How does one become a diplomat?


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  1. Italian citizenship;
  2. no more than thirty-five years of age. …
  3. one of the academic qualifications required by the regulation, among the main degrees in Law, Political Science, Economics and International Relations;

How much do diplomats earn?

The salaries of a diplomatic career

As a rule, those who hold a diplomatic post are paid a gross annual salary ranging from a minimum of EUR 36,000 up to a maximum of EUR 101,000 depending on the degree of responsibility they hold.

What do I have to do to be a diplomat?

In addition to a degree in Law or Political Science, the aspiring diplomat must possess: age not exceeding 35 years of age; excellent knowledge of at least two foreign languages; Italian citizenship; psycho-physical fitness; enjoyment of political rights.

How to enter the Farnesina?

Obviously, the diplomatic career also has degrees, and in order to access it you have to pass a public competition, followed by nine months of training at the Diplomatic Institute of the Farnesina. The competition based on qualifications and exams is organized every year by the MAECI, and is published in the Official Gazette.

Who works inside the embassies?

Therefore Ambassador, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy Advisor, Legation Advisor and Legation Secretary. Executives serving abroad.

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What is the salary of a Consul of Italy?

Their monthly salary is 11,161 euros gross at the lowest grade and 14,369 euros for the highest grade, that of general manager.

Who chooses the ambassadors?

In Italy, the rank of ambassador is reached by decree of the President of the Republic, subject to a resolution of the Council of Ministers, on the motivated proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, among the plenipotentiary ministers who have completed seven years of effective service in their grade.

How much do you earn in the embassy?

Specifically, a carabiniere on duty at the embassy earns 8,000 euros a month, including salary and compensation.

How much does a foreign ministry employee earn?

Salary of approximately € 1,516.47 (second functional area, salary range F2).

How do you become an Italian ambassador?

The course of study to become an ambassador is really long and complex: in fact, a master’s degree in certain disciplines, a master’s degree and even the passing of a specific and very selective public competition are required.

How much does a special forces soldier make?

21,633.08 euros, for the sergeant major; € 22,122.71 for the chief sergeant major; € 22,389.79, for the chief sergeant with 4 years in the grade; € 23,324.55, for the sergeant major in special qualification.

What are the highest paid jobs in Italy?

The highest paid jobs in Italy

  1. 1) Notary -> 265,000 euros. …
  2. 2) Doctor -> 75,000 euros, 113,000 with specialization. …
  3. 3) Airliner pilot -> 74,400 euros, from 46,800 to 218,000. …
  4. 4) Pharmacy owner -> 60,000-120,000 euros. …
  5. 5) Web Marketing Manager -> average € 57,000, from 32,000 to 115,000.

How much is an Italian soldier paid?

The salary of a soldier and the ranks

In general, the salary of a soldier of the Italian Army ranges from a minimum of 17 thousand euros gross per year, up to a maximum value of over 25 thousand euros, subject to various and possible additional contributions.

Who appoints the Italian ambassadors abroad?

The appointment as Minister Plenipotentiary and Ambassador is conferred by decree of the President of the Republic following a resolution of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Who is the Italian ambassador to India?

The Italian embassy in New Delhi is commanded by the Italian ambassador to India, Mr Giacomo Sanfelice di Monteforte.

What role do ambassadors play?

The ambassador represents the head of state of his own country in another state. Its duties are: to protect national interests and its citizens on foreign territory, to negotiate with the host government, to send information home, to promote economic, cultural and scientific collaboration.

What is the difference between a consul and an ambassador?

The difference lies in the fact that the ambassador is a political representative in the foreign country, while the consul is in reality a simple organ of the state which carries out its functions in foreign territory. The CONSOLE is a delegate of any administrative office that exists in the Italian territory.

How much does a magistrate earn on average?

A novice magistrate will get around 2,000 euros. After a few years the salary can double, and after about 20 years of seniority it rises to around 6,000 euros. At the peak of his career, close to retirement, an ordinary magistrate can earn around 7,000 euros a month.

What does the consul do?

The consular agent (also called simply consul) is an official sent to a foreign state in order to exercise the functions of the law of his country thanks to an agreement between the two parties.

What degree do you need to work in an embassy?

Working in an embassy: what degree do you need

  • Finance (class 19 / S);
  • Law (class 22 / S);
  • International relations (class 60 / S);
  • Economic Sciences (class 64 / S);
  • Political Sciences (class 70 / S);
  • Public administration sciences (class 71 / S);

How to work in the Italian embassies abroad?

To enter, you must pass a public competition. Usually, after the competition, you first access a period of work at the headquarters in Rome and then you are sent to the foreign country. Or, you are hired locally (or directly abroad) with ministerial authorization.

What is the highest paid job in the world?

What are the 10 highest paid jobs in the world

  • Public or state official (up to € 103,000 per year) …
  • Airplane pilot (up to 88,000 euros per year) …
  • Financial advisor (75,000 euros per year) …
  • Lawyer (74,000 euros a year) …
  • Police officer (74,000 euros a year) …
  • Marketing Manager (72,000 euros per year)

What is the most earning job?

Medical and pharmaceutical: these are two of the most profitable sectors not only in Italy but also in the world! Technology and AI: this is a field that is becoming more and more successful, and the stories of millionaires who make money through this medium are destined to become more and more!

What are the trades in which you earn the most?

The 10 highest paid jobs in the world

  • 10th place – The aerospace engineer.
  • 9th place – The flight controller.
  • 8th place – The underwater welder.
  • 7th place – The software developer.
  • 6th place – The pilot of planes.
  • 5th place – The university professor.
  • 4th place – The Cloud architect.
  • 3rd place – The notary.


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