Diameter to surface?


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In any case, to find the area of ​​a known circle the diameter is enough to square it, multiply by 3.14 and then divide by 4.

How to calculate the surface from the diameter?

The straightforward formula for finding the area of ​​a circumference by the diameter is to divide by 4 the product of Pi and the square of the diameter measurement.

How to calculate the diameter from the area of ​​a circle?

The value of π is approximately 3.14, and you should use your calculator to get an accurate result. If the circumference of your circle is 10cm, the diameter is 10cm / π = 3.18cm. If you know the area, first divide it by π and then take the square root and multiply by two.

How do you find the radius having only the area?


How is the measurement of the radius calculated knowing, for example, the measurement of the area? r = √ A / 3.14 = i.e. the radius is equal to the square root of the area / pigreco.


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