Descriptive lines on electronic invoice?


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By descriptive lines we mean lines in which the price, quantity and VAT rate values ​​are not indicated. … Enter the description specifying the value zero in the Qty and UN Price field.

Where to indicate the CIG code in the electronic invoice?

To insert the CIG and CUP references on an invoice, positioned on \ Documents \ Sale and fill in the References \ General section; indicates the type, number and date of the document of origin of the request (order, contract, etc.) and then the CIG or CUP references.

Where to insert DDT in the electronic invoice?

To do this, enter the DDT data in a row as if it were an item / service and to report the DDT references in the electronic invoice, click the Add advanced attributes item in the Electronic Invoicing section.

Where to enter the electronic invoice order number?

Inside the invoice, click on document parameters and set the item linked references to “yes”. Go to the References section and then to General / documents, click the symbol and enter the data of the electronic order.

What to indicate in the electronic invoice causal field?

5) “Reason” field: indicate the object of the supply / service and the month and year of competence. They must be indicated briefly (max 50 characters, including spacing) as specified in the contract / order / determines. The names of the ASP users cannot be reported in the object

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What is the reason for an invoice?

The purpose of the transfer is none other than the motivation that justifies the transfer of money between the sender and the recipient of the payment. The purpose of a bank transfer is always required, both when the transfer is made online and when you go directly to the bank or post office.

What is meant by identification of the electronic invoice document?

Document ID: number of the contract associated with the invoice as indicated in the Line Number Reference field. … However, it is advisable to always indicate the document to which the CIG and CUP refer. The date of this reference is no longer mandatory even if it is appreciated.

How to read nso orders?

through the web portal by registering with the web portal of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. through your PEC by sending the file as an attachment to the e-mail to the address indicated in the technical specifications of the Ministry; through webservices; via FTP protocol.

How to enter electronic invoice Cup code?

When issuing the invoice, in the Electronic Invoice tab select Click here in correspondence with the Related Documents References item. In the Purchase Order tab, click on Add new +. At this point, the fields dedicated to the CIG and CUP codes will appear. After inserting the references, select the Save button.

How many digits does the unique code have?

Invoices to the Public Administration

When the recipient of the electronic invoice is a Public Administration, the recipient code (consisting of 6 alphanumeric digits) is called the “Univocal Office Code (CUU)”.

When to invoice a DDT?

By the 15th day of the month following that of the sale of goods, the delivery or shipment of which results from DDT or other suitable document and for the provision of services, identifiable through suitable documentation, carried out in the same calendar month in respect of the same subject.

How to make a deferred electronic invoice?

the deferred invoice must be issued and recorded in the register of invoices issued by the 15th day of the month following the one in which the transaction was carried out, as specified in article 21, paragraph 4, lett. a), Presidential Decree 633/1972 (so-called VAT Decree).

How to issue an electronic invoice to a foreign customer?

In the “IdPaese” field, which indicates the country of the “Transferee / Customer” of the electronic invoice, and therefore of the customer, you must enter the code of the foreign country. For example, if the recipient is a resident of Germany, the “IdPaese” will be “DE”.

Where should the CIG be entered in the Aruba electronic invoice?

How can I insert CIG and CUP, DDT on the invoice? The tender identification code (CIG) and the unique project code (CUP) or the DDT (Transport document) can be entered on the invoice from the appropriate section “Related Documents” when creating the document.

Where to indicate the CIG in the Aruba electronic invoice?

The related documents section of invoice creation with smart mode allows you to indicate the CIG and CUP values, which is essential in order to guarantee the effective traceability of payments by public administrations.

Where should the CIG be indicated?

The CIG must be reported in the employment contracts and inserted in the electronic invoices addressed to the PA.

Where does the Cup go?

In particular, the CIG code is identified by block, while the CUP code is found under block The important thing is that there is a single alphanumeric code for each line. So for each line only one CIG code and CUP code.

Where do you put the unique code?

The unique office code must be indicated in each electronic invoice to the public administration, as explained by the Revenue Agency on its website, where the list of IPA codes of each AdE office in charge of receiving PA invoices is also available.

How to enter a unique code of the Revenue Agency?

Choose the “Invoices and Fees” section; Select from the “Available Services – Electronic Invoicing” the item “Registration of the electronic address where to receive all electronic invoices”; Enter the recipient code Free Si Invoice 10ZKECO (one-zero-ZKECO). Confirm the operation.

How to join the nso?

The platform is called SICOGE Enti, it is found at the following link and to use it the Entity must be accredited by filling in the form (Sicoge Enti – Registration Template for the NSO Service for the accreditation of Public administrations).

What is the SDI identifier?

The SDI identifier, which is a number attributed by SDI to the electronic invoice file and which can reach 36 characters, considering that it is unique for each electronic invoice received, in some processes is recorded in the accounting systems (and not exposed in the VAT purchase register ), because it allows you to …

What does Document ID mean?

Abbreviation for “Identifier”.

What is the billing code?

The Recipient Code (erroneously called “Unique Code”) is an alphanumeric code consisting of seven digits that identifies the recipient of the electronic invoice. It can refer directly to the final recipient, or to the intermediary who will manage the document on his behalf.

What to write in the description?

In any case, the sender must specify in the space provided the purpose of the bank transfer, or the reason for transferring money to a beneficiary’s account. It must be clear, so that any person can be able to understand it without particular reasoning.

What to put in the bank transfer?

When the purchaser intends to give a sum or contribute to the purchase of an asset, he can insert the following reasons: “birthday gift for (name of the beneficiary or degree of kinship)”, “wedding / confirmation / baptism gift for (indicate the beneficiary) “, or” contribution for the purchase of (insert …


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