Emptying septic tank who pays?


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The cost of draining cesspools and sewers, which fall within the ordinary maintenance costs, as established by article 9 of law 392/78, are borne by the tenant. Therefore, the draining of the sewers is the responsibility of the tenant.

How much does it cost to have a septic tank emptied?

The cost of cleaning the septic tank can range from a minimum of 150 euros up to a maximum of 300 euros, with an average hourly cost of around 180/200 euros per hour.

How much does it cost to empty the sewers?

Simple cesspool purge: from € 80.00 to € 120.00. Black well purging with removal of clogging material: from € 100.00 to € 150.00. Simple septic tank purging: from € 100.00 to € 250.00. Septic purging with removal of clogging material: from € 150.00 to € 300.0.

How much does the intervention of a vacuum cleaner cost?

Therefore, for standard-sized homes, the prices for purging cesspools generally range from 80 to 150 euros, while the cost of purging the septic tank from 100 to 300 euros, excluding any unforeseen and ancillary operations that can increase the cost. overall of the operation.

Who has to clean the septic tank?

The law and regulations, therefore, give reason to the homeowner of our reader, the sewer purge concerns the use of the house and its systems and therefore the costs associated with the use is the tenant to bear.

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How to know when to call the purge?

When the well is full

Anyone who has a cesspool where all the drains of the house converge, must call for professional purging and cleaning when the level of sewage inside the well almost reaches the threshold.

How to tell if the septic tank is full?

The first alarm bell is represented by the sense of smell. If your household drains start to give off an unpleasant odor, the septic tank is full or clogged. Other signs are slow drainage of water from sinks or overflow of sewage from the toilet.

How does the purging work?

The vacuum cleaner is an operation performed by a truck that works like a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to a vacuum pump, a very strong pressure is created which sucks the sewage present in the pit and conveys them inside a large tank.

When to empty an Imhoff pit?

The septic tank must be emptied when the sewage inside becomes very dense, or if the density in the first bulkhead becomes so high that there is a risk of obstruction of the pipes arriving from the toilet.

How much does it cost to empty the cesspool?

We indicate some rough prices regarding the cesspool: Cost of emptying the degreaser well starting from € 180.00 each cubic meter, Cost of emptying the cesspool starting from 130.00 € each cubic meter, Prices for moving the cleaning cesspool and degreaser pit starting from € 200.00

How to clean a sump?

Generally it is sufficient to use a sturdy chisel and a hammer to lift the edges often surrounded by hardened soil. Once this is done, try to remove most of the stagnant water from the cavity with any container that enters the hole or with a sponge, and in this case wearing gloves.

How to empty the cesspool?

The best solution is certainly the use of an immersion electric pump. These pumps can be submerged up to 10 meters deep and are made with a stainless steel body for long-term durability and reliability. Among the best brands on the market there is Lowara.

How long does a septic tank last?

A well-maintained septic tank can last up to 40 years.

How long does a cesspool last?

If the septic tank in question is optimally constructed, is regularly maintained and not loaded beyond the specified limit, it can last up to forty years. With a view to longevity, it is advisable not to start any kind of cultivation (eg.

How much does an imhoff septic tank cost?

Imhoff septic tank

The Imhoff septic tanks are used to carry out a first phase of purification of the black waters, that is those coming from the toilets. Prices for Imhoff pits are around € 600 for 200 liters.

How is a septic tank made?

The septic tank is a system for the elimination of waste water from buildings. It is usually constructed of concrete, plastic or fiberglass, with a hatch at the top for maintenance. … The main purpose of the septic tank, degreasing wells, Imhoff pits, etc.

How to activate the septic tank?

The septic tank activator usually comes as a single-dose water-soluble capsule or in liquid form. In both cases, the product must be introduced into the network, often through the toilet, making the water flow so that, passing through the network, it ends up in the pit.

What is the vacuum cleaner used for?

The combined self-purge, therefore, is the means used for the suction of sediments that obstruct the sewage drains and for the hydrodynamic cleaning of canalizations and ducts. It is used both in emergency and emergency situations and in scheduled maintenance interventions.

What do you say purge or purge?

The doubt arises spontaneously since many of our colleagues, promote their service using the EXPURGO item. However, by consulting a dictionary of the Italian language, or simply by carrying out a search on the internet, the word that appears to be correct for our activity is PURGE[spùr-go] sm (pl.

When to replace septic tank?

When to replace a septic tank

A well-kept septic tank can last up to forty years, but many variables come into play to ensure the longevity and good functioning of the system.

How not to clog the septic tank?

The bad smell that enters the house, insects and the discomfort of flooding. This is how a clogged septic tank looks like.

You must therefore be very careful not to drain into the toilet or sink:

  1. Wet wipes.
  2. Cotton swabs and make-up remover pads.
  3. Absorbents and panty liners.
  4. Cigarettes.
  5. Food residues.

How to use caustic soda to unclog the sewer?

In case you want to use caustic soda to free the clogged toilet, pour two tablespoons inside it (or up to a maximum of 150-200 grams of caustic soda to pour down the drain), move away immediately and let it act.

Where does the septic tank discharge?

The septic tank is a tank connected to the pipes of the building from which it receives the black and gray waste water. In other words, these are the drains of the bathroom and the kitchen. On the other hand, it does not include drains of rainwater conveyed from the gutters.

How to clean the sewers?

First of all, equip yourself with a mask, latex gloves, caustic soda and a hose to unclog the sewer. Find the main cesspool, usually located in the garden or in the inner courtyard of the house. Open it and start eliminating the waste with a shovel until you find the holes of the different drains.

Where is the cesspool located?

The Black Well is a simple underground container used for those buildings located far from the inhabited center (eg country houses). This container is installed directly on the property away from the main sewer.


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