Difference between illuminator scr and dcss?


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The differences are different. First of all, SCR is an analog technology, based on SAW filters. Furthermore, the maximum number of User Bands is equal to 8. The dCSS technology, on the other hand, is digital: a great advantage that allows you to increase the number of User Bands available to 32.

How to tell if the illuminator is broken?

If the cable has any peeling, abrasions and / or cuts that make you see the shielding underneath or the cap is cracked or punctured, it must be replaced immediately.

How do I know if LNB is working?

If the LNB is working correctly and allows you to see the satellite channels, you can also find out the type through the TV or decoder menu. Just access the “Antenna” menu (or similar) and check the data that appear under “LNB type” (SCR, Unicable, Universal, etc.).

How does a SCR LNB work?

The SCR processor takes the required channel from one of the connected decoders and through the UniCable microcontroller, performs a second conversion on one of the preset IF frequencies, each with its own filter and gain on the single cable.

What is the Sat SCR?

LNB SCR is a newly developed digital satellite signal distribution system. It is possible to have up to 4 independent users connected, simultaneously, on a single cable. To take advantage of this technology, it is necessary to use satellite receivers compatible with the Unicable protocol.

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Which LNB for Sky HD?

Sky compatible LNB

SkyQ requires the installation of a dCSS LNB, an evolution of the SRC type. The MySky HD decoder has two SAT IN1 and SAT IN2 inputs, with two separate cables (and two tuners) that allow you to watch one program and record another.

What does dCSS LNB mean?

Acronym for digital Channel Stacking Switch. This LNB represents an evolution of the SCR. The new SKY dCSS are SCR compatible, i.e. they can be used simultaneously by both the new SKY Multituner (Multiuser) and existing SCR receivers.

How to connect several decoders to a single dish?

The second way, also valid for the “Sky-Enigma” coexistence, is to connect a splitter (divider) with one input and two outputs destined for the two decoders to the single drop cable of the satellite antenna. In the latter case, one of the two decoders must be switched on while the second must remain switched off or in standby.

How to adjust LNB?

Adjustment of the LNB converter (Skew or polarization)

If you happen to have an LNB without a graduated scale or in any case illegible, write the -10 ° of the Skew on a card and insert it appropriately around the LNB. Then loosen the converter screw and turn it to the -10 ° red reference line.

How to point the dish on Hotbird and Astra?

First enable the items “DiSEqC 1.0”, “Mini DiSEqC” then select the Hotbird 13 satellite and finally go to item “1” or “A” and check the quality of the signal received using the bars on the screen, the more they are colored the more the reception is excellent.

How to know if the satellite signal is arriving?

To check this, just unscrew the F (SAT) plug or pull the IEC (DTT) plug and check the position and connections of the central pole and the outer braid (shield).

How to improve Sky signal quality?

The highest quality of a signal received from satellite is obtained at the LNB output. To improve the quality of the received signal it is necessary to increase the diameter of the dish. Small improvements can also be achieved by using an LNB with a lower noise figure.

How to connect 2 tvs with a decoder?

as the diagram shows us, the connection is quite simple, it will be enough to connect it at the output (from the decoder) to the input (IN) of the device and at the output (OUT) it will be possible to reach the input (IN) of the 2 televisions with 2 HDMI cables not supplied on the model we tested.

How to connect multiple TVs with one antenna?

You have to get some 75 ohm coaxial television cable, cut the two pieces that must reach the two televisions and prepare the ends to insert them in the terminals of the divider. At the opposite end, the cables must have a plug for entry into the TV.

How to divide the signal of the parabola?

To ensure a good signal, even if the cable is split, an LNB connector can be used, capable of connecting several cables at the same time. This connector can be found in hardware stores also supplied with electronic components or at the most famous online electronics stores.

How to see Tivùsat?

To access the dozens of television channels on the TivùSat platform, you must first activate the card: this is included in the package of every TivùSat certified decoder; those who want to use their own TV with integrated satellite tuner directly will find the card together with the smarcam of …

How to set up Hotbird 13?

From the antenna setup menu select the satellite “Hotbird 13”, enable (if necessary) the items “DiSEqC 1.0”, “Mini DiSEqC” or “Tone Burst”, select port “1” or “A” and finally the received signal is checked by means of the level and quality bars on the screen.

What does fixed antenna or DiSEqC mean?

DiSEqC installations allow connection to multiple satellite dishes or LNB devices, if present. You can select them with the remote control of the TV. Fixed Antenna is generally the simplest type of installation, where there is a satellite dish and an LNB device.

What kind of LNB for Sky Q?

In the case of a single system with satellite dish on the roof or balcony, Sky installs a dCSS LNB in ​​place of the eventual single universal LNB / SCR. This LNB has a single output capable of handling both a Sky Q Platinum / Black (12/8 user band dCSS) and two MySky HD (4 user band SCR).

How to connect Sky decoder with satellite tv decoder?

If you have a Sky decoder, you can connect the two devices (Sky decoder with tivùsat decoder or Sky decoder with tivùsat television) at the same time to the satellite dish cable using a splitter (splitter). In case of My Sky HD, yours is an SCR / Unicable system.

How to find the signal of a dish without a device?

To do this you need a spirit level. Also in this case you can use the smartphone by downloading one of the numerous apps that make the mobile phone a spirit level. Due to the inaccuracies of the above measurements, a fine adjustment to get the maximum signal is almost always necessary.


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