How does the online typing exam take place?


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The typing exam will take place online directly on a telematic platform and consists of a verification test consisting of 30 multiple choice questions to be completed in 45 minutes. The exam is passed with at least 70% correct answers.

How much does a typing certificate cost?

Typing is a professional discipline that includes not only the technique of fast typing, but also the basics and knowledge essential for a correct setting of a text document.

Who issues a typing certificate?

In this case, therefore, the certificate, to be valid, must be issued at the end of a MIUR recognized typing course online or in person, therefore established in any case by a public body, which has entrusted its organization to a body private training.

How long does it take for the typing course?

the typing course has an estimated duration of 200 hours. The duration is estimated because not all users need to spend the same time following the slides and practicing. It also depends on the trainee’s background. The certificate issued is worth one point in the ATA personal ranking.

What to study for the typing course?

Program of the Online Typing Course

  • BACKGROUND. From typewriter to computer keyboard.
  • THE KEYBOARD. 2.1 The different types of keyboard. 2.2 The QWERTY keyboard. 2.3 Alphanumeric keys. 2.4 Navigation keys. 2.5 Function keys. 2.6 Control keys. …

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Where does the typing course take place?

The Online Typing Course (Recognized by Miur) is completely provided by a Public Body, namely the Municipality of Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea (ME), with Resolution Prot. N. 181 of 19/12/2019 and managed by Alteredu and Training Service.

How many modules does the typing course have?

Typing course

FDP Certification 8 Modules: 0.60 as Administrative Assistant – 0.60 as Technical Assistant – 0.30 as School Collaborator – 0.50 as Teacher.

How to see if the typing certificate is valid?

The simplest and fastest way to verify MIUR accreditation is to view the list that is updated annually of the bodies accredited to the MIUR.

  1. Click here to view the list of accredited bodies for MIUR 2021-2022.
  2. Click here to view the typing recognition certificate.

What score should I have for Ata staff?

On average, in the third ATA bracket, to aspire to some substitutes, at least an average of 10 points would be needed for each profile, provided that the right choice of the province and the schools has been made.

How to check the typing certificate?

With a few clicks, with this IDATT Service – Typing Course, you can check if the certificate obtained at the end of an IDATT Course is authentic.

How long does the typing certification last?

360 Forma delivers the Computer Typing Course. Recognized by the Miur, it allows you to score points in the ranking for ATA personnel, as described in Ministerial Decree 640 of 30/08/2017. The course, which can be attended online, lasts 200 hours and is established by the Municipality of Castrolibero (CS) with Resolution Prot.

How long does the typing certificate last?

The Typing course allows the acquisition of skills for correct keyboard writing. The course lasts 200 hours and the lessons are delivered online. The final exam will always be online. The Typing course is worth 1 point in the rankings for ATA personnel.

How to increase the third tier Ata score?

In conclusion, taking a typing course together with a digital certification allows you to increase your score by 1.6 total points. SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE EXPIRING.

How does the ATA score work?

If you have served for 1 year, 2 months and 10 days at a state kindergarten as a school employee, the calculation will be: (1 year = 6 points) + (2 months = 1 point) = 7 points in total. The 10 days are not counted because they are less than 15 days.

How can I tell if a certificate is recognized?

To understand if a course issues a qualification, a certificate and a certificate recognized by the Region, you must check if the institution that holds the course is an institution accredited by the Region. You can also ask the training organization you are interested in for the appropriate reference code with which it was approved.

How to know if the certificate is valid?

Security certificates: here’s how to recognize scams

  1. the name of the trainer.
  2. name, surname and tax code of the course participant.
  3. reference legislation.
  4. specification of the type of course followed, sector to which it belongs and indication of the duration.
  5. period of the course.

What is meant by professional training certificate?

These are certificates issued at the end of courses set up by public bodies, even if managed by private individuals but still set up by public bodies. The mere accreditation of a training institution is not a sufficient condition for them to be recognized.

How to increase score per engineer?

To increase their score, candidates must acquire qualifications or attend training courses recognized by the MIUR in order to move up in the ranking.

How is the school employee score calculated?

ATA service calculation

  1. 6 points for each school year, or 0.50 points per month or fraction of more than 15 days for service provided in state schools;
  2. 3 points for each school year, or 0.25 points for each month (or 16 days) of service carried out in non-state schools;

How many IT certifications can be evaluated per ata?

Only one eligibility is assessed: 2 points. IT and digital certifications (only for the technical assistant profile and only one qualification is evaluated, the scores are halved for the chef and nurse profiles);

How much is the administrative assistant typing course worth?

The typing course is assessed 1 point as part of the update of the ATA 2021 rankings, for the administrative assistant profile (at least a baccalaureate is required to participate).

What is the value of a certificate of attendance?

The certificate of attendance does not have the value of a certification and can only be used as a title in the context of self-declarations, such as the curriculum vitae.

Who can issue a certificate of attendance?

The certificate of attendance to the training course, for the three degrees of risk, is issued by a structure of the National Fire Brigade, by public and private bodies as well as by engineers, qualified pursuant to law no. 818/1984.

How to obtain a certificate of professional qualification art 14 law 845 of 1978?

The qualification certificates referred to in art. 14 of law 845/78 must be awarded at the end of a structured course on the basis of the technical-scientific teachings given in the corresponding state course (qualification diploma issued by state professional institutes).

What are the courses of art 14 law 845 78?

The following courses are certainly examples of this:

  • Administrative Operator.
  • Computer Operator (as the study plan always includes the study of the Office package)
  • Network systems engineer.
  • CED operator (Data Processing Center)


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