Fine for omitted change of residence on the booklet?


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by Lucia Izzo – The driver who has changed residence without having communicated it to the PRA does not pay any fine: it is not a burden on the interested party to make the transfer known, but it is up to the Municipality, while the Civil Motorization will have to send the owner the necessary coupon for …

How to change residence on the vehicle registration document?

To update the change of residence on the vehicle registration document, you must contact the municipal offices, the service is free, presenting the following documentation:

  1. identity document / identification.
  2. the details of the license and the number plates of the vehicle.

What happens if I don’t change residence on my driving license?

The Highway Code does not provide for specific sanctions in the event of failure to change the driving license, unlike what happens for the registration certificate. The article of the Code which up to 1995 provided for severe administrative sanctions in the event of failure to communicate has in fact been completely modified.

Who must notify the DMV of the change of residence?

As regards the change of residence of the driving license, the registry office will have to communicate the new residence address to the Motorization Authority.

Where does the new residence stick on the booklet?

Before it was an exception, now it is the rule: those who change residence wait many months before receiving the so-called pecetta. That is, the adhesive coupon sent by the DMV, to be attached to the back of the registration certificate (the so-called booklet) to update it with the new address.

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How to make a certificate of residence online?

To request the certificate of residence online, simply connect to the dedicated section of Visure Italia, fill in the form available indicating the following mandatory data: surname and name of the person whose document you want to request, date of birth, state of birth, province and municipality of residence.

How to change residence on the passport?

Contact the offices of the Police Headquarters of the new Municipality of residence (or even the same, if you are scrupulous and want to update only the address). At the police station you will receive a form to fill in to request a change of residence on your passport.

How to update the residence on the health card?

It is necessary to go to one of the Administrative Counters of the District to update the address on the health card and possibly to change General Practitioner or Free Choice Pediatrician.

How do I know if the change of residence has taken place?

Subsequently, the ministry sends a sticker to the home of the person concerned indicating the new residence, to be applied on the driving license and on the vehicle registration documents. For information on the status of the case, you can contact the toll-free number 800 232323.

How to communicate the change of residence to INPS?

The INPS change of residence communication can be made through the INPS call center, at the toll-free number 803.164, or 06.164.164 if you call from a mobile phone. During the phone call you will be asked for the device pin code.

How much does the change of residence cost on the driving license?

There is no cost to change your driving license address.

How to change the address on the identity card?

If at the time of the change of residence the identity card is valid, it must not be changed. Once communicated to the registry office, an update is automatically carried out in the administration databases. The address will be updated only when the document is renewed.

When I change residence, what do I need to change?

When you move from one home to another, you must make a declaration of residence, that is, you must notify the Registry Office of the corresponding Municipality of the new residence, the move, and this must be done within 20 days, this operation is free in all Italian municipalities.

Who has to update the vehicle registration document?

The Municipality will take care of sending the change to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport which will send home an adhesive slip to be applied on the registration certificate. The DTT 954 I form must be kept in the car together with the other vehicle registration documents.

How is the residence assessment carried out?

The checks on the declaration of residence are carried out by the Municipal Police, at the request of the municipal registry service, within 45 days of the declaration made or sent, after which, if the missing requisites are not communicated, the declaration is considered completed.

How to check for change of residence in Rome?

The procedure can be completed online, by accessing the “Change of residence” section from the institutional portal, or by going in person to your own Municipality: in this second case, the residence will be changed even in real time thanks to the computer software that …

How to check if the change of residence took place in Milan?

Go to the Municipality, at the Registry Office, when the move to the new address is already completed and you will actually live at the address indicated. In this way the Municipal Police will be able to concretely ascertain that the transfer is effective and not fictitious.

How to retrieve the health card number?

In fact, just connect to the site dedicated to the Health Card, then click on the “Citizens” button and from the new page, move to the “Health Card” box and click on “log in with SPID” if you intend to log in with the digital identity system. , or through the National Services Card.

How to retrieve the data of the health card?

… in the event of the card being stolen, lost or damaged

  1. online, on the Revenue Agency website.
  2. by e-mail or certified e-mail to the Revenue Agency.
  3. at any office of the Revenue Agency.
  4. by request to your ASL.
  5. through the web service on the “Health Card System” portal

How can I see which address the health card has been sent to?

If it appears that the status of the Health Card is “Sent” and it has not yet been received, it is necessary to contact any office of the Revenue Agency to verify the correct registration of your residence.

How to get a passport not in the municipality of residence?

Those who intend to apply for a passport at their place of domicile and not their place of residence must:

  1. prove that the domicile is located in a Municipality other than that of residence;
  2. prove the reasons that justify the reasons for not going to the residence offices;

How long before the expiry can I renew my passport?

At least 6 months before the expiry date, as in the aforementioned period the document can be used only for the purpose of certifying the identity of the holder but does not serve to authorize its free circulation.

How long does it take to get a passport?

How long does it take to get a passport? From 15 to 20 days is the time required to obtain a passport. However, especially in small cities where there is less demand, the timing for the release is much shorter (even a handful of days may be enough).

How can I download the residence certificate?

The most popular way is to go to the Registry Office of the Municipality in which you have your residence, but you can also request it by phone, by e-mail or electronically through the website of the same.

How to apply for a Palermo residence certificate online?

For citizens residing in the municipality of Palermo, the online certificate issuing service is active. The following certificates can be downloaded from the Online Services Portal of the Municipality of Palermo by accessing via SPID, CIE or CNS.


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