Day and night working hours?


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532/99). In particular, a period of at least seven consecutive hours including the interval between midnight and five in the morning is defined as “night period”. This period therefore includes the hours 22-5, 23-6, 24-7 and, obviously, the times of longer duration including the previous ones.

What is meant by night work?

Night work means a work activity carried out during a period of at least 7 consecutive hours, including the interval between midnight and five in the morning. … There is no discrimination against women for carrying out night jobs.

How does night work prove itself?

In detail, she must use the LAV-US form to communicate on night work, on an annual basis, to the Labor Inspectorate and the social security institution, providing her with a copy of this requirement.

How many night hours can you do in a year?

In this case, the regulations will apply, i.e. 3 hours during the night for 80 days a year.

When does the shift allowance take effect?

This indemnity is paid provided that there is an effective rotation of personnel in the three shifts, such that during the month there is a substantially balanced number of shifts carried out in the morning, afternoon and night, in relation to the shift model adopted in the company or body.

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What does shift allowance mean?

For all of them, the law provides for a particular additional allowance: shift allowance, which corresponds to an increase in salary to compensate for those activities that are carried out even at night and on holidays, or, in some collective agreements, to benefits other than cheap ones, like a …

When does the night surcharge take effect?

For workers subject to the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Related National Collective Labor Agreement, night work is paid 30% more than the daytime wage, considering the time slot that goes from 22:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning for the increase in wages. .

How many hours do the night shift have to pass?

1. The working hours of night workers cannot exceed eight hours on average in twenty-four hours, except for the identification by collective agreements, including company agreements, of a wider reference period on which to calculate the aforementioned limit as an average .

How many hours must pass after a night shift?

In this sense, a worker could theoretically work up to 13 hours a day while keeping the necessary breaks. Should the worker perform two consecutive shifts, or the night watchman, then he will be entitled to 24 hours of continuous rest after the shift.

How much rest after the night shift?

From this it is clear that the rest after having performed a night shift must not be 11 but rather 16 hours (24 – 8 = 16) Therefore, given the current hours of the night shift, 21-7, the double night is not legal because there is no 16 hours of rest between one night and another.

How many nights do you need for strenuous work?

Heavy workers can be considered: workers who carry out their business at night for at least 6 hours for a certain number of nights a year. workers who, in the interval between midnight and five in the morning, work for at least 3 hours for the whole year.

How many nights do you have to do to retire?

Regarding the right to a facilitated seniority pension, however, even though the same time slots are referred to, the requirements are different. In fact, night work is required: for at least 6 hours a night for 64, 72 or 78 nights a year; for at least 3 hours a night all year round.

How many consecutive night shifts can you do?

Night shifts, how many can be done in a row? The general labor legislation does not set a maximum number of shifts for night work. Instead, it establishes another principle, namely that of the minimum rest that must be granted to the employee of at least 11 consecutive days between one shift and the next.

What hours are considered night work?

532/99). In particular, a “night period” is defined as a period of at least seven consecutive hours including the interval between midnight and five in the morning. This period therefore includes the hours 22-5, 23-6, 24-7 and, obviously, the times of longer duration including the previous ones.

What does an OSS do on the night shift?

The Oss must be available at work to carry out their activities on call, even during the night or on holidays and are obliged to report to the workplace as quickly as possible. The availability is also foreseen to deal with emergency situations (eg.

Who is not obliged to do night work?

2. The following are not obliged to work at night: a) the mother worker of a child under the age of three or, alternatively, the father worker cohabiting with the same; b) the worker who is the sole custodial parent of a cohabiting child under the age of twelve.

How many hours must pass between one shift and another part time?

At this point it remains to be understood how many hours and days of rest should be allowed between one shift and the next. Based on the 2019 European regulations, at least 11 hours must elapse between one shift and the next.

How much break in 8 hours of work?

In the absence of specific provisions in the CCNL, each employee is granted a break of at least 10 continuous minutes if the working day is equal to or greater than 6 hours.

How to recover from a night shift?

To avoid compromising the sleep-wake balance, it is not advisable to sleep more than 3 hours to recover the night of work. Indeed, a walk in the open air and some physical activity will allow you to fall asleep better in the evening and find your rhythm more easily.

How many consecutive hours can you work?

Maximum duration of daily working hours

In 24 hours it is not possible to work for more than 13 consecutive hours (minus meal breaks), or even non-consecutive hours in the case of interventions in Availability or splitting of the service into 24 hours; this is because 11 hours of rest must be guaranteed.

How many hours of rest?

The law [1] provides that each employee is entitled to a daily rest period of at least 11 consecutive hours between the end of a work performance and the start of another work day.

How many hours of work can you do in a day?

Considering this, we arrive at a maximum daily limit of 12 or 13 hours, but there are some contradictions in the legislation – in addition to the due exceptions in the weekly timetable provided for some categories of work.

When does the work start?

The history of work does not have a precise beginning and origin. Labor law was born and developed in the nineteenth century but work, as an economic relationship, is part of the same history of man and anticipates the very birth of human civilizations.

How is Sunday work paid?

Sunday work surcharge, what is due

For example, the CCNL Commercio prescribes an increase of 30% for every Sunday hour, to be calculated on the normal hourly wage. … In the Commerce sector, the overtime holiday is subject to a 30% increase.

How much do you earn with shifts?

The average salary for the position of shift worker in the selected location (Italy) is € 1,390 per month.


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