Entratel on telematic desktop?


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How to install Entratel on Telematic Desktop

To install Entratel on the Telematic Desktop, start the AdE software, select your user via the User List drop-down menu, enter the password in the appropriate field and click on the Login button.

How to generate the security environment in Telematic Desktop?

To proceed with the generation of the safety environment, it is necessary to:

  1. have the certificate and the virtual envelope issued by the territorial office available;
  2. select the “Set environment” function from the “Security” menu.

How do you download Entratel?

To download the software, you need to connect to the “Telematic Services” site and access the “Software” section of the authenticated area.

How is the Entratel security environment created?


  1. Create a folder inside the Desktop Telematico installation folder (usually C: \ DesktopTelematico \ DesktopTelematico) and call it AmbienteSicurezza. …
  2. Now start Telematic Desktop.
  3. After that, from the “File” menu click on Settings.

Who can use Telematics Desktop?

Entratel and FileInternet can be installed on the telematic desktop: to have access to the telematic desktop, it is necessary to have Entratel access, reserved for PA and intermediaries, or Fisconline, the telematic service reserved for normal taxpayers, citizens and businesses, who do not perform a …

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Which Java to use for telematics desktop?

To use Telematic Desktop it is necessary to install Run-Time Java version 1.7.0 which you can find under the link of the same software.

How to send CIM17 model?

The telematic transmission takes place using the “CIM17” software, available on the website www.agenziaentrate.gov.it. The model and the relative instructions can be downloaded from the website www.agenziaentrate.gov.it. Each company can submit one or more communications, even in the same year.

Where is the certif file located in?

It is necessary to save the “certif.in” file in the \ reception folder of the installation directory (default c: \ entratel, or whatever you have set); furthermore, in the “Save as” dialog box that opens at the moment of saving, in the “Save as” box you must indicate the value “All files”.

Where to find the Entratel revocation pin?

Citizens who identify themselves with SPID, CIE or CNS, can retrieve the pincode within the Reserved Area by selecting the item “Withdraw pincode / credentials” in the “User Profile” section.

How to Download Telematics Desktop Software?

To download the Telematic Desktop you must go to the Agenzia dell’Entrate website by clicking HERE and access the reserved area. Once logged in, click Software in the Fisconline Services menu.

How to download telematics desktop BAT file?

download the “utility” file (with “bat” extension), present in the “Utility” section, and copy it to the same folder where the application executable was saved 4. run the “bat” file by double-clicking ” click ”on the file name.

How to download the internet file of the Revenue Agency?

In this area there is a link to the Agency’s software. On the left of the page, after logging in, click on Software and then on Application packages. Only then will you see the link, among others, from which to download FileInternet. The installation procedure is as simple as any other software.

How long does a security environment last?

As is known, every 3 years it is necessary to proceed with the regeneration of the Entratel Security Environment, that is to implement that mechanism for generating the mathematical algorithm that guarantees the security of the files that are sent and received in the Entratel environment.

How to register at the revenue office?

How to register for the Entratel and Fisconline services

  1. directly “online” from this site, by filling out an application form that contains some identification data. …
  2. by going with an identification document to any Revenue office and filling in the appropriate form – pdf (version in German – pdf).

How to request the Revenue Agency PIN code?

By accessing the website www.agenziaentrate.gov.it or through the AgenziaEntrate App. By filling in a registration request form that contains some identification data of the applicant. The system immediately provides the first 4 digits of the PIN code.

How do I send the communication for the use of the tax credit?

The communication for access to the tax credit and the substitute declaration relating to the investments made are presented to the Department for Information and Publishing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, through the telematic services made available by the Revenue Agency. , directly …

How to submit a Mezzogiorno tax credit application?

The communication can be submitted to the Revenue Agency, exclusively electronically:

  1. directly, by the entities authorized by the Agency;
  2. through a group company, if the applicant is part of a corporate group.
  3. through authorized intermediaries.

Where can I find the tax credit in the tax drawer?

Each beneficiary can view the tax credit due in their own tax drawer, accessible from the reserved area of ​​the website of the Revenue Agency.

How to fix Windows error 2 loading Java VM?

Windows 2 error loading Java VM

  1. uninstall all versions of Java.
  2. uninstall the Entratel platform (don’t worry, the archives remain on the disk)
  3. download and install java 7 (1.7u79 or 1.7u80) in the 32-bit version, even if you are using a 64-bit operating system.

How to download Java version 7?

Download and install

  1. Go to the Manual Download page.
  2. Click on Windows Online.
  3. A dialog box appears, prompting you to run or save the downloaded file. To run the installer, click Run. To save the file for later installation, click Save.

Which Java for Docfa?

The services made available by the Revenue Agency require the installation and use of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the personal computer used.

How to update the telematics desktop?

If problems are encountered during the installation or updating of the ‘Desktop Telematico’ application, it is suggested to download version 1.1.0 of the application which is updated exclusively in ‘HTTPS’ mode and which is available on the site for Windows environments, MacOS and Linux.

How to download and print receipts from the telematic desktop?

Start the Telematic Desktop required to open the printouts and receipts. Select the Open item from the Receipts menu and then, with the Browse button, select the file from the folder chosen for download. Enter your password to protect the security environment.

How to authenticate Revenue Agency files?

To this end it is necessary to use a specific application (“File internet” for users authorized to Fisconline and “Entratel” for those authorized to the service). To send the file prepared in this way (authenticated), access the Services for – Sending section, attach the file and press the OK button.

How to install control modules on telematics desktop?

To install the control software, go to the folder where the package to be installed was downloaded, double “click” on the file name and specify, when prompted, the name of the installation directory. The installation detail is presented below.


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