Athletic trainer what school to do?


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To become an athletic trainer, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, it is necessary to follow a specific course of study, even if its preparation depends on the type of discipline in which you want to specialize, the university faculty common to all is that of Motor Sciences.

What does it take to be an athletic trainer?

How to become an athletic trainer The way to enter this profession starts with training in the sports field. After graduation, you must therefore enroll in a three-year degree course in Motor Sciences.

How much does an athletic trainer earn?

Unfortunately, never as in this case, establishing an average in terms of remuneration is practically impossible, just think that an athletic trainer who works in Serie A can earn around 120,000 euros per year and that in the lower categories it rarely falls below. of 3,000 euros per month.

How much does an athletic trainer earn in Serie C?

Know that it is a well-paid profession: an athletic trainer who follows an athlete alone can request € 50 per hour, and even one who works in Serie A can earn more than € 100,000 a year!

Where can an athletic trainer work?

Some athletic trainers work for rehabilitation centers and doctors’ offices and have regular hours. Others, on the other hand, travel regularly with sports teams without being able to count on regular rhythms of life.

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How to become an athletic trainer in Serie A?

At the end of the three or five year course of study, one must decide which specialization to take and then, once a choice has been made, attend one of the courses specifically set up by the individual Sports Federations to become a professional athletic trainer.

How much does a spring coach make?

spring team athletic trainer, € 11,121.00 gross; head coach of the Primavera team, € 13,345.00 gross; first team athletic trainer, € 14,938.00 gross.

What does a football fitness coach do?

The athletic trainer is the professional figure responsible for looking after and managing the general and individual physical motor preparation of athletes practicing competitive and amateur sports.

How much does an Excellence football manager earn?

The amateur football coach exercises his duties free of charge through the payment of the ‘annual membership premium’ corresponding to a reimbursement of expenses per kilometer. For championships of promotion – excellence, earnings can range from 800-1000 euros to a maximum of 2000/2500 euros.

How much does a Serie B footballer make?

€ 6 thousand in Serie B, € 9 thousand in Serie A2, € 12 thousand in Serie A.

How much does a professional athlete earn?

Therefore, a prize of 180,000 euros goes to the Italian athletes who win the gold medal at the 2021 Olympic Games; for the second place (silver medal) they receive 90,000 euros, and 60,000 euros for the bronze medal according to the new prize money decided by Coni.

Who is Juventus’ athletic trainer?

Confirmed as assistant coach Marco Landucci, the tactician will be Aldo Dolcetti, the goalkeeper coach Claudio Filippi. The field collaborator Maurizio Trombetta, the athletic trainer Simone Folletti, the physiotherapist StefanoGrani have also been confirmed.

How do you become a personal trainer?

To become a personal trainer at a legal level, a diploma recognized by CONI and / or a three-year (3-year) or master’s degree (2 years as a continuation of the three-year degree) is sufficient.

What does Vito Scala do?

Vito Scala is an athletic trainer, the definition has it that Vito Scala is a Prof., one of those who in training tells you to run and do the exercises, but for Totti it was not like that.

Who is AC Milan’s athletic trainer?

Matteo Orsi, AC Milan’s athletic trainer, answered some questions from the Gazzetta dello Sport about his work within the Pioli staff: “The preparation has changed because this year we were able to do an adequate job before the start. .

Who is the CEO of Juventus?

Juventus Revolution. The Juventus club has formalized the appointment of Maurizio Arrivabene as the new CEO. Tomorrow the presentation will be attended by Andrea Agnelli and the vice president Nedved and Federico Cherubini, the new head of the sports area.

Who participated in Calciopoli?

Among the teams: Juve, Lazio, Fiorentina and Milan. Among the managers: Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo, respectively DG and CEO of Juve; Diego and Andrea Della Valle for Fiorentina, Andrea Galliani AD of Milan and President of LNP, as well as Claudio Lotito President of Lazio.

Who is Paolo Bertelli?

In the technical staff of Andrea Pirlo at Juventus there will also be Paolo Bertelli, an athletic trainer with a great deal of experience. Bertelli started with Fiorentina and last season worked for Sampdoria, but to his credit he boasts three seasons at Juve and a double experience in the national team.

How much does an athlete make in Italy?

The average salary of a Fiamme Gialle athlete depends on the degree he holds: a simple financier, for example, earns just over 1,500 euros net, with the amount that can increase in the event of a higher degree or seniority of service. For example, a marshal can earn 1,850 euros per month.

How much is an Olympic athlete paid?

The Italian athletes present in Tokyo are mainly part of the armed forces, the air force, the police and the financial police and their monthly salary is initially around 1,400 euros.


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