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Daniel Davis is a well-known actor who grew up in the small town of Gurdon, Arkansas. He went on to study at the Arkansas Arts Center and graduated with a degree in fine arts. Afterwards, he taught at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco for seven years. Davis was born on November 26, 1945 and will turn 75 on November 26, 2020. His height and weight are not publicly available, but his family background is average.

As a child, Daniel Davis became interested in acting after watching Tyrone Power movies. Since then, he has acted in a variety of supporting roles. As a result, Daniel Davis has a large net worth. His biography also includes information about his professional and personal life.

Davis is married to Kelly Murkey. The couple has two children. They separated in 2013. Daniel Davis’ net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He is an accomplished actor, who starred in many hit TV shows and movies. He played Niles the Butler in the CBS series The Nanny from 1993 to 1999. Besides that, he has also appeared in Civil Wars, Gotham, The Blacklist, Murder, She Wrote, K-9, and The Hunt for Red October.

Daniel Davis’ net worth has increased in the last decade. His films have grossed enormous amounts at the box office. Although he is a well-known actor, his personal life is largely hidden from the media. He has never disclosed his personal life or affairs. His relationship status is also a mystery as he has never disclosed his relationship status. In addition, he has never married or had a girlfriend.

Daniel Davis has built a modest net worth over a long career in the film industry. He started acting at an early age and earned his first role in a local broadcast film. In the year 1956, he was just eleven years old. In 1980, he gained popularity for his role in the daytime soap opera Texas. He later appeared in a revival of the musical Noises Off at the American Airlines Theatre.

Daniel Davis net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. As an actor, he has starred in several films and television shows. In his television career, he has starred in the show Frasier, which was canceled in 2006. In addition, he has also appeared in films such as Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.

Daniel Davis has been involved in film and television for several decades. He has an impressive net worth of over $5 million. He is an American actor who has a long career in the industry. He has also appeared in the hit sitcom, The Nanny. In addition to being an actor, Daniel Davis has a long list of other accomplishments.

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