Current account with protective bond?


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To open a current account for a minor you do not need the decree of the tutelary judge. The opening of a current account in the name of the minor is considered, in fact, an act of ordinary administration for this reason it can be done by the parents without the need for authorization from the Tutelary Judge.

When does the pupil bond expire?

The pupil bond falls on the child’s 18th birthday. From this moment on, the minor himself will be able to dispose of the assets.

How to open a protection account?

In order to open a current account for an “administered” person, it is necessary to have the authorization of the Tutelary Judge. Therefore, the support administrator must submit a petition to the guardianship judge to be authorized to open the relationship and manage the account.

At what age can a current account be opened?

The current account for a minor must be opened by an adult who exercises power over the child. At the age of 18, however, the boy will be able to manage his own account independently. Accounts for minors usually offer interest income and low operating costs.

What is a bank account?

The bank account is a money management tool. It is identified by the IBAN bank details that allow you to manage it easily. … The current account provides the bank with specific disclosure obligations, including periodic ones, towards the account holder.

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What can you do with a checking account?

What operations can I carry out with a current account?

  • issue checks, instructing your bank to pay a certain amount of money to another person (the beneficiary);
  • arrange wire transfers, giving orders to pay a sum of money in favor of third parties with a debit on the current account;

How much does a bank account cost?

In 2017, the average expense for managing bank current accounts was € 79.4, an increase of approximately € 1.8 compared to the previous year.

Who opens the current account?

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can open a current account, but banks also offer solutions for the youngest, such as prepaid cards or savings books.

How to make a credit card for minors?

In order to be registered in the name of a minor, the card must therefore include the signed consent of the parents before being issued, to prevent children from stealing a card and making reckless expenses secretly from family members.

Which account for minors?

Genius Teen is the nominal savings deposit account designed for children aged 13 to 17 residing in Italy that allows them to manage their savings and make purchases independently, within the contractual limits.

Who needs a support administrator?

relatives up to the fourth degree, including parents, brothers, sisters or children; the spouse, provided they are not separated, or the cohabitant; the designated person (in the manner described above) who can therefore also be a third party, normally a lawyer or a trustee of assets.

Who controls the support administration?

The tutelary judge, in the context of a support administration, has the task of supervising the correct performance of the assignment. The authorization of the tutelary judge is necessary, as we have seen, for the performance of acts of extraordinary administration.

How to avoid the support administrator?

The office of support administrator can be revoked, upon appeal to the judge, when the conditions for the office no longer exist. This happens, for example, in the event that: the beneficiary ceases to be ill; the beneficiary’s illness worsens with the consequent need for interdiction or incapacitation.

What is the pupil constraint?

This is a system that allows you to protect the minor who has the rights relating to the funds deposited in a specific current account. Thanks to the presence of this constraint, it will not be possible for parents to use the funds improperly, for example for purposes not related to the interests of the minor.

What does the tutelary judge do?

The tutelary judge is the judge of the court who is entrusted with various and important functions regarding the protection of persons, particularly the weakest subjects such as minors and the incapable, with regard to both patrimonial and non-patrimonial aspects.

How old do you have to be to get a credit card?

Typically, these cards are issued to minors who are at least 14 years of age. Not all prepaid cards can be registered in the name of minors and it is also good to check that they belong to a reference circuit, sufficiently widespread both in Italy and abroad.

How much does a credit card cost for minors?

It provides for a monthly fee of € 9.90 per month and the free SMS Alert service, as well as the absence of commissions both on withdrawals in Italy and on those abroad. The card has: a spending limit of € 999 per month; a maximum withdrawal limit of 250 euros.

How to get a credit card at 14?

Unicredit Card Click is the credit card for minors created by UniCredit and aimed at all customers who want to introduce their children to the banking world without the need to open a current account. This instrument can be made out to minors from the age of 14.

How to open a current account for non-residents in Italy?

To open the account you need the appropriate form available at the branch. If you want to open it by correspondence, you will need to provide a reference to the bank plus the signature deposited with a notary or lawyer, photocopies of the passport (if any) and the payment form in euros for opening the account.

How do i know if i have a checking account?

The main reference tool in this case is the so-called “Registry of financial relations” (also known under the name of “Registry of current accounts”), ie a register that collects all the information of this category. Banks are in fact required to communicate data periodically.

How much does an Intesa San Paolo bank account cost?

How much does Basic Account cost me? The expenses for the Basic Account are 30 euros per year, if no operations are carried out higher than those indicated in the specific table. If you fall into socially disadvantaged groups, you will receive a pension of up to 18,000 euros gross per year, the fee is free.

What is the cheapest current account?

The comparator highlighted that the 5 most convenient current accounts among those available in September 2021 are:

  • the Widiba current account;
  • the Unicredit current account;
  • the BNL current account;
  • the current account N26;
  • the Tinaba current account.

How not to pay the bank fee?

To have the exemption, a self-certification certifying the validity of the ISEE declared must be presented to the intermediary or directly to the bank by 31 May of each year. No “unwanted withdrawal” for those who have an average annual stock equal to or less than 5 thousand euros.

Why make a current account?

Opening a current account not only serves to secure one’s savings, relying on the security offered by the banks, but also serves to guarantee a return that follows the inflationary rise as closely as possible and even allows, in some cases, to earn something. tangible from their own …

How do you close a bank account?

To activate the termination procedure, you can go to the bank in person and speak to your usual advisor. In any case, you will have to write and send a letter of termination of the current account by registered letter with return receipt. In the letter you will indicate the details of the account to be closed.


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