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The dermaroller is a roller equipped with hundreds of micro needles which, when they slide on the skin, are able to penetrate beyond the epidermis: thus creating small lesions, not painful or dangerous, which allow better absorption of beauty products.

How do you use the Face Roller with Needles?

How to use the dermaroller on the face

The device must be passed horizontally and vertically, taking care to make delicate movements and without insisting excessively on the same area, remember that each session must not last more than 2 minutes and that it must be interrupted in case of excessive bleeding.

Which dermaroller to choose?

The needles of the dermaroller

Better to prefer those in titanium or stainless steel so that they do not get damaged in contact with water and alcohol. A micro-needling treatment tool for home use must have titanium needles and be of good quality.

What to use before the dermaroller?

The derma roller visibly improves skin texture, radiance, appearance and tone. Usually it should be combined with specific products, in order to make their effect even more effective: it can therefore be used before applying the moisturizing or anti-wrinkle cream, or together with a peeling.

How to pass the roller?

The jade roller should be used after cleansing the face and applying your usual serum and cream. The accessory should be passed on the face with dry skin, for at least 5 or 10 minutes, preferably in total relaxation.

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How many times a week to use the dermaroller?


As I said, I am currently using the dermaroller 0.5 about 5 times a week, in the evening before going to sleep. It is slightly more annoying than the 0.3, also because if, for example, I pass twice on the same area, it starts to redden, but I would not call it painful.

What to do after the dermaroller?

After using the dermaroller, the fabric masks have shown particularly effective, because the open pores and the micro-lesions convey the active ingredients with which they are soaked in a spectacular way and quickly reduce redness and irritation.

What not to use with dermaroller?

-Synthetic perfumes, because they could more easily trigger allergic reactions even if your skin accepts them in normal situations; -Synthetic alcohol, because it increases irritation; If you notice, almost all cosmetic packaging recommends not using the product on injured / inflamed skin.

What to use to disinfect dermaroller?

TinkSky TS5 Titanium Micro-needle Roller – 0.5mm 540-needle Derma Roller – the treatment of… You can use alcohol to disinfect.

How to disinfect a dermaroller?

Use denatured alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the device, disinfect it with the special sanitizing effervescent tablets (those for dental prostheses can also be fine) or use soap for a quick cleaning.

Where can you buy the dermaroller?

There are various types of dermaroller, and since it is not always easy to find them in a pharmacy or perfumery, the simplest solution is to buy online, for example on Amazon, where you can also take advantage of many reviews.

How to use the dermaroller on stretch marks?

The roller is passed directly on the face or body, depending on the area to be treated. The micro-lesions caused by the needles induce the skin to produce collagen and elastin: natural substances capable of repairing the skin from the aggressions of time and external agents.

How is the Microneedle used?

The first is the cheapest and must be passed on the skin as if it were a whitening roller. Some dermatologists recommend the derma stamp or the derma pen because vertical penetration is less painful and facilitates the procedure on areas such as the mouth, eyes and nose. XSourceOfResearch .

How to use the dermaroller on the hair?

With dry hair, pass the Derma Roller over the scalp and the hairline in the direction of growth, exerting light pressure. For best results use it with a topical serum treatment. Use for 15 minutes, 3 times a week.

How does hydrogen peroxide work?

It can lead to irritation and pain. The disinfectant action is due to a double mechanism: on the one hand the hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidant, denaturing the proteins; on the other hand, the formation of oxygen bubbles mechanically cleans the wound, eliminating any bacteria deposited there.

What is isopropyl alcohol used for?

Isopropyl alcohol is commonly used as a detergent, as a mild skin disinfectant (rubbing alcohol) like denatured ethyl alcohol, as a solvent and additive in industries and in offset printing as well as an important intermediate for pharmaceutical and cosmetic syntheses.

Which cream to use after needling?

The use of a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is recommended (on top of the moisturizer) during the first week of post-treatment.

What is the function of hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid works by forming a kind of shock absorber and lubricating joints and other structures. It also appears to affect the way the body reacts to trauma. Its proposals for use include the treatment of various joint problems, such as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

How many minutes to use dermaroller?

Disinfect the device before using it.

Left to soak for 10 minutes, remove and shake it to eliminate excess alcohol. Let it air dry for a few minutes XSourceOfResearch .

How is the derma roller used?

Dermaroller: what it is and how it works

The dermaroller is a roller equipped with hundreds of micro needles which, when they slide on the skin, are able to penetrate beyond the epidermis: thus creating small lesions, not painful or dangerous, which allow better absorption of beauty products.

How to remove stretch marks with laser?

The carbon dioxide laser is one of the best known solutions to reduce the evidence of stretch marks. It is a practice that involves a peeling that manages to remove the most superficial layers of the epidermis. This is why, in many cases, it is also called microdermabrasion.

How to use the Jade roller?

As for the forehead, the roller must be passed from the eyebrows to the hairline, always working from the bottom up, applying a vertical and then horizontal movement, from the eyebrows to the temples, toning and firming both sides of the face.

Who uses dermaroller?

The dermaroller is a tool used by plastic surgeons and, above all, by aesthetic doctors, to perform needling and microoneedling treatments.

Who can do the needling?

Microneedling or Micro Needling who can do it

NEEDLING is a more invasive technique, which can only be used by medical personnel because different tools not authorized by beauticians are used.


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