Electromagnetic Shielding Products?


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Electromagnetic shielding materials are tinfoil, or wire mesh fabrics, special window films, special wallpapers and paints which reflect over 99% of wireless radiation due to their particular conductive composition.

How to reduce electromagnetic fields in the house?

The thick, compact and ancient walls are a good protection from electrosmog. A wall can be shielded with a shielding curtain that covers walls and windows or by applying the shielding fabric to the wall with wallpaper glue, with smoothing compound or with plasterboard panels combined with the shielding fabric.

How to shield the magnetic field?

The shielding of a low-frequency magnetic field is not a very simple operation, but it is still possible through the use of sheets, tapes, plates or high permeability ferromagnetic material (e.g. iron), or high conductivity conductive material. (ex.

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution at home?

Try to limit exposure to Wi-Fi networks at least in your home. In particular, always turn off computers, modems and cell phones when not in use and during the night. If you can, use a common cable for internet connection for your home computer instead of Wi-Fi.

How to block the electromagnetic waves?

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves at home

  1. Prefer Wi-Fi networks instead of 3G / 4G / 5G networks when possible;
  2. Use bluetooth or wired headphones when talking on the phone;
  3. Turn off appliances that use electromagnetic waves;
  4. Avoid sleeping with your smartphone turned on next to the bed.

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What repels electromagnetic waves?

Electrosmog protective fabrics are designed to reflect electromagnetic waves produced by various sources; their particular composition is able to protect and shield domestic environments.

How is an electric field shielded?

The best ferromagnetic materials are iron-silicon alloys (eg isotropic or grain-oriented laminations for electromechanical applications) or iron-nickel alloys. The use of iron as a ferromagnetic material, in the absence of suitable heat treatments, does not guarantee high magnetic permeability values.

How to reduce radiation in the home?

Electromagnetic waves: 8 rules to reduce them at home

  1. Reduce electrosmog.
  2. Stay away from the microwave.
  3. Be careful where you place the babyphone.
  4. No smartphone on the bedside table.
  5. Turn off all appliances.
  6. Educate the little ones.
  7. Use earphones.
  8. Do not use smartphones in the car.

How to shield a room from wifi?

Electromagnetic shielding materials are tinfoil, or wire mesh fabrics, special window films, special wallpapers and paints which reflect over 99% of wireless radiation due to their particular conductive composition.

How to reduce electromagnetic fields?

The main rule to reduce exposure to electromagnetic waves is to always switch off and disconnect electrical appliances from the mains when they are not in use.

How much is MU worth with zero?

The magnetic permeability of vacuum, usually indicated with the symbol μ0, is equal to 4π ∙ 10–7H / m in the international system of units (SI).

Where are electromagnetic waves found?

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in the environment, generated both by natural sources (electricity in the atmosphere and the earth’s magnetic field), and by artificial sources such as household appliances, radios, televisions, cell phones and medical devices.

How to protect yourself from 5g at home?

USE BIORIGENYA DEVICES: Whether for home, work or simply for personal protection or to protect yourself from 5g. BUY EMF SHIELDS – Purchase an EMF shield and continue measuring radiation levels within 20 meters of home.

How to absorb electromagnetic waves?

Graphite has an incredible electrical conductivity and is therefore able to absorb all harmful radiations as if it were a real shield; to discharge the mineral from the emissions it is sufficient to leave the test tube on the radiator or on the water pipes.

How to screen the bedroom?

To position the mat in our bed it is sufficient to put the shielding protection between the bed base and the mattress, to ensure maximum protection it is essential to position the shielding mat also behind the headboard.

How to shield the cell phone radiation?

Use it as little as possible on the move: like on the train and in the car, less signal, more radiation. Do not put it near the head during the call where the radiation is strongest, wait for the answer (speakerphone as a possible solution). Do not keep your mobile phone in your pocket or in your shirt or jacket pocket.

How to block the neighbor’s wifi?

A much more targeted and reduced thickness solution is to install a special shielding mesh against magnetic fields, made of a particular metal material, to be placed under a new layer of plaster or under finishing paneling (plasterboard, matchboard, etc.) and to be connected to a socket Earth.

How to shield 5g waves?

The millimeter waves “fortunately” do not penetrate the walls and an Elettrosmog Tex ® curtain on the windows will be sufficient to reduce the radiation by 80%. In cases of extreme proximity to the street lamp-repeater, with a double sheet the reduction reaches 95%. Insights into electromagnetic wave shielding.

How to screen a stereo?

Open the back of the speaker cabinet and identify the magnet. This should be placed behind the cone and look like a donut. Measure the size and shape of the magnet. You will need this information to select the right shield.

Why are low-frequency waves more suitable for long-distance transmission?

Infrared rays are part of this type of radiation and are continually produced by our own bodies simply by being “hot”.

What absorbs the radiation?

Protective stones for the home

The well-being of the home and the health of the body entrusted to the powers of small stones, quartz and tourmaline, capable of absorbing the electromagnetic radiation emitted by televisions, computers, mobile phones, smartphones, and household appliances.

How to recognize 5G antennas?

Contrary to the classic 4G repeaters, the 5G antennas are recognizable as in most cases they have the 5G logo. Furthermore, unlike those for 4G, they have a different structure that allows the signal to be radiated in a different way.

How do you recognize a 5G antenna?

4G antennas are in fact made up of a tower that supports a large infrastructure. On the contrary, 5G antennas are contained in small boxes bearing the “5G” symbol placed on much smaller towers.

What electromagnetic waves can we perceive directly?

The electromagnetic waves that the human eye perceives are only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum: they constitute the spectrum of the visible. … The electromagnetic waves having a longer wavelength (and therefore a lower frequency) are those classified as: infrared, microwave and radio waves.

What are dangerous electromagnetic waves?

In particular, those capable of penetrating and interacting with biological matter, such as X-rays and UV rays, are extremely harmful to humans. The radio waves used in cellular telephony, on the other hand, occupy a band between that of long-distance radio waves and television ones.


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