How is rls named?


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For the election of the RLS, it will be necessary to carry out a workers’ meeting, complete with the minutes of the election and registration of those present with signature. Subsequently, the name of the RLS must be communicated to INAIL, generally via your accountant / payroll office.

How is the RLS elected?

in companies or production units with a maximum of 15 employees the RLS is usually elected by the workers among them; in companies or production units that have more than 15 workers, the RLS is always elected or designated by the workers, but within the company trade union representatives.

When is the RLS appointed?

The election of workers’ safety representatives usually takes place on the national day for health and safety at work (in Italy it is April 28). The election of a Workers’ Representative is a right of company employees, but it is not an obligation.

Who appoints the RLS?

In companies or production units with more than 15 workers, the workers’ safety representative is elected or designated by the workers within the union representatives in the company. In the absence of such representatives, the representative is elected by the employees of the company from among them.

What happens if you don’t appoint RLS?

Lgs. N. 81/2008 any administrative sanctions in force against the employer of 500 euros if the workers have not designated the RLS or have not joined the RLST system. “

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Who can replace RLS?

When the employer, following the resignation of the RLS and the failure to appoint another, informs INPS that the role is vacant in the company, it is automatically assigned to a territorial representative.

When can a worker refuse to wear PPE?

Lack of adequate education and training. PPE uncomfortable or not the right size. Insufficient supervision. Religious or medical reasons.

Who can stand for election as a worker safety representative?

Voters can be workers with a fixed-term or permanent training contract, while the candidate must necessarily have a permanent contract. Multiple preferences can be expressed, equal to 1/3 of the number of representatives to be elected.

Which figure is not appointed by the employer?

In this case, the activities that the employer cannot delegate to the manager are: the assessment of risks in the company, and therefore the elaboration of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) the appointment of the Head of the Prevention and Protection service.

What does the employer do when the RLS is not appointed?

When, as in the case in point, the RLS is not appointed, the functions of this figure are exercised by the Workers’ Representative for Territorial Safety pursuant to art. 48 which will exercise the full powers of the RLS pursuant to art. 50.

Who appoints the head of the prevention and protection service if he is internal to the company?

The Head of the Prevention and Protection Service is a “person possessing the skills and professional requisites described in art. 32, designated by the Employer, to which it responds, to coordinate the risk prevention and protection service. ” (Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, art.

How is the health surveillance concluded?

The visit ends with the expression of a judgment of suitability for the specific job (form 1) which must be delivered in writing to the worker and the employer.

Who chooses the RSPP?

The head of the risk prevention and protection service (RSPP) is a person in possession of the professional requirements established by law, designated by the employer, to whom he responds, to coordinate the risk prevention and protection service.

Who should appoint the employer?

In joint-stock companies, the employer is identified with the subjects with decision-making and spending powers, and can be: the chairman of the board of directors; the chief executive officer; a member of the board appointed ad hoc to cover the function.

Which of the following is nominated directly by the employer?

Occupational Safety Manager

By this definition we mean the manager who, by virtue of the tasks assigned directly by the Employer through a proxy, assumes greater organizational and managerial power than the other workers as he takes the place of the employer himself.

Who can replace the employer?

The duties that the manager can perform in place of the employer include: the designation of the competent doctor; identification of the workers responsible for carrying out fire-fighting, first aid and rescue measures in general; the provision of PPE to personnel (safety devices …

In which agreement are the procedures for the election or designation of the workers’ representative for safety RLS) indicated?

Legislative decree 626/94, article 18, paragraph 1 provides that: “In all companies, or production units, the safety representative is elected or designated.”, Regarding the “Consultation and participation of workers”.

When do workers not elect a worker representative for internal RLS safety?

The workers do not elect an RLS internally (In this case they must notify the DL) In both cases the DL has the obligation to inform their workers about their right to elect an RLS and about what his functions are.

Who are the workers’ representatives for safety RLS]according to Article 2 of Legislative Decree 81 2008?

According to what is reported by Legislative Decree 81/08 (art. 2, letter i), the Workers’ Safety Representative is the “person elected or designated to represent workers with regard to health and safety at work aspects “.

When does a PPE have minor defects on the worker?

But what to do when a dpi has minor defects? Even if the devices are compliant, during their use it happens that they have minor defects. At this point, it is the worker’s duty to report any damage.

When a PPE has minor defects does the worker have to?

The obligations of the worker regarding the PPE are the following: … Promptly communicate to the employer if the PPE present any defects or problems that prevent its correct use. Observe the procedures communicated by the employer to carry out the return.

When is sports equipment considered a PPE?

PPE must be used when the risks cannot be avoided or sufficiently reduced by technical preventive measures, by means of collective protection, by measures, methods or procedures for the reorganization of work.

How do you communicate RLS All’inail?

Allow the employer to communicate the names of the workers’ safety representatives to Inail, in the event of a new election or designation (obligation to communicate electronically). Through the servizionline section of the Inail portal> Rls declaration.

Who should inform the competent doctor after the medical examination?

If the competent doctor expresses, through his diagnosis, a judgment of unfitness for the specific, partial or total, temporary or permanent job, he must inform the employer and the worker in writing.

When should the employer consult the RLS?

Lgs. 81/2008 the RLS must be consulted in advance and in a timely manner with regard to risk assessment, appointment of employees, organization of training, identification, planning, implementation and verification of prevention in the company or production unit.


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