How do you consult the ata rankings?


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The rankings can be consulted on the MIUR Online Instances web portal, on the schools’ websites and via the MyIs app. Here is in detail how to check your position in the third-tier rankings of ATA personnel on Online Instances, with a step-by-step explanation of how to proceed.

Where to see the ATA 2021 rankings?

Ranking position on Online Instances

  • Access the personal section of Instances online.
  • To enter it is necessary to have the credentials (password and username) or, alternatively, the Spid.
  • Click on Other Services.
  • From the menu, select the first item “Display of personal institute rankings.

How to see the position in the ATA rankings on online Instances?

Viewing rankings on online Instances

  1. click on your name at the top right.
  2. access the reserved area.
  3. enter with username and password or Spid.
  4. go to the Reserved Area section in the drop-down menu on the left.
  5. click on Services and then Your services.

How to see the ATA third band 2021 rankings?

Ata personal score third band 2021: how to see ATA rankings. After the submission of the Ata application, the rankings and the score of the Ata third band 2021 staff will be published on the online miur instances website, for those who have requested the inclusion or update by 26 April.

How to see the scrolling of the ATA rankings?

There are basically two ways to see where the ATA rankings are in each school: contact the school directly, by phone or by going to the school, and ask at what point the ATA rankings are of interest to find out up to what position and score they got to call.

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When do they call the third band ata?

Only when the 24 months are exhausted and the lists are exhausted will the substitutes go to the third band.

How to see the university rankings?

The ranking for admission to a degree course is published on the university website. Check the admission notice for the degree program you are interested in to find out the date of publication of the ranking.

How can I see the third-tier rankings?

Since there are many schools in a province, to facilitate your search, you can check your position in the III Institute rankings of the schools you have chosen, directly online on the MIUR online instances website (which is the site you already have used to fill in form B).

When does the provisional ATA 2021 ranking come out?

The new provisional third-tier ATA rankings are published starting from July 8, while the definitive rankings by the beginning of August 2021, in order to be able to convene the alternates starting from September 2021, in time for the start of the new school year. .

When does ATA 2021 application come out?

The publication in the Official Gazette is therefore scheduled for next Friday 19 March 2021. The submission of applications, which will take place electronically through the OnLine Instances platform, should be possible from 22 March with a deadline on 22 April.

When do they start calling for Ata staff?

ATA staff: when are the summons? The objective of the Ministry of Education is to have the final rankings, valid for the three-year period 2021/2024, ready by August. This would allow the first calls to be launched as early as September, in time for the start of the school year.

Why am I not in the ATA ranking?

The school administrations, which are responsible for managing the applications and the process for the publication of the third tier ATA rankings, may consider applications void if they do not have the necessary data requested or have been submitted after the deadlines set by the call for applications.

Where to see provisional ATA rankings?

The rankings can be consulted on the MIUR Online Instances web portal, on the schools’ websites and via the MyIs app.

How to apply for ATA 2021 personnel?


The third tier ATA applications for the 2021 competition must be submitted exclusively online, through the MIUR web platform accessible from the POLIS portal – Online Presentation of Applications.

How do I find the list of Instance Contracts online?

To access the service, you need to access your private area and follow the path Services> Salaries> Viewing school contracts.

How to see second tier rankings?

The school rankings are divided into I, II and III bands.

Display score and position

  1. Go to the Istanze Online website and log in with your username and password;
  2. Then go to the menu on the left and click on Other Services; in the list that appears click on Institute rankings – ATA staff;

When do the third-tier rankings reopen?

Third Ata bracket, the rankings referring to the three-year period 2021-2024 reopen [VIDEO] – School News.

Where to see the Unibo rankings?


The rankings are published on in detail on the application for admission. This publication represents the only legal means of advertising on the results of the selections. The publication dates of the rankings are contained in the GENERAL CALENDAR.

How does the Politecnico ranking work?

The score is calculated automatically by attributing:

  1. 1 point for each correct answer.
  2. – 0.25 points for each wrong answer.
  3. 0 points for each answer not given.

How does the repechage work at the university?

In fact, once the registration deadline has expired, we proceed with the drafting of a new ranking in which those who had placed themselves in the highest positions of the previous ranking go to occupy the places left free.

How do third tier ATA calls take place?

The same are summoned through an e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the certified email address or traditional e-mail address indicated in the application for inclusion in the ranking.

Where is there a shortage of Ata personnel?

In the province of Crotone, 11.00 points would be enough to obtain an ATA staff substitute for the technical and administrative assistant profiles. Even lower is the score for school collaborators, 8.00.

How to tell if the ATA application is wrong?

In the case of applications for the third-tier ATA rankings, a clerical error is considered, for example, the insertion of the wrong date of graduation, the presence of fields not filled in in the application or other similar errors.

What to do if the score is wrong?

Those who find an incorrect score in the provisional ranking or errors relating, for example, to their data or similar, can report them and request their correction by making a complaint. It is also possible to appeal against the exclusion from the ranking or the cancellation of the application.

What does s mean in the ATA third tier ranking?

As for the acronym N and S they indicate whether the candidate has or does not have qualifications of preference for the third-tier ATA rankings with the same score compared to other candidates, therefore they indicate: N = NO, that is, he has no titles of precedence; Y = YES, that is, you have titles of precedence.


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