Do you need a passport for cruises?


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For cruises entirely within the Schengen area, passengers belonging to the European Community must have a valid passport or identity card. Passport and / or Single Entry Visa is required for passengers of all other nationalities.

What do you need to embark on MSC?

– What measures are you taking for disembarkation procedures at the end of the cruise? To ensure that guests disembark efficiently and safely, we provide detailed information, precise timing and a free mask for the return journey.

How to pay on board Costa Cruises?

Every day the expenses incurred will be charged to the credit card. American Express, Visa, Mastercard credit cards are accepted on board.

You have three payment methods to choose from:

  1. Deposit and balance directly by credit card. …
  2. Deposit by credit card and balance by bank transfer.

When does Costa Deliziosa start again?

Costa will resume its operations on January 31 with Costa Deliziosa, which will offer guests the opportunity to visit the most beautiful Italian locations, with the same itinerary originally planned for Costa Smeralda, with mini-cruises of 3 and 4 days or alternatively a full one. 7 day cruise.

What do you do on a cruise?

The shipping companies that offer their own excursions take care of the rental of shuttles and / or buses, round trip, from the ship to the place of the visit. Passengers will therefore have the certainty of leaving and returning to the ship in time, without running the risk of seeing it sail without them.

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What do you pay for on board a cruise?

To give you an example, on Costa Cruises at the moment you pay 10 euros per day each for each day of the cruise, so for a 7-day cruise you will have to add 70 euros to the final price, since the price is PER HEAD, if you are in double cabin with your partner the amount to add will be 140.00 euros.

Do’s and Don’ts on a cruise?

Top 10 things not to do on a cruise ship

  1. Top 10 things not to do on a cruise ship. …
  2. Avoid hair dryers and electrical appliances. …
  3. No smoking on a cruise ship. …
  4. It is forbidden to light a candle in the cabin. …
  5. Do not leave anything on the terrace of the cabin. …
  6. Do not leave the cabin window open.

When do the cruises reopen?

Reservations are open for the first cruise ships that will sail after the forced stop due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The first cruises will start as early as October, most cruise companies, however, will be fully operational from 2021.

When does MSC Magnifica start again?

Msc Magnifica restarts on February 14, 2021: for those who have booked first choice between Grandiosa and vouchers.

How can I pay on board MSC Cruises?

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB, Discover and American Express. If you choose to pay by credit card, your account will be closed automatically at the end of the cruise, without having to go to the Reception – Customer Service.

How do I pay on a cruise ship?

What are the payment methods on the ship?

  1. credit card (Visa and Mastercard are mainly accepted, Visa Electron is almost never accepted… so if you have a Postpay it is better to ask the company for more details to avoid unpleasant inconveniences…);
  2. cash.

How to contact Costa Cruises?

by email at the address: by certified mail to the address: by ordinary / registered mail to: Costa Crociere SpA, Piazza Piccapietra, n. 48, 16121, Genoa.

How to get to the port of Genoa MSC boarding from the station?

Inside the port area it is sufficient to follow the signs indicating the destination and the name of the shipping company. Brignole station it is possible to reach the port area by bus line 18.

What to take on an MSC grandiosa cruise?

Here’s what to take on a cruise wherever you decide to go: personal and travel documents, credit card and / or cash, medicine or medical devices, charger, swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, comfortable shoes for women. hiking, shorts and t-shirts, at least a couple of …

What do you do on a MSC cruise?

What to do on a cruise: life on board

  1. SPA.
  2. Beauty treatments.
  3. Gym.
  4. Multi-sports field.
  5. Jogging path.
  6. Squok Club.
  7. Teens Club.
  8. Aquapark.

How many people does Costa Deliziosa host?

On board there are 1 130 cabins, 68% of which with private balconies, for a maximum of 2 826 passengers.

When will MSC cruises start again?

MSC Cruises has announced that starting from June 26 it will resume operations in Spain with the flagship of the MSC Grandiosa fleet, which will make a weekly stop in Barcelona.

When will Caribbean cruises resume?

And the Caribbean? It begins on August 7, 2021 with a navigation from Montego Bay, Jamaica. And we continue on the 15th with cruises from La Romana, Dominican Republic.

How much does a cruise actually cost?

The cost is around 150 euros per person, in an inside cabin with basic package included. Cruise ship companies usually offer special packages for family holidays: for children under 18 who share a cabin with their parents, the cruise is free.

What does a day cruise look like?

Breakfast is usually a buffet and starts to be served from 6.30 in the morning, while lunch is served from 11. At the restaurant for lunch, the waiters will accompany you to the free tables, otherwise you can opt for a buffet meal, faster and more full of fresh dishes of the day.

What can’t you take on a cruise?

Appliances, such as iron, hair dryer, hair straightener, coffee machine, kettle. Animals, with the exception of guide dogs, which must be accompanied by documentation. Dangerous items such as weapons, explosives, gases, ammunition, noxious or infectious substances.

What can’t you take on a MSC cruise?

Items prohibited on board

Alcohol, firearms, sharp objects such as blades and scissors, explosive and flammable material, objects with heating elements or open flames (such as flat irons, straighteners and hair irons that generate heat, kettles, electric stoves, candles, incense), drones.


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