Difference between horizontal and vertical progression?


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While horizontal progressions are economic improvements for the same job performance, vertical progressions are “changes” in job performance.

What is horizontal economic progression?

Horizontal economic progress Public employees: what are they? The Horizontal Economic Progressions therefore constitute a system of advancement within each category. More precisely, it is the attribution of a higher salary for the same work performance.

What does vertical progression mean?

On the other hand, Vertical Progressions consist of a professional development path, reserved for administration employees, which provides for the transition from one category to the next and is implemented through internal selection procedures.

What are internal competitions?

An internal competition, according to the Italian legal system, is a competition reserved for staff employed, on a fixed or permanent basis, in an Italian public administration.

What vote is needed for public competitions?

The high school grade makes no difference in public competitions. It means that those who have obtained the diploma with 60 have the same chances as those who, on the other hand, have obtained the maximum, or 100 cum laude.

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What competitions will be released in 2021?

The competitions scheduled for 2021 are as follows:

  • 250 specialists;
  • 250 officials;
  • 65 IT assistants;
  • 334 management administrative assistants.
  • 100 persons in charge of assistance, supervision, protection and conservation of assets;
  • 5 architects executives;
  • 4 Archaeologists executives;
  • 8 State Archivists executives;

What does the Brunetta law say?

It provides for the deduction from the salary, for each event of illness, regardless of the duration, in the first ten days of absence, of any indemnity or emolument, however called, having a fixed and continuous nature, as well as any other ancillary treatment.

How to always be informed about the competition announcements?

Do you want to immediately activate notifications on competitions of your interest?

  1. Log in or Register on the infoconcorsi.edises.it website.
  2. Enter your personalized search filters (geographical area, profession, educational qualification …)

When does the 2021 Police Officers Contest come out?

Having said that, let’s go specifically: the first Agent Competition released in 2021 was the State Police Agents Competition 2021, launched on July 16, 2021, which provides 1,227 seats, all reserved for VFP1 and VFP4, on duty or on leave.

When does the VFP1 2021 call come out?

Homepage competition VFP 1 Army 2021

M_D GMIL REG2021 0257771 of May 27, 2021, published in the documents section, the call for recruitment, for 2021, of 4,000 volunteers in fixed term (VFP 1) in the Army, is revoked.

How to join the police 2021?

Requirements for becoming a policeman

  1. Age between 18 and 26 years old. …
  2. Italian citizenship.
  3. High school diploma, but a middle school certificate (compulsory school) is sufficient for the military
  4. Enjoyment of political rights.
  5. Be in possession of physical, mental and aptitude fitness for the police service.

When will the next VFP1 contest take place?

The competitions for VFP1

The notices of enrollment for Volunteer in Fixed Station of one year in the three Armed Forces – Army, Navy and Air Force – are published in the Official Gazette – 4th special series generally in the months of October-November of each year.

What is the easiest contest?

Here is a selection of the 10 most basic functions.

  • 1 – Administrative assistant. Without a shadow of a doubt it is a fairly common competition and does not require a great deal of prior preparation. …
  • 2 – Janitor. …
  • 3 – Municipal police officer. …
  • 4 – Cantoniere. …
  • 5 – Delivery man. …
  • 6 – Bricklayer. …
  • 7 – Social worker. …
  • 8 – Guardian.

How long does it take from winning a competition to being hired?

One reason may be the administration’s inability to find the funds to take care of the new hires. According to the regulations in force, whoever wins a public competition must be hired within 12 days. The period can be extended to a maximum of fifteen.

How does the scrolling of the rankings of public competitions work?

The procedure is very simple: if there are candidates who have renounced their right to the place made available, another ranking will be drawn up, making the candidates move up.

How does scoring work in public competitions?

The 40 points for the evaluation of qualifications are divided as follows:

  1. 8 points for qualifications.
  2. 20 points for the service titles, in addition to that required for admission.
  3. 12 points for various titles.

How much time passes from the written exam to the oral exam?

Candidates who obtain admission to the oral exam must be notified, with the indication of the mark reported in each of the written tests, at least twenty days before the oral exam. This will take place in a classroom open to the public.

How to pass the competition in the Police?

To pass it, it is necessary to answer a questionnaire consisting of multiple choice questions on topics of general culture, knowledge of the English language and the most popular computer applications. There are also tests of physical efficiency, psycho-physical assessments and aptitude assessment.

Where can I find all the public competitions?

Official Journal Competitions – Public Competitions.Com.

How to organize the studio for a competition?

You don’t run alone, you have to do better than the others. You have to do exam simulations obsessively. If you can’t study all day, it’s better to organize your time by pursuing one, at most two subjects at a time. It is best for you to focus on the “climbs”, because it is there that you can accumulate the greatest benefits.

Where do the VFP1 rankings come out?

This ranking, including the candidates deemed suitable and those possibly awaiting the outcome of the aforementioned assessments, will be delivered to the General Directorate of Military Personnel for approval and publication in the online competition portal.

How do I switch from VFP4 to VSP?

How do you become a VSP

You become a permanent volunteer by passing a public competition reserved exclusively for VFP1 and VFP4. He enters the role of Corporal Major, then every 5 years he advances in rank. Volunteers on permanent duty can also participate in the contest for Sergeants.

When does the VFP1 2022 call come out?

The application to participate in the 2.000 VFP1 Marina Militare 2022 Competition can be submitted, exclusively online, through the Competition portal of the Ministry of Defense, from 14 July 2021 to 12 August 2021 for the 1st block and from 7 January 2022 to 5 February 2022. for the 2nd block.


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