How are the two cerebral hemispheres connected?


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The corpus callosum is placed between the two cerebral hemispheres and, in addition to physically uniting them, allows for an exchange of information between them. The commissure of the fornix connects the hippocampus of the right hemisphere with the hippocampus of the left hemisphere.

What is the dominant brain hemisphere?

In humans, the left hemisphere specializes in the functions of language, in the control of the dominant right hand and in the organization of voluntary motility. The right hemisphere, on the other hand, prevails in the cognition of space and in the regulation of emotions.

How do the two cerebral hemispheres communicate?

The two cerebral hemispheres, however, are not really independent. On the contrary, they communicate with each other thanks to millions of fibers, called axons, which continuously carry information between neurons located in different hemispheres.

What governs the left side of the brain?

The left hemisphere is dominant for the functions of calculus and logic and mathematical ability. The right instead is dominant for the ability to recognize faces, spatial skills and images.

What are the two brain systems identified by neurophysiology?

Central and Peripheral Nervous System

The SN is divided into central and peripheral: the two parts, responsible for specific functions, are connected and integrate into their activity. The Central Nervous System (CNS) consists of: the brain, which is contained in the skull.

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What do the two hemispheres of the brain control?

It has long been known that the right cerebral hemisphere controls the motor functions of the left half of the human body, while the left cerebral hemisphere controls the motor functions of the right half of the human body; the same is true for sensory information related to the sense of hearing and touch.

What are the main structures of the peripheral nervous system and their functions?

The peripheral nervous system is further divided into the autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system deals with the smooth muscles of the internal organs and glands, while the somatic nervous system regulates voluntary movements and picks up information from the sense organs.

What mental abilities are commonly associated with the left hemisphere?

The left hemisphere, in fact, particularly excels in intellectual, rational, verbal and analytical functions; it is the seat of linguistic processes, both oral and written, it proceeds logically so much so that it is more competent in sequential processes and temporal concatenation.

Who reasons with the left hemisphere?

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– (Adnkronos) – The woman reasons with the ‘right’ and the man with the ‘left’. It is not a question of political tendencies but of the use of the cerebral hemispheres: the so-called ’emotional’ and the ‘rational’ one.

What does the left side of the body correspond to?

Left part of the body

Here we need to make a small premise related to our brain. This organ is divided into two hemispheres which govern the two sides of the body but in an inverted way, so that the right hemisphere of the brain governs the left side of the body and vice versa the left hemisphere the right side.

What are the Semioval Centers?

The white matter of each cerebral hemisphere constitutes the semi-oval center, which is bounded internally by a group of nuclei (ganglia or nuclei of the base) and by the lateral ventricles and peripherally by the cortex. The semi-oval center is composed of projection, associative and commessural myelinated fibers.

How to use the right hemisphere of the brain more?

Dedicating ourselves fully to artistic and creative activities allows us to intentionally stimulate the right side of our brain, put the left side to rest and encourage greater collaboration between the two hemispheres.

Which faculties are based in the cortex?

visual associative cortex: processing of visual information. visual cortex: recognition of simple visual stimuli. Wernicke’s area: understanding of language. associative auditory cortex: processing auditory information.

What does the right side of the brain correspond to?

The left side is the technical one, dealing with information processing, logic, mathematical calculation and sequences of actions. The right one, on the other hand, encloses our freer sides: here we find instinct, creativity, the management of arts such as music, song and dance.

Which hemisphere of the brain does fact-type communication correspond to?

However, it turned out to be true that a person’s brain activity differs depending on the task they are performing. For example, another study states that the language centers in the brain are located in the left hemisphere, while the right hemisphere is specialized for emotional and non-verbal communications.

What is the hemisphere of creativity?

The brain, the seat of creativity

The right hemisphere controls the left half (therefore also the left hand) and from there comes the imagination, the anagogic language, the symbol and the ability to grasp the magic of reality.

What is the hemisphere of emotions?

According to a current theory, positive emotions arriving from the right are mainly processed by the left hemisphere, and vice versa. The researchers’ starting hypothesis was that by blocking stimuli from one side of the body, brain activity on the other side should also change.

Where in the brain are words found?

Broca’s area is the region of the cerebral cortex known to play a key role in the production and understanding of language. Connected to Wernicke’s area on the temporal lobe, Broca’s area is located on the frontal lobe of the dominant cerebral hemisphere, in an area called the inferior frontal gyrus.

Where in the brain is memory located?

It is known that memories are primarily stored in the cerebral cortex and that the control center that generates the memory is located within the brain. The command room of memory is in fact located in the hippocampus and in the entorhinal cortex that surrounds it.

What does the temporal lobe control?

Comprising hippocampus, amygdala and Wernicke’s area, the temporal lobe plays a key role in the understanding of spoken and written language, in verbal memory, in the processes of perception, recognition and interpretation of sounds, in the interpretation of visual stimuli, in visual recognition of the …

In which part of the brain is vision located?

The occipital lobe is the lobe of the brain responsible for the interpretation of visual stimuli; to provide this ability is the presence of the primary visual cortex and the secondary visual cortex.

How does the brain process information?

The sensory nervous system is involved in the reception and processing of sensory information. This information is received through the cranial nerves, through tracts of the spinal cord, and directly into the blood-exposed centers of the brain.

What are the main functions of the nervous system?

The nervous system is the system composed of organs and structures that allow the transmission of signals between the various parts of the body, in such a way as to coordinate voluntary and involuntary, physical and psychological actions and functions.

How does the nervous system stimulate the muscle?

The neuromuscular plate allows the transmission of the nerve impulse between a termination of the motor nerve and the muscle. Muscle contraction occurs in response to this stimulus. The final endings of the nerve fiber constitute the so-called presynaptic terminal.

What are the 3 functions of the nervous system?

The different structures in the brain deal with specific functions and together are responsible for thinking, memory, reasoning, understanding, language, voluntary and involuntary movements, balance and posture, but also of the breath, of the …


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