How are the days of service at school calculated?


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Basically, in the calculation of the 180 days of service, Sundays and all other holidays are considered, as well as the four days of rest provided for by letter b), art. 1 of Law no.

How to calculate the days of service in schools?

For each month or fraction of at least 16 days: 2 POINTS are awarded. Up to a maximum, for each school year, of: 12 points “

In state or private schools:

  1. from 16 to 45 days …
  2. from 46 to 75 days …
  3. from 76 to 105 days …
  4. from 106 to 135 days …
  5. from 136 to 165 days …
  6. from 166 days onwards the same as p. 12.

How are the days of service counted?

Scoring by service

6 points are earned from 76 to 105 days; 8 points are acquired from 106 to 135 days; from 136 to 165 days 10 points are acquired; from 166 days onwards the same, the maximum score of 12 points is reached.

What is meant by days of service?

According to current legislation pursuant to article 11, paragraph 14, of law no. 124, by year of service we mean two cases: 180 days of service during the school year, even if not continuous. Uninterrupted service from February 1st until the ballot operations.

How are ATA Personal Service Days calculated?

2 months starting from February 15th embrace the period from February 15th to April 14th inclusive. The period between that day and the day immediately preceding the following month (s) is then counted. Finally, the remaining days of this last month are calculated, as per the calendar.

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When does ATA 2021 application come out?

The publication in the Official Gazette is therefore scheduled for next Friday 19 March 2021. The submission of applications, which will take place electronically through the OnLine Instances platform, should be possible from 22 March with a deadline on 22 April.

How much is a month of service as a school employee worth?

It is valued at 1.80 for each year and 0.15 for each month of service or fraction longer than 15 days up to a maximum of 1.80.

How is a year of service calculated?

By annuity of service, therefore, we must mean the service provided for at least 180 days or the service provided uninterrupted from 1 February until the end of the scrutiny operations or the end of the educational activities for the kindergarten (in the latter case the Miur clarified with note no.

What is meant by one year of service?

Annuality is such if the teacher has served for at least 180 days, even if not continuous, in the same school year or if he has served continuously from February 1st until the final scrutiny operations, or until the end of the activities in the kindergarten.

How is the year of service calculated?


If you have served for 1 year, 2 months and 10 days at a state kindergarten as a school employee, the calculation will be: (1 year = 6 points) + (2 months = 1 point) = 7 points in total.

How are substitute days counted for scoring?

Service Score: Up to how many points can be obtained with a substitute

  1. from 16 to 45 days same p. …
  2. from 46 to 75 days same p. …
  3. from 76 to 105 days same p. …
  4. from 106 to 135 days same p. …
  5. from 136 to 165 days same p. …
  6. from 166 days onwards, same p. …
  7. Uninterrupted service from 1 February until the polls p.

How to calculate the score for the rankings?

Just enter all the qualifications in possession and the services provided in the schools to have a calculation of the score based on the evaluation tables of the MIUR qualifications. Thanks to the score obtained, it will then be possible to request a projection on a national scale of the position based on the selected competition classes.

How many days does it take to do a year of service in the school?

One year of service should specifically include at least 180 days of service and can also be served as a temporary alternate.

How are the service tickets calculated?

The score must be calculated by school year; it is not possible to add the replacement days of one school year to those of another. The score can also be achieved by virtue of the sum of several “non-specific” services, such as to reach the maximum score of 12 points.

How to calculate school holidays?

The calculation of the days of vacation derives from the product of the number of days of service by 30, divided by 360. Basically it is 2.5 days for each month of service (by month we mean 30 days).

How many days for a pre-role year?

A. For the purposes of evaluating the year of service, 180 days are required; 180 days for the pre-role service or a continuous service from 1 February until the end of the ballots (until the end of the educational activities for children).

What is meant by uninterrupted service?

124, the service provided in the school year of reference for at least 180 days, even if not consecutive, or provided without interruption from 1 February until the end of the final scrutiny operations is considered valid.

What is meant by 3 years of service?

The original text provided for three years of service for all, while with the amended text the three years are required only for teachers of common place. In practice this means that specialized teachers could enter the role starting from September 2022 even without the three years of service.

How will the entries in the role 2021 2022 take place?

Entries in the role of teachers 2021/2022, green light for the assignment of the province and school. … The USR will publish the available locations in order to proceed with the attributions of the province, and therefore with the choice of schools for the aspirants.

How many points per month as a school employee?

The Other service for the profiles of the attendant, farm worker and school employee is evaluated with 0.15 points per month and up to a maximum of 1.80 points for each school year.

How much is the school employee score per technical assistant?

For the CS profile:

1.80 points for each year. Of course, it can be evaluated simultaneously for both profiles. This applies to unchanged legislation, that is, if the provisions of Ministerial Decree no. 50 of 3 March 2021, with which the third-tier ATA rankings were updated.

How is a school employee’s score calculated?

To increase their score, candidates must acquire qualifications or attend training courses recognized by the MIUR in order to move up in the ranking.

When will the next ATA contest come out?

The next call for ATA 2024 personnel is the one that will allow the recruitment of new professional figures within state educational institutions. As we know, the call for ATA personnel is launched every three years. The last one was published in this 2021 and, therefore, will be valid until 2023.

Where is the need for ATA staff the most?

Not very different numbers can be seen in Turin, Piedmont: 10.50, 9.50 and 8.50 in order of profile. Among the regions of southern Italy, Calabria defends itself well. In the province of Crotone, 11.00 points would be enough to obtain an ATA staff substitute for the technical and administrative assistant profiles.

How do you work in school secretariats?

Those who aspire to occupy the position of school secretary must have essential requirements such as Italian citizenship or a European state, a degree in economics and commerce or a similar title in law, political science, master’s degree or a specialist degree. .


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