How can you take advantage of optional maternity leave?


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Optional maternity: how the application is presented

  1. electronically: with device PIN on the INPS website;
  2. via the INPS Contact Center: by dialing the number 803164 from a landline (free of charge) or the number 06164 164 from a mobile phone (costs depend on your tariff plan). …
  3. through CAF and Patronati.

When can I apply for optional maternity leave?

Optional maternity is a right attributed to both the working mother and the working father. Parental leave must be taken within the first 12 years of the child’s life or within the twelfth year from the date of entry of the child into the foster or adoptive family.

How can I apply for optional maternity leave?

The request for parental leave (optional maternity leave) can only be submitted electronically, through one of the following ways:

  1. online, on the INPS website, if you have the PIN to access the online services.
  2. via the call center at 803164 free of charge from a landline.

Who can apply for optional motherhood?

Who can apply for parental leave

to the employed mother, for a continuous or split period not exceeding 6 months; … to the employed father, even during the mother’s compulsory abstention period (starting from the day following the birth), and even if she herself does not work.

How long does the optional maternity leave 2021 last?

Length of optional maternity leave

In the case of employees, abstention has a limit of 10 months when it is requested by both parents. If, on the other hand, it is the mother who applies, the limit is 6 continuous or split months, the father can go up to 7 (only under certain conditions).

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How long can motherhood last at most?

The overall duration of maternity leave is 5 months and can be taken: during the two months preceding the presumed date of birth; if the birth takes place after that date, for the period between the presumed date and the actual date of the birth; during the three months following the birth.

How many months of parental leave are there?

Parental leave is reserved for natural parents, within the first 12 years of the child’s life, for a total period of no more than 10 months between the two parents. The period can increase to 11 months, if the working father abstains from work for a continuous or split period of at least 3 months.

How to communicate parental leave to the employer?

The requesting parent must submit the request for leave to the employer, with a notice of not less than 5 days in the case of use by days and not less than 2 days in the case of use of the leave on an hourly basis.

What documents do I need for parental leave?

identity document tax code of parents and child. paycheck.

How long does it take to apply for parental leave?

notice]the application can be submitted within forty-eight hours prior to the start of the period of absence from work.

How do you take parental leave?

A: Good morning Marisa, parental leave consists of a period of 11 months’ absence from work between the parents, to be used within the twelfth year of the child’s life. The maximum length of leave for each parent is six months for the mother and seven for the father.

How to take the days of parental leave?

Parental leave is due to both parents for each child up to the age of 12. The sum of the days of leave used by the father and mother, however, cannot exceed 10 months, which can rise to 11 if the father benefits from at least 3 months of leave.

How to write parental leave emails?

thanks for the text. I am currently on parental leave until the 20th. XX. XXXX included to dedicate myself to my family and therefore I will not be able to read or reply to e-mails.

How does parental leave 2021 work?

The decree-law of 13 March 2021, n. 30 provided for a new parental leave for employees with children affected by Covid-19, in contact quarantine, or in cases of suspension of teaching activities in the presence or closure of day care centers.

What can you ask for after motherhood?

Parental leave is a period of leave that parents can apply to take care of their children after the end of maternity leave, keeping the job and receiving an allowance.

When does maternity leave end?

Maternity leave (compulsory) refers to the compulsory leave of absence of the worker at certain times, in particular, during the two months preceding the expected date of birth and three months after the birth.

How to write a leave request?

announces that on _______ he will marry. He therefore asks to take advantage of n. ___ days of marriage leave, from day _____ to day ____, as required by the relevant CCNL.

How to write an email to the employer due to illness?

I am sending you an email to inform you that I cannot make it work today, (Date), as I came with (your illness). I’ll be available to answer emails if you need urgent help, but (Employee Name) will manage my workload today to ensure all deadlines are met.

How long before must the extraordinary leave be requested?

The employer must grant extraordinary leave within 60 days of the request.

How to submit the application for extraordinary leave?

The application is submitted online to INPS through the dedicated service. Alternatively, you can apply via: Contact center on 803 164 (free from landlines) or 06 164 164 from mobile networks; patronage bodies and intermediaries of the Institute, through the telematic services offered by them.

What to do to apply for extraordinary paid leave?

The remuneration of extraordinary leave is paid by INPS, but is anticipated by the employer. The application to be able to receive the allowance for the period of extraordinary leave must be forwarded to INPS, exclusively through the electronic procedure.

How to apply for extraordinary leave?

Extraordinary paid leave provides as a first requirement that of serious disability pursuant to law 104/92, art. 3 paragraph 3 ascertained for the family member for whom the facility is requested. The right to request the two-year leave is established on the basis of an order of priority.

How to inform the employer of the disease?

The communication can be made in different ways, such as sms, telephone, e-mail and fax. If you are absent from the tax visit without having informed the employer, you can suffer a disciplinary sanction even if the absence is due to a justified reason.

How to communicate sick leave from work?

When an employee cannot go to work due to illness, he must first contact his doctor so that he can draw up and electronically transmit the certificate to INPS.

What to write to the employer?

The correct opening formula is the following: “For the kind attention of Dr. Mario Rossi”. In the example here, “Dr.” and “Mario Rossi” are the imaginary title and name of a hypothetical employer.


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