How does the brontosaurus defend itself?


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The long tail, very thin at the tip, was a deadly defense weapon: powered by powerful muscles, it snapped to the side like a whip to break the legs of predators who threatened it from close up.

How does the Brachiosaurus defend itself?

The first finger of the hand was armed with a claw, but the best defense technique of this animal was probably to trample the predators who tried to approach.

What does the brontosaurus eat?

The Brontosaurus was a plant eater, considered a herbivore. It is believed that they also ingested stones, which once in the stomach helped them digest the large amount of plants they consumed but did not chew.

How does the Diplodocus defend itself?

For this reason, behind each vertebrae of his spine there was an additional bone that had the function of reinforcing the tail. Very long and very thin in the final part, the tail was in fact used by the diplodocus in case of defense as if it were a whip to chase away any predators.

What is the worst enemy of the brontosaurus?

Apatosaurs are so large that they have very few natural enemies, other than allosaurs and megalosaurs that hunt them in packs. When directly threatened, they whip the earth with their powerful tail, but can simply trample most of their opponents.

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What are the special signs of the brontosaurus?

The brontosaurus was a large animal, endowed with a long neck counterbalanced by an equally long whip tail, all supported by four large columnar limbs, with the forelimbs slightly shorter than the hind ones. The largest species, B.

What are the characteristics of the Diplodocus?

Diplodocus was a lightly built sauropod, with a long and very slender neck at the base as well, and with an interminable tail that tapered like a whip at the tip.

How did the Diplodocus live?

Diplodocus lived in packs, probably to better defend themselves from predators, and moved slowly on column-like legs.

What does Diplodocus mean?

– In zoology, a genus of saurischi dinosaurs, to which belongs one of the most gigantic and strange animals that ever existed, Diplodocus carnegiei, which reached a length of 26 meters, lived on the banks of ponds and ate marsh grasses.

What environment did the brontosaurus live in?

They lived in marshy areas and fed on aquatic plants. The genus is limited to the Upper Jurassic of North America.

Where did the Apatosaurus live?

Apatosaurus (whose name means “deceptive lizard”) is an extinct genus of apatosaurus sauropod dinosaur that lived in the Upper Jurassic, about 152-151 million years ago (Tithonian) in what is now the Morrison Formation, in the states of Oklahoma and Utah of the United States.

Where did the brachiosaurus live?

Brachiosaurus (whose name means “long-armed lizard”) is an extinct genus of brachiosaurid sauropod dinosaur that lived in the Upper Jurassic, about 154-153 million years ago (Kimmeridgian), in what is now the Morrison Formation, in North America .

How much did a brachiosaurus eat?

The Brachiosaurus probably fed on conifer trees, ginkgo biloba and cycads; adult specimens likely had to eat up to 400 kilograms of dry plant matter each day, according to a 2008 study.

How tall is a brachiosaurus?

Distribution: North America, East Africa. Length: over 25m. Height: 12-13 m. Weight: 80-100 t.

What is the height of the Diplodocus?

With its 26 meters in length and 4 in height, the Diplodocus Carnegie, as is well known, is not an original fossil, but a precious reproduction in a very limited series designed to be exhibited in the most prestigious natural science museums in the world.

How much does the Diplodocus weigh?

The Basel researchers also believe that thanks to the hollow parts, the neck was lighter than previously thought. The diplodocus was a herbivorous dinosaur that lived between 144 and 156 million years ago that reached a total length of 30 meters and weighs twelve tons.

Who is the worst enemy of the Diplodocus?

The Allosaurus was a fearsome predator and Diplodocus’ greatest enemy. This predator was about nine meters tall and ambushed its prey. He was ambushed because we must not forget that we are talking about one of the longest dinosaurs.

What dinosaur is the Diplodocus?

Diplodocus (“diplodocus” Marsh, 1878; common name diplodocus, plural diplodochi) is an extinct genus of sauropod dinosaur from the diplodocid family, whose fossils were found in 1877 by SW Williston.

How tall was the ichthyosaur?

The many species of ichthyosaurs were of different sizes, ranging from 1 to over 16 meters, breathed air, gave birth to live cubs (they were viviparous like dolphins and whales) and probably warm-blooded.

How tall is the Apatosaurus?

Apatosaurus (formerly called Brontosaurus) was an imposing animal characterized by powerful legs and a very long neck and tail; the height reached 8 meters and the weight 35 tons.

Why is it called brontosaurus?

The thunder lizard

The discoverer, Othniel Charles Marsh, baptized it apatosaurus. … The name brontosaurus means “thunder lizard” because Marsh thought that – given its size – when he walked his stride was as loud and loud as thunder.

What does brontosaurus mean?

– Fossil reptile (also called apatosaurus), dinosaur of the extinct order of the saurisks, from the upper Jurassic period of North America; he had gigantic stature (up to 20 m in height and 30 tons in weight), very small skull, very long neck and tail, massive body; with a quadrupedal habit, he had limbs …

What is the largest dinosaur in the world?

Extrapolations based on the much more complete and well-known Brachiosaurus indicate that the Sauroposeidon’s head could reach 18 meters (59 feet) in height with its neck extended, making it the tallest known dinosaur.


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