Companions of maurizio costanzo?


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Lori Sammartino, Flaminia Morandi and Marta Flavi wives before Maria De Filippi. Before meeting and marrying Maria De Filippi, Maurizio Costanzo had other women and three of these he married them.

Who were Maurizio Costanzo’s companions?

Before Maria De Filippi, Maurizio Costanzo was married 3 more times: here are his ex-wives Lori Sammartino, Flaminia Morandi and Marta Flavi even if few remember them.

What work do Maurizio Costanzo’s children do?

What are Maurizio’s children doing today? The oldest, Camilla is a Rai screenwriter, while Saverio is a television and film director. Recently the man was also the director of the successful TV series L’Amica Geniale.

Who is Simona Izzo’s husband?

Private life

Simona Izzo married Ricky Tognazzi in 1995 after a long relationship with Maurizio Costanzo.

How many marriages has Costanzo had?

Maurizio Costanzo has a very long career as a journalist and presenter and a lively sentimental spirit. Today he is married to Maria De Filippi but already has three marriages behind him, three children and four grandchildren.

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Who is Lori Sammartino?

Lori Sammartino was a photojournalist, but very little is known about her life before and after meeting her ex-husband Maurizio Costanzo. The woman has published a book, “The Sunday of the Italians”, in which she has enclosed a series of photographs depicting the private life of families in Italy.

Where does Maurizio Costanzo work?

From March 2016 he returns to conduct a daily broadcast, from Monday to Thursday, on Rai Premium with Parliamone. In July 2016 Iris lands on the Mediaset network where she leads the film column Maurizio Costanzo tells with the screenwriter Alberto Consarino.

In what year did Costanzo get married to Lory San Martino?

It is a constructive and intellectual relationship. Although the photojournalist was older than the Capitoline conductor, that difference was never felt. The wedding took place way back in 1963 and that union raised a fuss because of the 14 years that took place.

How many children does Maria De Filippi have with Costanzo?

In private life, after having found the love of Maurizio Costanzo, she decided to start a family with him. The couple, however, did not have biological children. That of De Filippi was a choice of love.

Who is the son of Maria De Filippi adopted?

Gabriele Costanzo, who is the son of Maria De Filippi di Maurizio Costanzo. The young man was born exactly in 1992 at the age of 28. He is the adoptive son of Maria di Maurizio who was adopted by the couple in 2004. It would seem that the relationship between Gabriele and his parents is really wonderful.

Who is Maria De Filippi’s love?

Today Gabriele Costanzo is 30 years old and has become a beautiful boy. He decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and so he too works on TV.

How old is Marta Flavi?

Where and when she was born, age, career and biography of Marta Flavi. Marta Flavi, born Marta Caterina Fiorentino, was born in Rome on April 9, 1951 (age 70).

How old is Maurizio Costanzo?

When was Maurizio Costanzo born? Maurizio Costanzo was born in Rome on August 28, 1938. The famous journalist is therefore 82 years old and will turn 83 this summer.


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