How do you divide cableway into syllables?


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The word cable car is made up of seven letters, four vowels and three consonants. Syllable division: fu-ni-vì-a. It is a flat quadrisyllable (accent on the penultimate syllable).

How do you spell waterproof?

To spell the waterproof word correctly you must initially divide the M from the P and the R from the M: in fact, the consonants L, M, N, R, followed by another consonant separate.

How is hay divided?

According to the origin and the botanical composition, the hays are divided into: “Monophyte” meadow with a single crop of grass; “Polifita” natural lawn. Another diversification of hay is of Graminacee or Leguminosae.

How is the avenue divided?

The word avenue is made up of five letters, three vowels and two consonants. It is a two-faced word without rhyme or reason, the reverse reading produces a word of complete meaning (lai). Syllable division: vi-à-le. It is a flat trisyllable (accent on the penultimate syllable).

How do you divide Leonessa into syllables?

The word lioness is made up of eight letters, four vowels and four consonants. In particular it turns out to have a double consonant: ss. Syllable division: le-o-nés-sa. It is a flat quadrisyllable (accent on the penultimate syllable).

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How do you divide bathrobe into syllables?

The word bathrobe is made up of eleven letters, six vowels and five consonants. In particular, it turns out to have two double consonants: cc, pp. Most popular letter: a (three). Syllable division: ac-cap-pa-tò-io.

How do you divide Nespola into syllables?

From the Italian vocabulary: Nespola

  • Hyphenation. nor | spo | there.
  • Etymology. from the Latin mespĭlum.
  • Related.
  • Altered.

How is the bacon divided?

After removing the rind, the whole piece is divided in half, deciding the thickness of the slices according to the way we want to taste them.

How is the syllable division done?

Division into syllables

  1. An initial vowel followed by a single consonant constitutes a syllable: e-la-bo-ra-re; glider; u-mi-do; i-do-lo; o-do-re, u-no.
  2. A simple consonant forms a syllable with the following vowel: da-do; pear.

How to spell the words?

A syllable can consist of a single vowel (for example, amo: a-ma-re), a vowel and a consonant (dare: da-re), a vowel together with several consonants (bank: ban-ca) or from more vowels and more consonants (good: good-no, look: sguar-do).

What are Monosyllable words?

Monosyllable words, by definition, are those words that in the Italian language consist of a single syllable. Generally the word is composed of two, maximum three letters, of which at least one is a vowel and which can sometimes be accented to avoid creating doubts about the meaning within a sentence.


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