How do you start the thesis defense?


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The supervisor introduces the topic of the thesis, then passes the floor to the graduate student, who begins his graduation speech. By the way: how to start? Generally, in a personalized way, saying: “in my thesis work, I deepened …” or “for my thesis work, I did research on …”.

How do you greet the graduation commission?

A good way to greet and introduce yourself is: “Hello, my name is NAME and SURNAME and in the paper I am about to present to you I have analyzed THE THESIS TOPIC …” How to introduce the content of the thesis?

How do you prepare the speech for the discussion of the thesis?

5 Tips to Make a Good Look.

Be brief.

  1. PREPARE WELL for your thesis speech. He will seem obvious, but he is not. …
  2. BREAK THE ICE. A very difficult undertaking, especially for the most timid and anxious. …
  3. INVOLVE YOUR SPEAKER during your thesis speech. …
  5. BE SHORT.

How to discuss the thesis in 10 minutes?

How to discuss the thesis in 10 minutes?

  1. In the days leading up to the presentation, rehearse your speech. …
  2. Try sitting or standing depending on what you do that day.
  3. Time yourself to make sure your speech is timely. …
  4. If you are going to use the slides try to slide them and simulate the speech you will make.

How does the dissertation discussion work?

During the discussion, the supervisor has the task of presenting to the graduation commission, through a brief introduction, the topic of the thesis and the methods through which the work was carried out.

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How long does the discussion of the thesis last?

How long does the discussion of the thesis last? The time varies from faculty to faculty and usually ranges between five and twenty minutes. Less is granted for three-year degrees, more for master’s and doctoral theses you can easily get over half an hour.

How to face the day before graduation?

How to psychologically prepare for the graduation session

  1. Let’s start from n ° 1: It is absolutely not recommended to remain closed within the walls of the house. …
  2. Tip # 2: Avoid last minute corrections. …
  3. Tip 3: Take a glass of water with Bach flowers before the session. …
  4. Tip 4: Trust yourself.

How to introduce the subject of the degree thesis?

The supervisor introduces the topic of the thesis, then passes the floor to the graduate student, who begins his graduation speech. By the way: how to start? Generally, in a personalized way, saying: “in my thesis work, I deepened …” or “for my thesis work, I did research on …”.

How do you write a thesis?

The degree thesis must be presented as an orderly and stylistically clear and easily readable work. This means that you only have to choose one font that you will use for all the text. This must be clearly legible (eg.

How to conclude the presentation of a thesis?

The thesis conclusion must be thought of in relation to the introduction; in it one must give justification and demonstration of the positions taken. Introduction and Conclusion are similar, the only difference is that in the Conclusion you have to reveal “where the treasure is”.

How to close a speech in public?

Basically, the exact opposite of “thanks for your attention”.

5 ways to end a speech in a memorable way

  1. The call to action, always her. …
  2. A plausible story. …
  3. Questions create a bond. …
  4. We are “machines” in contrast. …
  5. The right quote at the right time.

How to conclude a graduation speech?

Your supervisor will briefly present your work and then give you the floor. If it doesn’t do this: no worries. All right, it’s your time. Sit down, say goodbye to the errand with all the confidence you can, smile, take a deep breath and get started.

How do you start a public speech?

Start with a joke.

  1. For an event honoring a particular person, you might want to tell a funny story about you and the guest of honor. Just make sure the story or joke isn’t embarrassing or potentially offensive.
  2. Test the joke on multiple people before using it in speech.

What does the Graduation Commission do?

Thesis Commission and Regulations. 1. – The Thesis Commission is a permanent commission of the Council of the Degree Course in Physics to which the Council entrusts the task of supervising the thesis work of the undergraduates and of guaranteeing the homogeneity of the evaluation of the degree theses.

How to develop a three-year degree thesis?

In principle, we can say that the “macro steps” for drafting the three-year degree thesis are:

  1. Choice of supervisor and thesis subject. …
  2. Choice of the Thesis Topic. …
  3. Draw up a ladder of the degree thesis. …
  4. Look for the material. …
  5. Start writing your paper.

How many hours a day to write the thesis?

How many hours a day to write the thesis? Working 6 hours a day excluding Sundays they do 30 days of exclusive work. First of all seriousness: the work of drafting the thesis must be individual and (at least minimally) original.

How to start writing the first chapter of the thesis?

The best way to start a chapter is to summarize the content of the chapter in such a way that the reader immediately understands the subject matter. In other words, the topic we will focus on must be introduced. We suggest that you do not use phrases such as “This chapter will discuss…”.

How does the graduation day take place?

The ceremony will be opened by a greeting from a delegate of the Rector and a short speech by the president of the commission. Each graduate / graduate will be invited to approach the committee table and the president will proclaim with the ritual formula that provides: Name and surname of the graduate.

How are the results of an experimental thesis written?

the guide to write it in 6 steps:

  1. Choose the thesis topic. …
  2. Start the bibliographic search of existing material. …
  3. Establish your hypothesis. …
  4. The investigation begins. …
  5. Write a draft index. …
  6. Start writing the thesis (hypothesis, existing studies, new studies and results)

What to do the day before the discussion?

So I advise you to train in the days preceding the discussion by exposing the thesis several times to relatives or friends, trying to enunciate only the arguments necessary to make you reach the expected time (about 10 minutes).

Where to find already completed degree theses? is one of the best sites dedicated to downloading theses online in pdf format. There are many theses, just search for the topic you are interested in from the home page of the site and you will be returned a page full of results.

How to discuss the thesis without anxiety?

with meditation. Anxiety is also relieved with exercise, if you can, for example, go out for a moment and take a bike ride, or practice another physical activity. Then try to relax with herbal teas, lime, valerian, passion flower, lemon balm, they will reassure you and you will regain confidence.

Who reads the thesis?

Nothing more.Your professor and the president of the commission will read your thesis, but not all of it (he will peek more than anything else). Go quiet and good luck. When I graduated, they also stopped me while I wanted to elaborate on explaining the work I had done well.

How long can a degree last?

To achieve the degree, the student must acquire 180 university training credits (CFU) distributed over a maximum of 20 tests. The Degree Course lasts three years and at the end of the course of study the degree is obtained and the qualification of Doctor is obtained.

How to set up a presentation speech?

You will need to start slowly and welcome them gradually.

A story is common to everyone, and it’s easy to follow. In most cases, it is very effective to start with a story. It is not necessary to show up at the beginning. Your presentation can be postponed until the audience is really listening to you.


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