How is land divided?


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The splitting is requested through a procedure called PREGEO. The surveyor in charge must obtain a map of the land from the territorial cadastral offices and carry out a splitting project into two or more lots using the PREGEO software.

How is undivided land divided?

Undivided property and its division

The division can take place by agreement between the co-owners themselves, by going to the notary. In the absence of an agreement, each co-owner can file an appeal before the judge to proceed with the “forced” division.

How much does it cost to split a land?

Land splitting cost

The costs for dividing a plot of land range from a minimum of 350 euros up to a maximum of 2,500 / 3,000 euros.

When is land splitting done?

Splitting is essential for anyone who wants to divide their land into two or more smaller lots. In the event of the signing of a deed of sale or an inheritance division, the cadastral division must be prepared and approved in advance.

What does it mean to divide a piece of land?

First of all it must be said that by cadastral splitting we mean a procedure through which the division of a land into two or more lots takes place that must be authorized by the competent Municipality, which, in case of acceptance of the request, issues a building permit.

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What is the type of fractionation?

The FRACTIONING is an update act that is drawn up to identify portions of land for a subsequent transfer of rights.

How to request a copy of a split?

For the old types, or in any case if you are interested, just go to the land registry, in the traditional land survey room, and ask for an official copy of the Splitting Type or the Map Type of your interest.

When does the crime of illegal subdivision take place?

30: “There is an illegal subdivision of land for building purposes when works are begun that involve urban transformation or construction of the land itself in violation of the prescriptions of the urban planning instruments, in force or adopted, or in any case established by state or regional laws or without the .. .

How much does a splitting procedure cost?

Real estate splitting without heavy masonry works: from € 550.00 to € 3,250.00. Real estate splitting with heavy masonry: from € 600.00 to € 4,500.00. Land splitting: from € 350.00 to € 2,700.00.

How much does it cost to do a home division deed?

Average costs of division notary deeds

Registration tax: in all cases the minimum tax is 200.00 euros; 1% of the divisional mass (without adjustment). Mortgage tax: fixed tax of 200.00 euros. Cadastral tax: fixed tax of 200.00 euros. Flat-rate stamp duty: it is 230.00 euros.

Who has to pay the costs of splitting a land to be sold?

Home owner

This being the case, the cost of splitting and the deed of division must be borne by both. Subsequently you will have to stipulate the sale whose deed will be borne by the buyer.

Who does the splitting?

A surveyor or a qualified technician are the reference figures. The surveyor will act as an intermediary between the owners of the land and the public administration, the municipality of competence, the land registry and possibly a notary. It is a bureaucratic practice where it is easy to make mistakes and incur penalties.

How is inherited land divided?

The division in kind of an immovable property, subject to an inheritance community, takes place through the splitting of the same, in compliance with the co-ownership shares and provided that this operation is feasible and does not lead to a significant depreciation of the units obtained.

How to get out of the co-ownership of a land?

The only solution is to go to the court. That is, through a lawyer, a request must be made to the judge for the forced division of the property. This procedure, which can be carried out even if the consent of all the other co-owners is lacking, is aimed at dissolving the communion on the good.

How to divide property into co-ownership?

In the event that a property has become joint property, as a result of inheritance, of several people, the division can simply be decided by means of a private agreement between the co-heirs, signed by all the heirs before a notary. If, on the other hand, there is no agreement between them, it will be necessary to appeal to the judge.

How to remedy an abusive splitting?

In such cases, to remedy an abusive splitting it is necessary to present a CILA and / or SCIA in amnesty to the municipality and pay the related administrative fine.

How much does it cost to divide a house?

The price of the procedures for splitting a property range from € 1,000 to € 2,500. And it must not be forgotten that the commissions of the various professionals who must be involved, in particular the commissions of an architect, may vary according to the specific case.

How does the loan splitting work?

We talk about splitting a loan when the original borrower, i.e. the builder, requests the bank to divide the repayment amount of the loan by a certain number of parts, which correspond to the number of lots sold individually, with a consequent request also for splitting the loan. ‘mortgage.

What does illegal subdivision mean?

By abusive subdivision is meant the splitting of one or more plots of land (urban subdivision) carried out in the absence or in deviation from the regulations in force, in particular the provisions of the relevant urban planning instruments, including among the latter also any subdivision plan. ..

Who approves the development plan?

The approval process of a development plan involves the resolution of the municipal council, the examination of the competent council commission, followed by the first approval (called “adoption”) in the municipal council.

How to go back to the map type?

To know the cadastral maps of land or buildings, simply request one of the cadastral documents listed below, depending on the specific need, indicating the name of a co-owner or the address of the property.

How to request a measurement booklet?

Request booklet of measures of an approved type

Until 2019 it was only possible at the provincial offices. From 2020 onwards, without having to pay extra taxes, you can request it electronically. You must use the 19T form, which can also be used on paper at the front office.

Where is the map type required?

In the case of the map type, the declaration is the responsibility of the owners of the property and, as reported by the official website of the Revenue Agency, must be submitted electronically by a qualified technical professional: architect, engineer, agronomist and forestry doctor, surveyor, building expert, expert …

When is the map type not needed?

e) sheds, pigsties, chicken coops, sheds, fertilizers, wells and the like, with a useful height of less than 1.80 m, as long as the volume is less than 150 m (high a) 3; f) precarious artifacts, without foundation, not permanently fixed to the ground. 4.

What is the particle type?

Particle type

The object of the survey is the entire transferred parcel. The elaborate, in which the configuration of the parcel is reproduced, must be accompanied by all suitable measures to allow the determination of the actual surface.


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