Citronella growing in pots?


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Sow the lemongrass between March and July in a jar. Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil, which you must always keep moist. The following year, when the plant is strong enough, you can transfer it to the garden or to the final pot in spring.

How often do you water lemongrass?

The lemongrass plant should be watered regularly, every 2 or 3 weeks, keeping the soil deeply wet and being careful to water again only when the soil is completely dry. In fact, it is important that water stagnation does not form.

How do you care for a lemongrass plant?

Citronella loves humid soils and therefore should be irrigated regularly in the period between March and October, wetting the soil deeply, avoiding water stagnation. Watering should be done more frequently in the driest periods.

How to root lemongrass?

The multiplication can take place with the division of the rhizomes or by cuttings: just immerse a stem in a large vase with water and a few drops of root. The lemongrass cutting should be rooted in the shade but in a bright place. The roots will form within 10 days.

What can be done with lemongrass leaves?

With lemongrass leaves it is possible to make teas, infusions and herbal teas useful for promoting digestion. Herbal teas and infusions also have relaxing properties so they are recommended for those with insomnia problems. Lemongrass can be used for internal use and for external use.

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How to use the lemongrass plant against mosquitoes?

Lemongrass essential oil can be spread around the house to keep mosquitoes at bay or spread on windowsills for example by placing a few drops on cotton balls.

How to make lemongrass essential oil?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place some dried lemongrass leaves in a small jar and fill it with alcohol;
  2. Cover the jar and leave the leaves to infuse for three days;
  3. With the help of a colander pour the contents of the jar into a new and definitive container. You will have your lemongrass oil ready to use!

How does the lemon verbena plant reproduce?

Multiplication of lemon verbena

The lemon verbena or limoncina reproduces by seed, by cutting and by layering. Sowing takes place in spring in places sheltered from the cold. The substrate must always be kept humid until the seeds germinate completely, about 20 days.

How to reproduce the lemon verbena plant?

It is possible to reproduce the plant by cuttings in July. The cuttings of about 10 centimeters are taken from the stem, planted and rooted in a mixture of peat and sand, buried in May of the following year.

How to make a natural rooting?

2 Procedure in cold water

  1. Cut off a few twigs from the willow plant.
  2. Browse them and cut them into pieces a couple of centimeters long.
  3. Leave the twigs to macerate in cold water for at least 7 days.
  4. After the indicated time, filter the infusion, pour it into a well-corked plastic or dark glass bottle.

Where to buy a lemongrass plant? lemongrass plant: garden & garden.

What are the plants against mosquitoes?

Basil, rosemary and mint are the most effective anti-mosquito plants among aromatic herbs. Present in all homes and used mostly in the kitchen, if positioned well close to each other they will help you create a natural barrier against these annoying insects.

When to cut lemongrass?

The best time to cut lemongrass is early spring, when the plant is still dormant. If your lemongrass has been left unattended for a while, it has probably accumulated dead material. The first thing to do is get rid of it.

What plant is lemongrass?

Citronella, Cymbopogon, is an aromatic plant native to South Asia grown in gardens and in pots for ornamental purposes, also known as lemongrass or lemon grass.

How long does lemongrass last?

Also known as mosquito candles. Burning time per piece: about 4 hours.

How do you prune lemon verbena?

Since this is a perennial plant, it is legitimate to ask whether a pruning of the luigia grass should be practiced. In reality it is sufficient to eliminate any dry or damaged branches, while during the summer the plant receives periodic clipping when it is cut for use.

How to prune the lemon verbena?

Pruning of lemon verbena

In fact, the luisa herb, another name by which the plant is called, needs to be fixed every now and then. However, the operation is not difficult because you just need to prune the driest branches as well as topping the flower heads.

How to reproduce Luisa grass?

The propagation takes place in July: cuttings of about eight centimeters are taken from the branches and from the stem, which are planted in a mixture of peat and sand in equal parts. The rooted cuttings are planted in the following May.

How to use limoncina herb?

Dried leaves and flowers can be used to perfume wardrobes and rooms. In herbal medicine, the fragrant verbena or limoncina herb is used in the preparation of herbal teas, infusions and compresses. It is used in the kitchen to make liqueurs, jams, fruit salads and as a spice.

In which month the Luisa grass cuttings?

The propagation takes place in July, when a cutting of about eight centimeters is taken from the branches and from the stem, which is planted in a mixture of peat and sand. The cuttings thus rooted are planted in the following May, when they have gained enough strength and sturdiness.

When to collect luigia leaves?

If you are lucky enough to have a Luigia herb in your garden, the best time to collect the leaves to make this liqueur is in midsummer, in the greatest expression of its flowering, but this year, the warm temperatures of this long and beautiful autumn will allow us to make a …

How is an essential oil obtained?

The essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, a technique that uses the steam produced by boiling the water which, passing through the plant placed in the distiller, drags with it the aromatic molecules contained in the plant cells.

How to make essential oil at home?

Place the chopped thyme and olive oil in the saucepan. Heat this mixture over medium heat for at least five minutes or until the water boils. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool, then pour it into a glass container and keep it in a cool place.

How is essential oil made?

Let’s see together how eucalyptus oil is made

First you need to get some fresh leaves, wash them well and chop them finely. In a jar, add the olive oil and the chopped herb. The oil must completely cover the leaves. Leave to macerate for 15 days in a dark and warm place.

What to put in the water to ward off mosquitoes?

Water and sugar are the perfect ingredients for building a DIY mosquito trap. Just put in a bottle a mix of two tablespoons of sugar in 200 ml of water with the addition of a gram of yeast and the annoying insects will have no more escape.


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