Cash register what is it?


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A cash register or even just an automatic cash machine is a mechanical or electronic device for calculating and memorizing sales transactions, normally combined with a drawer to store the money ordered in the various denominations.

How does the telematic cash desk work?

The telematic cash register comes into operation and is consequently and automatically registered after the first communication and is identified via the QRCODE, thanks to the telematic sending of the collections, the related invoices and receipts will be transformed into a digital receipt.

What is the electronic cash register?

An electronic recorder is an evolution of the old tax meter which, compared to the old system, has the ability to send the sales data of the commercial activity directly to the Revenue Agency in real time and relieves merchants from compiling the register of fees.

Who should use the cash register?

– operators providing hotel services; – subjects operating in the food and beverage sector; – companies providing transport services or operating in premises open to the public; – companies that offer services in the form of itinerant workers.

How much does the cash register cost?

The price of the cash register varies from 200 to 800 € for models with more functions; there are such advanced models, such as the telematic cash register, the cost of which can reach almost € 2,000.

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Since when is the electronic cash register mandatory?

Entry into force and extension. For activities with a turnover equal to or greater than 400,000 euros per year, the date of entry into force of the obligation dates back to 1 July 2019, while from 1 January 2021 all other activities are called into question, regardless of the volume. revenue.

How much does the new electronic cash register cost?

The price for the purchase of a new generation telematic recorder, capable of electronically storing transactions and transmitting them electronically to the Revenue Agency, can range, on average, from 250 to 1,000 euros, depending on the models and of the functionalities connected to it.

Who has to adjust the cash register?

First of all, it should be noted that soon all merchants (conductors of public establishments for sale) will have to adapt the cash register, in accordance with the new legislation contained in the 2020 tax decree which provides for the electronic transmission of the daily fees to the Agenzia Delle Come in.

What should a receipt look like?

The receipt

company, name or company name, or name and surname; VAT number of the merchant and location of the point of sale; date, time of issue, progressive number; fiscal logotype and registration number of the recorder.

Who is exempt from the cash register?

Electronic receipt exemption, new MEF decree published in the Official Gazette of 31 December 2019: the number of subjects excluded from the electronic fees for 2020 is expanding. … They remain outside the new method of certification of the fees tobacconists, taxi drivers, newsagents and activities marginal.

Why is the new cash register important?

The advantages for merchants are mainly two: The possibility of not issuing receipts with fiscal value; the exemption from registering the payments on a daily basis as they are replaced by the electronic receipt.

How does the recorder work?

How it is done and how it works

A tape recorder is an apparatus composed of an electronic part and a mechanical part; its purpose + to memorize an analog signal (in our case audio) on a special magnetic support and reproduce it in the most similar way to the original.

What does RT mean on the receipt?

The RT – Telematic Register – are cash registers that allow the daily payments to be transmitted electronically to the Revenue Agency, using the new online procedure of the Revenue Agency called electronic payments.

How does the new electronic receipt work?

The electronic receipt works like a normal receipt, with the difference that once the data has been issued, it is sent to the Revenue Agency. Read how to fill out the fee register, which is mandatory for all retailers.

Who has the obligation of the electronic receipt?

The electronic receipt concerns the obligation of storing and transmitting the payments envisaged for holders of VAT numbers who carry out retail trade activities.

What to do for the electronic receipt?

Telematic register (RT) The telematic receipt can only be issued using an electronic cash register (RT) or a web procedure made available free of charge by the Revenue Agency.

What are the tax documents?

1. What are the tax documents

  • Receipt: it is produced by a cash register and certifies the successful sale of a good or service;
  • Tax receipt: has the same value as the receipt but can only be issued by specific categories, such as artisans;

How do you make the receipt?

Our modern models have different modes of use.

How to make a receipt

  1. Place it on a flat and sturdy surface.
  2. Connect it to a power outlet (do not use extension cables)
  3. Remove the paper roll compartment cover and insert a new one.

What is the commercial document?

The commercial document can be issued for two reasons: for sale or for the provision of services. Furthermore, it has no value for tax purposes, but in case of need, it must be kept as proof to guarantee the purchase.

How do you enter the lottery code in the cash register?

It is necessary to scan the lottery code with an optical reader connected to the electronic recorder (or type it on the keypad of the recorder itself), store the transaction data, accept payment by card, ATM or other electronic payment instrument and issue the commercial document.

How much does the tax exemption of the cash register cost?

In case the trader forgets to carry out the tax exemption of the recorder once the business is closed, he could incur very high fines ranging from 258 to 1032 euros: it is better to pay attention to this very important action, taking care to follow all the stages of the required process. it’s at …

How much does a portable cash register cost?

€ 570.00 Price without VAT

How much does the annual cash register check cost?


How to make an electronic receipt without a recorder?

The alternative to the electronic receipt without buying an electronic cash register is the web procedure. Online commercial document. It can be reached through the Revenue Agency website in the Invoices and Fees section. The service is free and compatible with mobile devices.

How to send the fees to the tax office manually?

How are fees charged manually?

  1. Log in with your credentials on the Invoices and Remuneration portal of the Revenue Agency website.
  2. Click on Fees for merchants without RT (transitional solution) to access the available features.


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