How do you decide the sides of the champions?


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Points are awarded as follows:

  • Points in the UEFA Champions League. 2 – For every victory from the group stage onwards. 1 – For every draw from the group stage onwards. …
  • Points in the UEFA Europa Conference League. 1 – Awarded to each club eliminated in the first qualifying round. …
  • Additional Notes.

How do the Champions League pots work?

Pot 1 is made up of the reigning champion team, the UEFA Europa League winner and the championship winners of the top six nations in the ranking who did not qualify by winning a 2020/21 European competition; the second to fourth pots are determined by the club rankings.

In which band will Juve be in the Champions League?

JUVENTUS (2 ^ BAND), the best possible group:

Zenit (3rd band)

Where to see Champions League 2021?

The Champions League 2021/2022 airs on Sky, Mediaset and Amazon Prime Video. A Champions League in Italy broadcast on multiple broadcasters and with exclusives. All Cup matches are broadcast on Sky, with the exception of a single Wednesday match (which is broadcast exclusively on Amazon).

In which bracket are the Italians in the Champions League?

The Nerazzurri return to this year’s Champions League draws with the tricolor flag on their chest which, in addition to being a source of pride, is the guarantee of being placed in the first pot together with all the national champions plus Chelsea, the European champion in charge, and Villarreal, triumph in the Europa League.

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How many teams pass the Champions League groups?

The six teams that pass this stage enter the group stage, joining twenty-six others who have already qualified. The thirty-two formations are therefore divided into eight groups made up of four contenders each, facing each other in round-trip matches.

Where to see the Champions League on TV?

Champions, the situation group by group

The match will be broadcast live on Sky Sport Uno (satellite, digital terrestrial and internet), Sky Sport 252 (satellite and internet) and Sky Sport 4K channels.

Who goes to the first tier of the Champions League?

The holders of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, plus the league winners of the six highest-ranked associations, are all in the top tier.

How do the draws for the Champions League group work?


The groups will consist of one team per pot. In the draw, the classic rule will be respected that two teams from the same nation cannot face each other in the group. Any other restrictions will be announced prior to the draw.

Which band will Milan play in the Champions League?

GROUP 4: Milan, Wolfsburg

Milan returns to the Champions League after 7 years and restarts from the last pot, so Pioli will certainly have an iron group (even if there is the hope of drawing Sporting, Lille or Villarreal from the first pot).

What Champions League match do they show on Canale 5?

The Champions League 2021/22 on Mediaset

Mediaset will cover the Champions League in two ways. The best match on Tuesday will be broadcast on Canale 5 and Infinity, starting with Malmö vs Juventus on 14 September and Milan vs Atletico Madrid on Tuesday 28 September.

How to see Juve in the Champions League?

Champions, the situation group by group

The match between Juventus and Zenit will be visible without leaving Sky Q, in a simple and direct way, through the Amazon Prime Video App for all those who own the Sky Q decoder and are subscribed to the Amazon Prime service.

Where do they show Milan tonight?

Milan TV is visible on SKY channel 230.

When is the first Champions League game played?

The tournament started on 8 August 2020 and ended on 29 May 2021 with the final at the do Dragão stadium in Porto, Portugal.

How to see the whole Champions League?

Watch the UEFA Champions League streaming on NOW

On NOW you can see the UEFA Champions League 2021-2024 with 121 matches out of 137 per season by activating the Sport Pass, with offers starting from € 14.99.

Who passes the groups of the Europa League?

The top two in each group advance to the final knockout phase. In addition to the twenty-four qualified players, the third-placed ones of the eight rounds of the Champions League heats are added, for a total of 32 clubs in the running.

How does the Champions League 2021 work?

The Champions League 2021/2022 kicks off with the highly anticipated group stage: here is who passes to the second round according to the regulations and how it works in the event of two or more teams arriving on equal points. From this year the goals scored away from home have no higher value than those scored at home.

How do the groups of the Europeans work?

Group of the European Championships of 2020

The 24 teams will thus be divided into the 6 elimination groups, from which two national teams will come out plus the four best third parties, who will thus access the round of 16.

Which band are AC Milan?

Pot 4: Milan, Wolfsburg, Brugge, Besiktas, Dinamo Kiev, Young Boys, Malmoe, Sherif Tiraspol.

When are the draws for the Champions League groups?

The group stage draw will take place on Thursday 26 August, at 6 pm, in Istanbul, Turkey (live from 5.45 pm on Sky Sport 24, live streaming on In mid-December, at the end of the group stage, the draw for the round of 16 will take place, then on 18 March 2022 it will be the quarter-finals and the semi-finals.

Who is in the second tier of the Champions League?

The reigning champions, the UEFA Europa League winner and the winners of the top six national championships in the ranking are in the top tier. Of the remaining teams, the eight with the highest coefficients are placed in the second pot.

What does Champions League fourth band mean?

The pots of the Champions League draw for the group stage: Inter in 1st, the qualified teams. … The 32 participating clubs, as usual, will be divided into four bands in view of the draw: Inter seeded among the national champions, Milan (in the fourth pot) are in danger of a very tough group.

When are the draws for the Champions League 2021?

The groups of the Champions League 2021-22 are drawn in Istanbul. Appointment today starting at 5.45 pm, when Inter, Milan, Atalanta and Juventus will meet their opponents in the first phase of the competition. The ceremony will be broadcast live on Sky Sport 24 and streamed on NOW and on


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