Dancing with the 2020 Winning Stars?


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Gilles Rocca, 37, sound engineer and actor who became famous thanks to the appearance on the Sanremo stage during the quarrel between Bugo and Morgan, and his young, 22, teacher Lucrezia Lando, one of the dance-show professionals since 2018, are the winners of the long final of Dancing with the Stars 2020, live …

Who are the three winners of Dancing with the Stars?


  • Giusy Versace and Raimondo Todaro.
  • Andrew Howe and Sara Di Vaira.
  • Giulio Berruti and Samanta Togni.

Who won Dancing with the Stars last year?

The edition was won by the couple formed by Lasse Matberg and Sara Di Vaira.

Who was eliminated in Dancing with the Stars?

Bianca Gascoigne and Simone Di Pasquale, one of the strongest couples according to the jury, are the two eliminated at the end of the sixth appointment with Dancing with the Stars, Saturday 20 November on Rai1.

Who is Lucrezia Lando?

Lucrezia Lando is one of the professional dancers of Dancing with the Stars 2020, the successful RaiUno program conducted by Milly Carlucci. The professional dancer specialized in couple dances, she started dancing at the age of 10 and immediately obtained great satisfaction thanks to dance.

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Who takes part in Dancing with the stars 2021?

So the competing couples are the following: Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando, Arisa and Vito Coppola (who will have to transform into Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star Is Born’), Alvise Rigo and Tove Villfor, Bianca Gascoigne and Simone Di Pasquale , Federico Lauri and Anastasia Kuzmina, Memo Remigi and Maria Ermachkova, Morgan and …

Who won Dancing with the Stars 2010?

Sixth edition: Veronica Olivier and Raimondo Todaro (2010)

The sixth edition of Dancing with the stars saw the triumph – on the arm of Raimondo Todaro – Veronica Olivier, a young actress made famous by the role in Amore 14 and This little big love.

Who are the dancers of Dancing with the stars?

Dancing with the stars 2021, the dancers

We will then meet again Samuel Peron, Stefano Oradei, Sara Di Vaira, Anastasia Kuzmina, Simone Di Pasquale, Alessandra Tripoli, Maykel Fonts, Luca Favilla, Marcello Nuzio and Lucrezia Lando.

Who won Dancing with the Stars 2007?

The fourth edition of Dancing with the stars was broadcast from 28 September to 23 November 2007 on Rai 1, conducted by Milly Carlucci with the participation of Paolo Belli and his band. This edition was won by the actress and showgirl Maria Elena Vandone and the dancer Samuel Peron.

Where was Lucrezia Lando born?

Lucrezia Lando was born on 10 December 1998 in Bassano del Grappa. She is 22 years of age, but her passion for dance led her to start when she was 10.

When was Lucrezia Lando born?

Born in Bassano del Grappa (in the province of Vicenza) on 10 December 1998, astrological sign Sagittarius, he wore dance shoes for the first time at the age of 10, studying and deepening both the classical and Latin American genres.

Who is Stefano Oradei?

Stefano Oradei is a Class AS Latin American dancer and a dance teacher. He is part of the cast of Dancing with the Stars after having collected numerous national and international awards in Latin American dance competitions.

How tall is Lucrezia Lando?

Lucrezia Lando is 175 cm tall and weighs about 57 kg.

How old is Lucrezia Selassié?

Lucrezia Hailé Selassié age, height and biography

Let’s get to know better who is Lucrezia Hailé Selassié, known as Lulù. We do not have information on Lucrezia’s place of birth, nor on her date, nor on her zodiac sign, but we do know that she is 33 years of age. Today she lives in Rome with her sisters.

When will they do Dancing with the Stars 2021?

Rome, November 27, 2021 – Lino Banfi and his daughter arrive at Dancing with the Stars 2021. Today, November 27, the seventh episode of the dance show hosted by Milly Carlucci is broadcast on Raiuno (from 8.35 pm).

How old is Pasquale’s?

Let’s find out more about who Simone Di Pasquale is, known to the television audience for being one of the dancers in Dancing with the stars. From the biography we know that Simone was born in Rome on February 27, 1978, so he is 43 years old. He has a 14-year-old older sister and an 11-year-old younger brother.

Who is the dancer Marco De Angelis?

We know of Marco De Angelis that he was born in Rome on May 20, 1994. The passion for dance has exploded since he was a child and we can say that it is a family passion, since his older brother, Andrea, is also a dancer and choreographer.

Who dances with Albano?

Oxana Lebedew said she grew up listening to Al Bano’s music, when Milly Carlucci told her that she would dance in tandem with Carrisi, she began to sing “Happiness”. The dancer met the singer and immediately she fell in love with him. She has a bright, very lively personality.

What happened to the dancer from Albano?

The dancer, originally from Kazakhstan, had been the victim of a bad foot injury, seriously injuring her metatarsus. Despite the pain and her tutor, the professional dancer carried on the show by returning to the track last Saturday and in the last episode, but limiting the performances.

Why did Albano leave Dancing under the stars?

Dancing with the Stars 2021, Al Bano rejects to the sender the accusations of having left the program for a series of concerts in Eastern Europe with Romina Power and not, as announced last night on Rai1, to give the opportunity to the dancer Oxana Lebedew , her dance teacher in the program conducted by Milly Carlucci, …

Why doesn’t Albano participate in Dancing with the stars?

Al Bano has retired from Dancing with the stars. The artist from Cellino San Marco, winner of the third episode with a waltz to the notes of È la mia vita, has decided to abandon the competition to allow the healing of his dancer – Oxana Lebedew – seriously injured in her foot.

How old is Marco De Angelis from Dancing with the stars?

The love story between Lucrezia Lando and Marco De Angelis

The two young people, she 24 and he 26, soon fell in love but preferred to keep their relationship secret during the program, so much so that they did not participate as a couple together.

Who is Luca Favilla?

Luca Favilla is one of the professional dancers of Dancing with the Stars. Before landing in Milly Carlucci’s dancing show, he participated with an unsatisfactory result in Amici di Maria De Filippi.


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