How can summer camps be paid with the bonus?


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PAYMENT. The bonus for INPS summer camps is paid directly to the beneficiary, by crediting a bank or postal current account, crediting to a post office book, a prepaid card with IBAN or a bank transfer to the Italian Post Office.

How to pay for the summer camp with the 2021 babysitter bonus?

Baby sitter bonus 2021: how the payment is made

The bonus for enrolling in summer camps and supplementary services for children is paid by: crediting to a bank or postal current account. credit on post office book. prepaid card with IBAN.

Who is eligible for summer camp bonuses?

The summer camp bonus is recognized by INPS for parents with cohabiting children under the age of 14 and for those with disabled children in a situation of ascertained seriousness, regardless of the age of the child.

How to apply for the Summer Boys 2021 bonus?

To access the bonus, it is necessary to submit an application to INPS by 30 June. It is a bonus that is paid to one of the parents and consists of 100 euros per week of support for the payment of the nanny.

When does the summer camp bonus expire?

As already mentioned, the deadline for submitting the application to obtain the summer centers bonus expires in two days, precisely on July 15, 2021 and covers the weeks attended by the minor child in summer centers and supplementary services for children up to 30/6 / 2021.

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When does the summer camp bonus refund arrive?

The summer camp bonus can be received in the form of reimbursement by submitting the application by June 2021, and in this way it is possible to access a maximum amount of 100 euros per week, and the INPS provides access to 3,000 contributions through a call for applications. .

When does the 2021 child bonus money arrive?

The Baby Bonus, the benefit for families of new born babies up to their first year of age (or for one year starting from the date of adoption / fostering) is paid on the days from 10 to 18 November.

How to apply for the INPS 2021 summer centers bonus?

The application for the request for the bonus summer centers and supplementary childcare services provided for by article 2, paragraph 6, of legislative decree 30/2021 can be presented by the requesting parent by 15 July 2021, for the weeks of attendance of the minor in summer centers. and supplementary services for children up to date …

What is the Summer Bonus?

Thanks to the Summer Bonuses, all Mazda customers will be able to purchase the cars of the Japanese company with a benefit that starts from 2,500 euros for the small Mazda2 flagship with scrapping, up to 5,000 euros for the CX-5, the bestselling Mazda SUV in Europe, with exchange / scrapping.

Who can take advantage of the summer camps 2021 bonus?

It consists of financial support that is provided to certain categories of workers and only to parents with cohabiting children under the age of 14 or severely disabled. The benefit is granted as an alternative to the baby sitter bonus, therefore the two benefits cannot be combined.

What is the single allowance for children?

Families with disabled children will receive the single “no age limit” allowance for their children. For minors you will receive an extra 105 euros per month “in case of non self-sufficiency”, 95 euros per month more “in case of severe disability” and 85 euros more “in case of average disability”.

How do summer camps work?

Unlike the so-called summer camps, the modern form of the old summer camps, these centers only cover daytime hours. The children all eat together, have fun, are kept engaged in various activities by qualified personnel, but at the end of the day they return home.

How to apply for a baby sitter bonus for grandparents 2021?

How to get the bonus

The application must be submitted on the INPS website. You can proceed through the web application or through the patronates or through the Integrated Conctact Center. The data of the parents and the minor will be entered in the form.

How to pay from the family book?

Just buy the Booklet:

  1. by means of payments via F24 model Elide, with reason for LIFA.
  2. through the INPS “Payment Portal” and use the 10 euro INPS vouchers to pay the lender.

Who can take advantage of the 2021 babysitter bonus?

The 2021 Inps baby sitter bonus is granted to parents with cohabiting children under the age of 14 and to those with disabled children in a situation of ascertained seriousness, regardless of the age of the child.

How to get the Summer Bonus?

To apply for the 2021 holiday bonus, you must have an ISEE not exceeding 40 thousand euros and present a valid DSU. To apply for the 2021 holiday bonus online, you need to download the IO application and log in via the wizard.

How to make baby sitter bonus appropriation?

Consequently, the parent and service provider must first register on the occasional service platform present on the website Subsequently, once the bonus application has been submitted, the parent, following the acceptance of the INPS, will carry out the appropriation of the sums.

When do they put the single check?

The allowance should be paid on an annual basis but from March to the following March, rather than from January. The applications, on the other hand, would have to be submitted by January, in order to have access, in the third month of the year, to the benefit.

When does the money for the three children arrive?

The allowance is granted by a provision of the municipality and is paid by INPS, within 45 days from the date of receipt of the data transmitted by the municipality.

What replaces the single check?

The single allowance for children, starting from 2022, replaces and incorporates various measures including family allowances and family allowances, allowance for families with at least three minor children recognized by the municipalities, as well as birth allowance and bonus at birth.

Who has to open the family booklet for the babysitter bonus?

In order to benefit from the 2021 baby sitter bonus through the Family Booklet, the beneficiary parent (user) and the employee (babysitter) must first register on the occasional services platform, accessible on the website

How to pay for baby sitter with Family Book 2021?

Baby sitter bonus 2021, how does the payment work? In order to use the amounts, up to a maximum of 100 euros per week, made available for cohabiting children up to 14 years, it is not enough to submit the application. After the green light, the benefits must also be entered in the INPS Family Booklet.

How to pay for a babysitter with a Covid family book?

The baby-sitting bonus is provided by INPS through the Family Booklet. Beneficiaries of the bonus must register on the INPS website, in the specific section dedicated to Occasional Benefits> Family Booklet, respectively: as users of the Family Booklet; as baby-sitting service providers.

How to open the INPS Family Book?

The activation of the Family Booklet must be carried out through the online procedure on the INPS website which can be reached at the following path: “> occasional services”. To be able to register, you must have an INPS, SPID, CIE or CNS PIN.

What do you need to organize a summer camp?

There are two fundamental elements to consider: The location where to open the summer center; The choice of educators.

Here are the main steps to start a summer camp:

  1. Process the logistics. …
  2. Choose the central theme of the field, in order to give a precise identity. …
  3. Ensure the safety of your guests.


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