Aukey removed from amazon?


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May 11, 2021, 08:49 am

Amazon has removed the Aukey and Mpow branded products from the Italian and other countries’ portal, popular for chargers, cables, power banks, headphones and in general accessories for smartphones and portable gadgets.

What happened to Aukey on Amazon?

Since last month, most of the electronics products sold by Aukey and Mpow, among the most popular Chinese low-cost gadget brands online, have disappeared from the Amazon site. A few days ago the same fate befell the sinic company Sunvalley, which manages the brands RavPower, Vava and Taotronics.

Where to buy Aukey products? AUKEY.

What happened to Tacklife?

Amazon banned Aukey, Mpow, Tacklife, TomTop and many more from its store following a discovery that probably left only Amazon itself surprised.

Why have some big sellers gone missing on Amazon?

The hypothesis is that they were involved in an extensive illegal review trade, discovered by a cybersecurity site. Since Saturday, the products of some big technology sellers have disappeared on Amazon sites in various countries, including Italy.

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How to check Amazon reviews?

The first thing to look at to get an idea of ​​the reliability of an Amazon review is the orange writing “Verified purchase”, which appears only next to the reviews written by users who have actually purchased that product on the platform.

Who makes Tacklife?

Tacklife is another of the brands that basically operate only on Amazon and therefore only online.

How to avoid Ban Amazon?

Correct attitude and appropriate language so as not to be ‘banned’ by Amazon.

How not to get banned from Amazon: what happens?

  1. Visibility of the reviews inserted;
  2. Communication for user inquiries;
  3. Exchange with the forum.

Where to buy Tacklife products? tacklife.

How to install Aukey?

How to install the Aukey webcam on your computer

  1. The first thing we need to do is connect the USB socket to the computer, a configuration message from the computer appears.
  2. We don’t have to do anything, just wait.
  3. After a few seconds, a second message appears with the configuration finished.

Who is Aukey?

AUKEY is a leading company in power and charging technology. As the inventor of the OmniaChip chipset, OmniStack, Dynamic Detect and manufacturer of the smallest chargers in the world.

How to register Aukey product?

Simply register the product on the website in the SUPPORT -> REGISTER PRODUCT section and then make a warranty claim specifying the defect found.

What happened to Aukey?

The Aukey brand has disappeared from Amazon’s shelves. The reason: bogus or otherwise bogus reviews. The Chinese company is well known in the “tech” world, where it has earned a reputation as a manufacturer with good value for money.

How to leave Amazon rating?

Submit a review

  1. Go to the product detail page. …
  2. Click Write a review in the reviews section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select a star rating. …
  4. (Optional) Add text, photos, or videos and click Submit.

How are Tacklife products?

They are good quality tools for all the jobs that can be very useful in our free time. Furthermore, the equipment of Tacklife products is always very complete with many accessories that if we had to buy them separately they would cost us a lot of money.

How do I know if Amazon has banned me?

How do I know which orders have been shipped or not from my account if it is blocked? Our suggestion is to simply call Amazon and ask them for a detailed report of your last 30-day orders since you can’t log into your account.

Why is Amazon blocking reviews?

The reason is precisely that the buyer must have the time to test that product. A review left a few hours after purchase may not be deemed truthful by Amazon and therefore suspended or deleted.

How long does the Amazon reviews block last?

The system will remain blocked until we have verified possible swap votes, these, which are prohibited by the review guidelines. The system will automatically update in the next few hours.

Where do I find my Amazon link?

Where to find the Amazon profile link?

  1. Go to Amazon and log in. …
  2. Then click on “My account”.
  3. In the Orders and purchase preferences section, click on “Profile”.
  4. In the top menu, access the “My public profile” section.

How many Amazon reviews per week?

AMAZON reviews its policies and imposes a limit on the number of reviews users can leave on products for sale on its platform: from now on, no more than five comments per week will be left on items not purchased from its online store.

How does the Aukey guarantee work?

After the 20 days for the return in case of defects, the guarantee of 24 months for the private individual or 12 months for the owner of p. VAT.

How to contact Aukey

Customer care

  1. Customer care.
  2. If you need help or have questions about your order, please contact our support team via
  3. Media and press inquiries.
  4. For questions relating to events, interviews, or brand content please contact

How to install an external webcam?

Install the Webcam. Connect the webcam to the computer. Plug the device’s USB cable into a free port on your computer. The USB ports have a rectangular shape and are located on the front or back of the computer case (in the case of a laptop they are placed along the sides).

How to install the webcam driver?

Alternatively, to download the drivers of your webcam you can connect directly to the website of the manufacturer of the same, type in the search field usually present at the top the model name of your webcam (for example logitech c270), locate and / or click on the Driver section of the …

How to connect an external webcam to the Mac?

How to install a webcam on Mac

Therefore, all you have to do is connect the USB cable of the webcam into the port of the same name on the Mac and wait for the latter to recognize and automatically configure the device.


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