How do you shorten second lieutenant?


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Abbreviations and acronyms

It may not be easy to establish a clear boundary between abbreviations and acronyms: there may be ‘hybrid’ realizations as in the case, still in the military context, of STen for Second Lieutenant.

What does an Army lieutenant do?

second lieutenant The first rank of the hierarchy of lower officers in the Italian army and air force; in the army, to the s. as a rule, the command of a platoon or equivalent unit is responsible. The equivalent rank of the Navy is that of Ensign.

What role does the lieutenant play?

In the Army, a second lieutenant is usually in command of an infantry or cavalry platoon or an artillery section, or if just graduated from the Military Academy he studies at the Application School.

When does one become a second lieutenant?

At the end of the two-year period, the students obtain a degree in “Legal Sciences” and are appointed second lieutenants. … young graduates (who have not passed the thirty-second year of age) in possession of the degree required by the call for applications (doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, chemists, physicists, etc.);

How much does a second lieutenant make?

Going up in rank in the Italian Army, there are those belonging to the official role, who earn: 24,348.34 euros gross per year, for second lieutenants; 26,351.40 euros gross per year, for the lieutenants; 26,796.53 euros gross per year, for captains.

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How much does a soldier earn per month?

On average, the minimum salary for a mission abroad cannot be below 100 euros. In the event of a mission abroad, the Italian soldier can usually get to receive a salary as an additional sum compared to the ordinary monthly fee, between 2,000 and 4,000 euros per month.

How do you write to a general?

From there on, the Senior Officers (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel) and Generals (Air Brigade General, General of Division Arere, General of Air Squad) are called colloquially, but to everyone’s satisfaction, simply “Commander “.

What rank is the commodore?

Its NATO code is OF-6, which places this rank above the captain, and below the rear admiral and is the equivalent of the rank of brigadier of the British Army and the Royal Marine Corps and the rank of commodore of the air of the Royal Air Force.

How do you shorten armed forces?

The Italian armed forces (generally abbreviated FF.

they are the set of military components of the Italian Republic.

What is the highest rank of the military?

All Army ranks are available, from highest to lowest rank: Army Corps General with Special Tasks, Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Major General, Brigadier General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant …

What is the difference between carabinieri and police?

The first difference is that, while the Police is a civil weapon that directly depends on the Ministry of the Interior, the Arma dei Carabinieri is an armed force that depends on the Ministry of Defense and, in addition to exercising civil functions, can carry out operations in foreign countries together with the army.

How much does a carabinieri captain earn per month?

Going in descending order we find the rank of Brigadier General, who receives 3300 euros per month. Those who hold the rank of captain, on the other hand, receive € 3101.12 (net of the retirement allowance which varies proportionally in relation to the grade and length of service).

What does the army commissariat do?

MILITARY COMMISSIONER. – The service of the military commissariat provides in war to provide: the food necessary for the provision of men and quadrupeds of the mobilized army; articles of clothing and equipment; the money the units need.

What are the official cadets in fixed station?

The officer in pre-established firm (in acronym UFP) is a role of the Italian armed forces, established after the suspension of calls to military service in Italy, belonging to the officers category, called to serve for a period of 30 months.

What is the role of a sergeant?

A sergeant is usually a soldier with a very high professional profile and a long previous experience and commands military units such as squads and sections. In the technical corps, the sergeants are highly specialized specialists, comparable to that of technical experts.

What does the term commodore mean?

– 1. Temporary title that in some navies (British, US, etc.) is conferred on a vessel captain in command of a naval division (practically disappeared from the Italian navy, tends to disappear even in foreign ones). 2.

To what rank does the Rear Admiral correspond?

Rear Admiral The first of the ranks of admiral officers in the Italian Navy, corresponding to the rank of Brigadier General of the Army and Air Force.

How to contact a military superior?

The soldier introduces himself to the superior with a greeting, indicating the rank and surname. When referring to and addressing another soldier, he must use the indication of the rank or position, followed or not by the surname.

How do you greet a general?

we address the “Mr. President”. When a bourgeois talks to a military man he can simply use the rank (“Colonel”, “General”), unless the soldier is noticeably older than him, in which case he should also prefix “Mr”: “Mr Colonel” .

How do you write a letter to a minister?

If you write to a minister, however, the heading would be “To the honorable minister (ministry name and surname)”. Use the correct salutation. If you are writing to the President of the United States, it is “Dear Mr. President”, or “Dear Mr. President.

How much do you earn in the military?

A 1st Class Deputy Head receives more or less 1550 euros gross per month, approximately 18,650 euros gross every 12 months. The highest ranking in this category is the 1st Class Sub-Chief Chosen, who earns just over 1600 euros per month, so around 19,300 euros each year.

What is the minimum wage in Italy?

In January 2015, the minimum wage was set at € 8.5 per hour (corresponding to € 1,440 per month for full time), with the aim of revising it every two years. In 2018 it was raised to € 8.84 per hour (€ 1,498 / month), while in 2019 to € 9.19 per hour. In 2020 it is expected to increase it to € 9.35.

What are the highest paid jobs in Italy?

Highest paid jobs in Italy

  • Engineer. The salary varies according to the sector of specialization, oscillating between 37 thousand and 51 thousand euros gross per year.
  • Pharmacy owner. …
  • Business consultant. …
  • Doctor. …
  • Lawyer.


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