Bait for snapper in bolentino?


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The bolentino is a technique that can give good results especially if practiced in areas with a high concentration of these sparids (rocky shoals with limited extension, wrecks, etc.); the main baits are garfish, sardine, anchovy, squid and cuttlefish.

How do you troll from a boat?

This type of fishing is practiced on the surface using two or three rods spaced apart, so that the lines do not tangle with each other. In principle, you need to lower the lines behind the moving boat and drag the lures. The final effect will be to imitate a small group of fish on the run.

How to trigger the lasso?

The slide must be inserted in the nostrils avoiding damaging the vital parts and the float must be inserted on the back in the direction of the fin or if the alaccia is large we can insert the tow to close the muzzle from the bottom up (see photo) and the float in the caudal area immediately after the …

What is the best time to fish for snappers?

the snapper reproduces between March and June, and in this period it approaches the coast, so the best time to fish for it from the shore is spring.

How do you fish for red snapper?

Trolling rods with pulley rings and 12-30 Lbs rotating reel are used, very robust with 300 meters of traced line of 0.35 mm on the reel. In spring-summer the bright colors are more attractive as the snapper is very territorial and more easily launches the attack.

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Where is snapper found?

The snapper e is present throughout the Mediterranean basin and in the Atlantic from Senegal to England. At a young age they live on soft bottoms and on Posidonia meadows, they have a gregarious attitude. While in adulthood they become solitary and prefer rocky bottoms.

Where are snappers found?

The snapper is a predator that lives in correspondence of rocky or mixed bottoms at depths between 20-70 meters. The best choice to have the maximum probability of capture is to look for strong bathymetric changes that rise from a depth of about 45 meters.

What is the snapper like?

The snapper is a sea fish, it is part of the Teleostei group, Dentici family (warm and temperate seas); the meat is very valuable and famous for its delicate flavor, very digestible, low in calories and rich in nutrients.

Where to practice shore jigging?

The most usual spots, that is where we will go more frequently to do Shore Jigging, will be two: one spot is represented by the cliff, therefore a sheer and rocky bottom or at most mixed and the other is represented by the beach, therefore the seabed. sandy that can go down more or less gradually.

When do snappers breed?

It reproduces from March to June, moving in shallower waters, up to reaching, in the areas where it is not disturbed by nets and motorboats, even 10-12 meters of depth.

How do you fish for greenhouse with live mullet?

You need to get your hands wet before handling it with great care. Excellent live bait for cableways and balloon fishing. Easy to keep alive for a few days in a 30 liter bucket with oxygenator. Triggering live mullet is one of the most commonly used techniques for fishing for predators.

How do you fish with sabiki?

To fish with bolentino sabiki you need to use phosphorescent or white pear leads of the appropriate weight to reach the bottom. Once you have reached the bottom you need to put tension on the line and move the rod up and down until the bite of our prey.

What are the best lures for trolling?

The best baits for trolling these fish are small minnows, spoons, feathers and rubber like raglou from 5 to 7 cm.

Where to fish coastal trolling?

Where and when

The most suitable marine environments for this technique are present within 3/4 miles from the coast, although, in most cases, we will fish much closer to the coast and on depths that can vary from 8/10 meters. a few dozen.

What is trolling in June?

In June, live bait trolling on the shallows and edges can give you some surprises such as grouper when fishing for amberjacks and snapper. The presence of the greenhouse is a certainty and the triggering of a mullet will certainly not make the bite of this extraordinary fish wait long.

How to do coastal trolling?

The simplest solution is dry plumbing, using a single lead. To give an idea we can say that, with a medium-sized lure, towed at 4 knots, with 500 gr. , applied to 30/40 meters from the bait, and spinning in the water a further 40 meters of line after the lead, it is possible to fish at 10 meters of bottom.

How do you fish Shore Jigging?

The fishing action of the Shore Slow Jigging is quite simple because it is made of small repetitive movements of the rod that generate more actions on the lure and that we can describe as follows: the bait is launched, it is let down to the bottom, holding the barrel at 45 °, the lure is recovered in small strokes, …

What is shore jigging?

Shore jigging is land spinning practiced in the stretches of coast affected by the presence of the same pelagic popping objects at a range.

How is metal Gig recovered?

As in retrieve 1, the jig must be sunk until it reaches the bottom. Then you start to make a slow recovery with jerks of the rod upwards, and then let it rest again on the bottom.

What does snapper taste like?

This cut can be grilled, roasted in the oven, or baked in butter in a pan. The versatile snapper fillet can also be battered and fried in oil. Snapper fish generally has a slightly sweet, sometimes nutty flavor that tends to absorb the flavors it cooks in.

What color is the snapper?

There is the Mediterranean snapper, with a rather thick oval body and laterally compressed; it is blue-gray on the back, silvery on the sides, often punctuated by numerous dark and blue spots; it is a very valuable species, with firm flesh, better in the smallest specimens.

How much does a red snapper cost per kilo?

The snapper at the market

A fish of very high commercial value. It is usually found on the stalls of fishmongers at a price that never falls below 20/25 euros per kg.

What does snapper eat?

Its diet is made up of small fish and small crustaceans, rather than squid and cuttlefish as many think. It also feeds on dead animals which it intercepts on the bottom; fact for which it is also deceived in drifting on the bottom or by the lures of the longlines.

How long does the snapper live?

From this it emerged that a 40-centimeter-long fish has about 5 years of life, while a 60-centimeter-long fish is about 11.

When is the yellowtail fished?

Best time and months in short for fishing amberjacks from the shore. Certainly the best period is autumn from September to December.


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