Horse balm warming what is it for?


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Description. Relax and warm up For the external treatment of muscle, joint and lumbar pain. Perfect after physical and sporting loads.

How to use horse balm?

Use: Apply to the stressed parts, such as the arms, legs or back, and massage lightly until absorbed.

What is Horse Balm used for?

Massage gel cream with precious extracts of arnica, rosemary and mint oil refreshes and revives the skin. Horse balm has a relaxing, refreshing effect and benefits the muscles. Great for post-physical activity.

What is refreshing horse balm for?

It is used for prophylactic treatment in case of heavy legs, tired feet, muscle contractions and pains. It can be used in the case of rheumatism, against colds and headaches. The horse balm (gel) has an immediate effect, the skin absorbs the gel which immediately relaxes the tissue and reduces pain.

Where to buy arnica for horses? arnica for horses human use.

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What is arnica for horses?

Arnica Montana is a popular and versatile anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving remedy that can aid in the healing of bruises, soft tissue injuries, muscle strains and soreness, joint stiffness, back pain and lameness in the horse.

What is Krauterhof used for?

Krauterhof Extra strong warming horse balm Gel is used for an intense and warming body care, it gives an extra strong warming effect. The gel contains extracts of red vine, horse chestnut, lemon balm, chamomile, hops, valerian, yarrow and fennel.

What is tiger balm used for?

Tiger Balm is an ointment used to relieve muscle and arthritic pain, back pain, stiff neck. It reduces inflammation of the joints and tendons by relieving pain and aiding the healing process.

How is arnica used?

Arnica is usually applied topically in the form of tinctures, creams, ointments and gels. This method of use involves the use of tincture diluted 1: 5 in water or alcohol, to be applied by compress. The external application of the dye must only take place on intact skin.

How is tiger balm used?

The balm can be used topically for the local treatment of muscle pain due to contractures, sprains, back pain or fatigue. Even in case of joint pain or rheumatism benefit can be found with the application of the ointment thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where is tiger balm found?


  • BERNASCONI DR. FONTANESI MODENA. Corso Vittorio Emanuele 78. …
  • S.FAUSTINO DR.INCERTI MODENA. via Giardini 236. 059-351157. …
  • GOOD SHEPHERD MODENA. via Conco, 32. 059-300411. …
  • NEW D.SSA CATELLANI NONANTOLA. via V.Veneto 132. 059-549057. …
  • FERRI D. SSA SONIA CASTELFRANCO E. Corso Martiri, 247.

How do you use white tiger balm?

The white tiger balm is of the two ointment variants the one that best lends itself to solving problems such as migraines and headaches. All that needs to be done is to apply a small amount of product on the temples and massage with small circular movements until the lotion is absorbed.

Where can i find Arnica gel forte?

Theiss arnica gel forte at € 8.90 on Farmacia Pasquino.

What is Arnica gel forte ointment used for?

ARNICA VITI Gel Forte is a cosmetic preparation ideal as a phytotherapeutic remedy for bruises and muscle pain.

What are the benefits of Arnica?

Biological activity. Arnica is a plant to which anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, anti-traumatic, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, anti-neuralgic, revulsive, antiseptic and immunostimulating properties are attributed. The anti-inflammatory properties are attributable to the helenaline contained within the arnica itself.

Where can you buy mountain arnica?

Arnica Gel: the best ointments to buy on Amazon

  • Arnica Gel 90% Officinalis Amazon. Buy now.

  • Arnica Gel Extraforte. Terra di Cuma The Origins of Health Amazon. Buy now.

  • Quick Arnica Gel. Fater Amazon. Buy now.

  • Arnica Gel 90% Officinalis Amazon. Buy now.

How much does arnica gel cost?

Arnica Gel Boiron price € 12.90.

Where is arnica found?

Few people know, however, that arnica is a mountain plant that prefers colder soils at an altitude between 200 and 1000 meters above sea level. Arnica is a wonderful herbaceous plant, about 60 centimeters high and whose flowers are distinguished by their very bright color and their delicate scent.

What is Menthol Balm used for?

Camaldoli menthol cream is indicated for warming massages. Relieves the sensations of pain and fatigue in the body. Camaldoli Balsam is perfect for bruises, pains, strains and sprains.

What does tiger balm contain?

Camphor 25.0% Cajuput oil 7.0% Cassia oil (cinnamon oil; cinnamon oil) 5.0% Clove oil 5.0%

How much does tiger balm cost?

Raihuen Red Tiger Balm 30 Ml € 8.50 price Farmacia Fatigato.

Where is balsam of Peru found?

Especially widespread along the coasts of El Salvador, it is also present in Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

What is beard balm used for?

What is beard balm for?

The main function of a beard balm is to hydrate, soften and regulate the hair. This also helps to reduce discomfort such as itching or dandruff which can occur especially in the early stages of growth.

Where to put tiger balm for headache?

In case of headaches, tiger balm should be massaged on the neck, temples and forehead, while to breathe better it is applied to the chest.


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