How do you sign up for an interest-bearing postal voucher?


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To subscribe to postal savings bonds, it is necessary to go to the nearest Post Offices and request the paper version (which requires the payment of a document to the subscriber) or the dematerialized version, which however requires the possession of a BancoPosta current account or passbook …

How is the reimbursement of postal savings bonds carried out?

The application for the reimbursement of postal savings bonds must be submitted to the Director of Swiss Post. Within three weeks, the request will be accepted and executed and the beneficiary will obtain the reimbursement of the nominal value of the enriched voucher with the interest accrued up to that moment.

How long does a postal interest-bearing voucher mature?

The maximum duration of Ordinary Postal Interest Bonds is 20 years and their yield is as follows: 5 years: 0.05% 10 years: 0.20% 15 years: 0.35%

How to see a postal interest-bearing voucher?

If you are already registered on the Poste Italiane website and have an account to enter your personal area, you can access the section dedicated to interest-bearing bonds from here to see their value in real time.

Calculator of Poste Italiane

  1. date of signing;
  2. refund date;
  3. type of voucher;
  4. amount.

What does it mean to take out a postal voucher?

For vouchers issued in paper form, the subscriber, during the subscription phase, receives a paper security whose presentation is necessary to make the redemption both in advance and at maturity. The subscriber is responsible for the safekeeping and use of the security in his possession.

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What documents does it take to make a postal voucher?

Specifically, you will need to bring your tax code or your plasticized national health card together with your identity card, Italian or belonging to an EU country; or your Italian driving license or your Italian or EU country passport.

How to buy postal vouchers online?

To buy postal savings bonds online, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the page: “Discover the offer of Coupons and Booklets”
  2. Simulate the evolution of your capital invested in postal vouchers, using the new simulator.

How do dematerialized interest-bearing bonds work?

The dematerialized postal savings bonds are financial investment products that do not require the issuance of a paper certificate or a receipt, which proves their purchase, but only an accounting entry in the passbook or postal account.

Which are the interest-bearing bonds that yield the most?

Which are the 2 best postal savings bonds at the beginning of September 2021, those with the highest yields: many are asking this question. Well the answer is 3 × 4 and 4 × 4 which are ideal investment products for those who want to invest their money in the medium to long term.

How much do ordinary postal savings bonds yield?

Compared to before November 2020, ordinary postal savings bonds yield much less. The actual gross annual return after 1-2-3 and 4 years is in fact 0.05% while 5 years 0.10%. After 6 of 0.13%, after 7 of 0.16%, after 8 of 0.17% and after 9 of 0.19%.

How much is a postage coupon from 1996 worth?

value of the voucher net of withholding tax: € 23,077.97 (it is the one net of withholding tax and gross of any stamp duty calculated on the basis of current pro tempore legislation).

Which postal savings bonds are the most profitable?

The answer is 4 × 4 as well as for last month. It is certainly the one that pays the most but it is also the one with which your money must remain invested for the longest time. The strength of this voucher (but also of the others) is safety as there is a guarantee from the Italian State.

What happens when an interest-bearing postal voucher expires?

The bfp are prescribed after 10 years from the expiry

After 10 years of expiry, postal savings bonds are prescribed at least paper ones. What does it mean? Well, it is no longer possible to have the reimbursement of the invested capital and consequently also of the interest accrued.

How to redeem an interest-bearing postal voucher in cash?

In order to request the redemption, the customer must show, together with the voucher itself, the original identity documents. Once the voucher is redeemed, it will be held by the post office while the customer will be printed a receipt of payment.

How do joint postal savings bonds work?

What does it mean? It means that each of the co-holders of the interest-bearing bonds can go to the post office and request the reimbursement of the entire investment independently, that is, without the consent of the other or of the others: they just need to present the paper title.

How to indicate the postal vouchers in the Isee?

The interest-bearing bonds must therefore be included in the ISEE only if the holder is aware of them and above all if he knows how much the percentage due to him amounts to the total savings.

What is the best postal voucher?

Is it worthwhile to invest 5,000 euros in Poste Italiane with postal savings bonds? … The best of the moment, the ones that have the highest gross annual return are the 4 × 4, top product for those who want to invest their money up to 16 years.

How to invest 10,000 euros in the post office?

If you choose to invest 10,000 euros at the post office, the best option available are interest-bearing bonds. Postal savings bonds (BFP) are bonds issued by the Italian Post Office and guaranteed by the State, which have guaranteed minimum yields.

Which is the best postal voucher?

When asked which is the best postage-bearing voucher for the end of August 2021, we answer the 4 × 4. It is in fact the one that offers the highest annual gross yield to maturity of all.

How do you calculate the value of an interest-bearing bond?

A first method, simple and immediate, consists in connecting to the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) website and using the “Postal Coupons Return Calculation” page. The initial screen asks first of all to indicate the type of Voucher in possession, or whose reimbursement value is to be known.

What does dematerialized booklet mean?

The dematerialized Passbook is a Postal Savings Passbook represented solely by accounting records, unlike the paper Passbook, which is also represented by a physical document.

How to request reimbursement of dematerialized postal vouchers?

The dematerialized vouchers, on the other hand, can be subscribed and redeemable at post offices or through the official website of the Italian Post Office but in the latter case only those that provide for it.

What does it take to make an interest-bearing voucher for a minor?

Vouchers for minors: what are the necessary documents?

  1. health card and tax code;
  2. birth certificate;
  3. identity card / passport issued to minors from 0 to 3 years. By law they are valid for 3 years;
  4. identity card / passport issued to minors between the ages of 3 and 18 (valid for 5 years).

How to redeem an expired post office voucher?

To obtain the reimbursement of a prescribed postal voucher, it will be necessary to send a complaint and then, after 60 days, resort to the ABF – Financial Banking Arbitrator of the Bank of Italy, which has already faced many similar problems, often resolving disputes in favor of consumers. .

How to recover prescription vouchers?

If you are a holder of prescribed postal vouchers, there is unfortunately nothing you can do to get your refund. To be precise, for paper certificates with an issue date after 14 April 2001, ten years after the expiry date, the amount due to the beneficiaries is paid into a fund at the MEF.


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