Difference between pruning and topping?


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Green pruning (also called growth pruning) is an intervention that is carried out on plants covered by vegetation, generally in the spring-summer period. … Topping is a green pruning operation which consists in removing the apex of the shoots.

How to do the topping?

How to do the topping

The operation consists in cutting the apical part of vigorous shoots, above the node at the point of insertion of the leaf, with shears or scissors (well sharpened and disinfected) or directly with the thumb and forefinger.

What does green pruning mean?

In the management and pruning of the vine, by green pruning we mean all the interventions that allow to regulate the development of the vine canopy and to balance the relationship between leaf surface and production.

How can you prune watermelon?

Prune the watermelon

The main stem is topped above the fourth leaf, in order to anticipate the emission of the lateral branches. The first fruit that develops on a branch slows down the growth of the branch itself and fewer but larger watermelons will be harvested.

What does it mean to prune a tree?

Pruning aims to modify the plant to achieve a series of objectives: to give the plant a shape suitable for optimal use of light (but also to facilitate cultivation operations);

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What can be pruned in the summer?

Usually in late spring – or in summer – we opt for the pruning of young and vigorous trees or those trees that bear pruning badly; on the contrary, older and less vigorous trees are pruned in winter.

Why is pruning done?

Pruning decreases non-photosynthetic biomass, increases compartmentalization; in perishable trees, pruning has the main function of improving the stability of the plant, preventing breakages and collapses of branches and branches, and reducing the stresses to which the parts of the tree are subjected.

How and when to trim pumpkins?

The topping of the branch is carried out periodically and is an important pruning job to balance the plant and direct its resources towards the formation of the fruit. To trim the pumpkin you need to cut after the second or after the fourth leaf (depending on how developed the plant is).

How to water watermelon?

Watermelon watering frequency

Frequent watering (every 3 days) must be done until fruit is formed. So the earth should not dry out completely between two waterings. In times of drought, it may be necessary to water every day.

How and when to prune the pumpkin?

The cut must always be performed above the fourth or fifth leaf of each shoot because in this way the plant will develop in width. If you want to get larger pumpkins, it would be advisable not to leave more than three or four fruits per plant.

When is the green pruning of the vine carried out?

Green pruning is carried out in the spring and summer as it takes place mainly on the green organs of the vine.

How to do green pruning though?

Summer green pruning

Not all varieties and forms of farming require this intervention, which is carried out during the summer and involves the elimination of the suckers from the base of the trunk and the vertical suckers from the branches of the plant.

What is the purpose of green pruning of the vine?

Generally all the operations that are carried out during the production cycle on the plant go under the name of green pruning; its fundamental purpose is to facilitate the ripening of the bunches and the good development of the buds and shoots of the following years.

When to trim avocados?


If possible, I recommend a season with a strong vegetative drive, so I would intervene from late spring until all summer and early autumn.

Which tomatoes should be chopped?

Tomato topping, as well as scacchiatura or sfemminellatura, must be performed on tomatoes with indeterminate growth. Just to give some concrete examples: the varieties of cherry tomatoes / cherry, datterino, Cuore di Bue, San Marzano, etc. are cimulated.

How and when to trim chrysanthemums?

The first pruning of chrysanthemums should be done at the end of May, when the plants have reached a height of about 40 cm. With pruning it will be necessary to prune the plants to a height of about 15 cm from the ground in order to induce the plant to emit new lateral jets, each jet will develop at least one flower head.

How much water to give to watermelons?

How to properly water watermelons outdoors

For irrigation, you can use rainwater if you can collect it. Important! Cold water will cause the plant to die from root rot. An adult plant needs 10 liters of liquid, young seedlings need 5 liters.

How often should watermelons be watered?

If the water is cold, the root system will start to rot. It is recommended to water the planted watermelon seeds every day, then less often – 3 times a week. After planting in the ground, 2-3 moistening per week is enough for watermelons, carried out at the root.

How many watermelons to leave per plant?

Each plant produces on average 6/8 watermelons, but it is preferable to leave few fruits per plant, “few, but good”. The watchword for those who want to try their hand at cultivation is patience. In fact, the times between soil preparation, sowing and harvesting are long. Two months for the complete ripening of the fruits.

How many pumpkins does a plant produce?

HARVEST 60-90 days after the transplant; in large-fruited varieties, it produces 2-3 10-15kg fruits and other smaller 5-6kg fruits. It should be harvested when fully ripe (dull sound on the percussion with the knuckles).

How to prune the cucumber plant?

To prune cucumber plants, simply remove the suckers and knots from the stems. Do this when the plant grows to 0.6m, so prune regularly every 1-2 weeks. Also, you could use gardening pegs for the plant to climb up a trellis.

When and how are tomatoes topped?

However, it is advisable to do the topping during the summer months, between July and August. Although the topping of tomatoes is an act that serves to “block” the growth of the plant, there are no contraindications. On the contrary, by doing it you can help the whole plant to produce genuine fruit.

When is pruning done?


The ideal time to proceed with the pruning of the plants is during the vegetative rest phase, generally in the months of October and November: the plant will thus have the opportunity to strengthen itself in view of the spring vegetative restart.

What is the pruning period?

Generally, the period for pruning the plants is the one that corresponds to the vegetative rest, that is from autumn, until the first sprouts appear in spring. There is also the so-called green pruning that is done in Summer and which serves to eliminate all the superfluous in order to lighten the plant.

When are trees pruned?

It is generally best to prune trees and hedges in February, or early March, just before spring development begins. This is the ideal time to prune fruit trees, shade trees, lagerstroemia, rose shrubs, hollies and other evergreen plants.


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