How does the compensatory change of nurses work?


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Compensatory mobility or interchange

It is based on an agreement between two employees with the same qualification and equal professional profile and involves a real exchange of positions between the two parties concerned.

How is a compensatory exchange done?

How the compensatory exchange works

  1. in the first place, it is necessary to identify the people interested in the exchange belonging to the same profile.
  2. secondly, both requesting subjects must simultaneously submit the request to their respective PAs with a specific letter.

How does the par exchange work?

The equal change is the fastest way to change the company in which you work: it consists in finding an equal role who is willing to exchange with you. The bureaucratic procedure is much leaner than the mobility and has a general approval from the business organizations.

When can voluntary mobility be applied for?

Voluntary mobility

The announcement will indicate whether the employee must have passed the probationary period (6 months for the permanent employee, from the beginning of the contract) and there must be the authorization of the administration to which he belongs.

How to do compensatory mobility?

How to submit a request for compensatory mobility:

  1. First of all, find a person interested in exchanging who has the same qualification and professional profile.
  2. Both employees, at the same time, must send a letter to the personnel department of the institution to which they wish to move.

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How does mobility between local authorities work?

With voluntary mobility, a public employee can decide of his own free will to be transferred to another public administration, by submitting a regular request for mobility or by participating in any public competition organized by the administration that interests him.

How long does it take for a compensatory exchange?

The times for the conclusion of the procedure vary from case to case, generally 4 to 6 months are expected.

What does voluntary mobility procedure mean?

Voluntary mobility between companies or entities of the sector is the procedure by which the permanent employee voluntarily requests the transfer from his / her own company (transferring companies) to another company or body (accepting company, transferee).

How does medical mobility work?

With the institution of voluntary mobility, the Public Administration has the possibility of filling vacant positions in the workforce through the unilateral direct transfer of employees belonging to a corresponding qualification and serving in other administrations, upon request for transfer and with the consent of the …

Who issues the permit for voluntary mobility?

Permission for mobility is the act of the private employer.

How does OSS mobility work?

We can publish an announcement on the oss forum in the section dedicated to the Oss mobility announcements. Jointly submit a compensation letter to the two companies concerned. Support and pass the two cognitive interviews and finally obtain the two clearances that will allow the exchange to be concluded.

How does interchange mobility work?

A particular type of voluntary mobility is that of interchange. Mobility by exchange works like a real exchange of roles: an employee gives the job to another who, vice versa, gives him his own.

How does mobility work for nurses?

Mobility for nurses

Instead of the competition notices, nurses who intend to take advantage of this type of mobility must find other colleagues who have expressed their intention to change their place of work, moving to their health company.

What is meant by external mobility?

The types of mobility of employees of public administrations can be distinguished according to whether they take place within the same administration (internal mobility) or from one administration to another (external mobility).

How does the institution of command work?

The institution of command or secondment concerns a temporary assignment of a place of employment other than the usual one (which becomes a temporary ordinary place of service) at another body that benefits from the performance of the worker concerned.

What is internal mobility?

Internal mobility refers to the role changes that a person faces within the same organization, moving from one organizational unit to another, carrying out different activities.

How to ask for mobility clearance?

To activate a mobility procedure, the administration must publish a notice on its institutional website indicating:

  1. the places and positions available.
  2. the requisites and professional skills required.

What is mobility?

Condition of what is mobile; aptitude, ability and ease to move, to move (as opposed to immobility or to fixity, stiffness); armed units characterized by large m. for the fast means they have at their disposal.

What is command in the public service?

The command is that legal institution through which the public employee can be commanded to serve in another state administration or in public bodies, for a fixed time and exceptionally for recognized service needs or when a special competence is required.

How does compensatory three-way change work?

“Each party can substitute itself for a third party in relations deriving from a contract with corresponding services, if these have not yet been performed, provided that the other party allows it”.

When do you get mobility?

submission of applications: from 29 March to 13 April 2021. communication of available places and applications to SIDI by 19 May 2021. publication of movements on 7 June 2021.

Who are the mobile workers?

The worker who is placed outside the company following a collective redundancy procedure enjoys a series of benefits to balance his unemployment position.

How does school mobility work?

Every year the MIUR publishes a call for applications for mobility, in which you can participate (precisely if you are a permanent teacher). In the announcement, the MIUR indicates the available places. All you have to do is submit your request through the online Instances portal made available to MIUR and wait for the results.

How many times can mobility be requested?

According to the so-called School Decree [2]teachers hired with permanent contracts can request the transfer for mobility only after having carried out effective service at the school of assignment for at least five continuous years.

How long does the command in the public administration last?

The temporary assignment ends at the foreseen term and cannot exceed the duration of 12 months, renewable. 5. The employee may request, in relation to the availability of staff positions, the direct transfer to the administration of destination, pursuant to art.


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