Descending sorting on excel?


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In the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab, do one of the following:

  1. To sort in ascending order, click (Sort Smallest to Largest).
  2. To sort in descending order, click (Sort Largest to Smallest).

How do you put numbers in order in Excel?

Sort the table

  1. Select a cell within the data.
  2. Select Home> Sort & Filter. or. select Sorting> Data.
  3. Select an option: Sort A to Z arranges the selected column in ascending order. Sort Z to A arranges the selected column in descending order.

How to sort dates in Excel?

Sort by date

  1. Drag the column to select the dates you want to sort.
  2. Click the Home tab> arrow under Sort & Filter, then click Sort Oldest to Newest or Sort Newest to Oldest.

How many levels of sorting do we have in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel?

Advanced sorting allows you to create two levels of data organization in your spreadsheet. If sorting on a single factor isn’t enough, use an advanced type to add more power.

How to order a chart in Excel?

Click a field in the row or column that you want to sort. under Row Labels or Column Labels, and then click the desired sorting option. To sort the data in ascending or descending order, click Sort A to Z or Sort Z to A.

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How do you rotate a chart in excel?

Right-click a section of the pie chart> Format Data Series. In the Format Data Point pane in the Corner box of the first section, replace 0 with 120 and press ENTER.

How to make xy chart in Excel?

To add this type of graph, after creating a table with data on a spreadsheet, highlight it and press on the items Graph> Dispersion (XY) that you find in the Insert tab.

What does B1 B10 represent?

Reference to a Different Worksheet In the following example, the AVERAGE worksheet function calculates the average value of the range B1: B10 of the worksheet named Marketing that is in the same workbook.

How to limit Excel sheet?

An alternative and more permanent way to limit the working area of ​​a worksheet is to hide unused rows and columns. Here’s how to hide the rows and columns outside the A1 range: Z30: Click row by row 31 to select the whole row.

How do you sort the data in a field alphabetically from A to Z?

Sort alphabetically or sort the table data

Click the arrow that appears next to the column letter, then choose a sorting option. Ascending Order: Sorts the data alphabetically (from A to Z) or by increasing numerical values.

How to put the documents in order of date?

To sort files by date follow this procedure:

  1. Press WINDOWS + E.
  2. Go to the folder where the files to be sorted reside.
  3. Right click on “Name”
  4. Click on “More”
  5. Check “Date”
  6. Click “Ok”
  7. Click on the “Date” column to sort the files.

What is the F4 key used for when entering a formula?

11 – F4 on the Formula Bar to insert a cell with absolute references. The F4 key besides repeating the last command has another important property. When entering a cell reference such as A1 into the formula bar, pressing F4 will immediately transform it to an absolute reference $ A $ 1.

How are surnames sorted alphabetically?

For surnames consisting of two words, the alphabetical order of the first word is followed (e.g., De Zottis precedes Debbi, Del Zotti precedes Delbarba, etc.). In the presence of the same surname, the alphabetical order of the proper name is followed (eg Rossi Mario precedes Rossi Stefano).

How do you autofill in Excel?

Automatically fill cells on a worksheet with data

  1. Select one or more cells to use as a basis for filling in other cells. …
  2. Drag the fill handle.
  3. If necessary, click Autofill Options.

How to change Excel column order?

Press and hold the Shift key, then drag the column to a new location. You will see a nice line marked where the column will be moved. That’s all! Release the mouse button, then release the Shift key and you will find your column moved to the new position.

How is each worksheet of an Excel file defined?

The worksheet is divided into cells that are located at the intersection of the rows (numbered on the left) and of the columns (coded at the top). Each worksheet is made up of 65,536 rows and 256 columns that intersect to form 16,777,216 cells.

What does the Excel formula bar show?

Formula Bar – Displays all values ​​that are entered or changed in Excel cells. It can be used to control the entry and modification of formulas instead of working in the cells of the worksheet.

What does the date format do?

To ensure optimal operation, Excel uses an internal format for handling the date. In fact, the Excel function “DATA” guarantees that an event is always displayed correctly and, moreover, that it is also understood by other functions.

What happens when a match is found during a simple search?

ORILLO find an exact or approximate match. If TRUE or omitted, an approximate match is returned. In other words, if an exact match is not found, the next largest value less than the lookup_value value will be returned.

How to arrange text on two lines in Excel?

Format a cell to show more than one row

  1. Select the cells in which you want the text to wrap;
  2. Open the “Format Cells” dialog box. …
  3. Select the Alignment tab in the “Format Cells” dialog box;
  4. Check the box next to the Wrap Text option and click OK.

How does the conta se work?

The COUNTIF function returns incorrect results if it is used to match strings longer than 255 characters. With strings longer than 255 characters, use the CONCATENATE function or the concatenation operator &. For example, = COUNTIF (A2: A5; “long string” & “other long string”).

How to make a chart with multiple lines in Excel?

First, select the cells containing the data. Then click on the Insert tab then click on the Insert Line or Area Chart button in the Charts group. At this point, choose the type of line chart you prefer.

How to make a chart on Google Sheets?

Create a chart

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets on your computer.
  2. Select the cells you want to include in the chart.
  3. Click Insert. Graphic.

How to select two non adjacent columns in Excel?

Select one or more rows and columns

Or click a cell in the row and press SHIFT + SPACEBAR. To select non-adjacent rows or columns, hold down CTRL and select row or column numbers.


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