contract collective.


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