How can the articles of association be modified?


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Amendments to the deed of incorporation are approved by the shareholders’ meeting. The shareholders cannot therefore resort to the methods of written consultation or consent given in writing. the deed of incorporation may grant the directors the faculty to increase the share capital (article 2481 of the civil code).

When is the deed of incorporation changed?

Any change in the objective content of the social contract constitutes a modification of the deed of incorporation of a limited liability company: a change that may consist either in the insertion of new clauses or in the modification or deletion of pre-existing clauses.

How do you change the articles of association of a company?

The statute of the limited liability company can be modified through the shareholders’ meeting which, on the basis of the practical case, meets in ordinary or extraordinary session upon convocation of the administrative body or in totalitarian way, i.e. without calling but with the presence of all members and bodies …

How can the corporate purpose of an SRL be changed?

Modification of the company object srl without a notary

Therefore, to date the only way to change the corporate purpose and the relative statutes of an SRL (both startup and ordinary SRL) is to go to a notary.

Who has to sign the new statute?

The formal requirements for amending the statute

The amended statute must be drawn up in two original copies and signed by the president and the restricted members of the Board of Directors, a € 16.00 stamp duty must then be purchased to be affixed to the document every 4 pages or every 100 lines.

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Who signs the statute of an association?

The statute must also be signed by all members present at the time of signing. Here are the facsimiles of the statutes divided by type of association.

How much does it cost to change the statute of an association?

In this case it will be necessary: ​​to prepare, in two original copies, the new statute of the association and the minutes of modification; pay the registration fee (200 euros) and purchase the stamps to apply to the deeds (a stamp of 16 euros every 4 pages);

What are the corporate changes?

The changes in the corporate structure include changes in the company agreements and the articles of association for partnerships and joint-stock companies respectively, transfer of headquarters, changes in the company name or name, change in the corporate purpose, etc.

How to write the corporate purpose of a company?

When drawing up the corporate purpose, you must initially indicate the main activity (s) and, below, the secondary or instrumental activities. Finally, you will need to specify the activities excluded or for which the company needs special authorizations.

What are the statutory changes?

Financial Glossary – Amendments to the Articles of Association

Deed by which a change is made to one or more provisions contained in the articles of association.

What is the difference between statute and deed of incorporation?

Constitutive Act. The deed of incorporation is the founding document of the company. … It may happen that there is a conflict between the clauses of the articles of association and those of the statute, but article 2328 provides that in case of conflict the rules of the statute prevail.

How much does it cost to change the Srls administrator?

Registration tax € 200. Revenue Agency Stamps € 15. Chamber of Commerce stamps € 65. Chamber of Commerce Secretariat fees € 90.

How to recover the deed of incorporation of a company?

The statute of a company is therefore an essential document, which governs its purpose, duration and organization. Therefore, if you want to know the statute of a company or a company in particular, you can request a company statute search online on Visure Italia.

What does the extraordinary assembly decide on?

((The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting resolves on amendments to the Articles of Association, on the appointment, replacement and powers of liquidators and on any other matter expressly attributed by law to its competence.

How to register the new association statute?

go to the Revenue Agency with F23 paid, revenue stamps, form 69 and the two signed copies of the new statute: the officer in charge will apply the stamps, if due, and proceed with the registration, returning you a stamped copy, which from that moment will become a all effects the new bylaws of the …

Who must adapt the third sector statute?

By May 31, 2021, NGOs, Voluntary Organizations (OdV) and Social Promotion Associations (APS), have the possibility to adapt their statutes to the legislation contained in the Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree no.

What is the corporate purpose of a company?

The corporate purpose represents the activity that the shareholders intend to carry out in the continued exercise of their business. The corporate purpose must be determined, lawful and possible. The absence of these characteristics determines the nullity of the company contract.

What characteristics must the corporate purpose have?

The corporate purpose must be possible, lawful and determined and must possess all the essential requisites indicated in art. 2082 cc, in order to be able to carry out a business activity, (professionalism, economy, organization, destination for the production or exchange of goods or services).

How to activate the corporate purpose of an srl?

Form S5 for the purpose of activating the corporate purpose must be completed and sent electronically by the companies after the first invoice has been issued. This is one of the mandatory obligations for companies, useful for communicating to third parties that they have started operating activities.

Who calls the shareholders’ meeting?


How to adapt the statute?

Convene an assembly (usually extraordinary) which will have to deliberate on the proposed amendment, according to the majorities envisaged by the currently valid company bylaws; Register the statute with the Revenue Agency; Send it to the competent authority for keeping the SB and Aps registers.

What should cultural associations do?

18 Legislative Decree 112/2017) presents a much more complex organization, having to appoint statutory auditors, adopt ordinary accounting, approve, in addition to the statutory financial statements, the social report and carry out the social impact assessment, regardless of the volumes of activity.

How is the statute done?


  1. Assign two or three members of the organization to write the statute. …
  2. Organize the statute according to a standard model. …
  3. Start each section with an ARTICLE as the title. …
  4. Number each section of an article. …
  5. Use clear and simple language. …
  6. Adapt the bylaws to the needs of a specific organization.

What is the statute of an association for?

– the management bodies of the association and the rules of operation and election. – the rights and duties of the individual members and the duties of the shareholders’ meeting. – the ways in which the association can raise funds and how they can be used. – the procedures for the dissolution of the association.

Where is the social purpose of the association indicated?

In the deed of incorporation the main characteristics of each association are established: non-profit, free, democratic, egalitarian, of unlimited duration, with elected corporate offices. It also briefly describes the purpose and the main activity of the association.


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