How is spermiogram collected?


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How to collect the semen sample

  1. urinating.
  2. wash your hands and external genitals thoroughly with soap and water, retracting the skin of the glans.
  3. rinse with plenty of water.
  4. dry up.
  5. collect the seminal fluid directly into the sterile container, without touching the edges or the inside with your hands.

What must be done before a spermiogram?

In view of the spermiogram the patient must:

  1. respect complete abstinence from sexual intercourse for at least 3 days;
  2. obtain ejaculation exclusively through masturbation;
  3. carry out adequate hand and penis hygiene before masturbation;

How to collect sample for Spermioculture?

The collection must be done by masturbation and all the ejaculate must be collected in a sterile container bought at the pharmacy or given by the laboratory. The sample must be delivered to the laboratory within one hour of collection.

What NOT to do before Spermioculture?

  • The patient must obtain a special sterile container for the collection of sperm, similar to the one for collecting urine (it is easily available at the pharmacy or at the sampling points). …
  • It is recommended to refrain from having sexual intercourse the day before the exam (24 hours before the blood draw).

How to carry a spermiogram?

The patient labels the container noting surname, name, date of birth, hour (and minutes) of production of the seminal sample and delivers it to the Laboratory within 1 hour of collection. During transport to the laboratory, the container must be kept between + 20 ° C and + 37 ° C.

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How much seminal fluid is needed for the spermiogram?

The spermiogram is also usually ordered after vasectomy to confirm the success of the procedure, and if necessary, the test should be repeated until sperm is no longer present in the sample. The normal volume of sperm collected is between 1.5 and 5.5 milliliters (mL) of fluid per ejaculate.

What to do if the spermiogram is not good?

We therefore speak of oligospermia if there are less than 15 million spermatozoa and severe oligospermia if the number falls below 5 million / ml. Finally, in the case of total absence of spermatozoa, a situation of azoospermia occurs.

What container to use for Spermioculture?

WHAT MATERIALS NEED FOR COLLECTION? – 2 sterile wide-opening containers (e.g. urine culture container) of 100-200 mL, with screw cap and with label. The containers can be provided by the Laboratory / Collection Center or can be bought in the Pharmacy.

How many days of abstinence for Spermioculture?

if antibiotics, antifungals or bacteriostats have been taken, the examination should be postponed for 10-15 days after the end of therapy; as for the spermiogram, it is good to maintain sexual abstinence for at least three to five days and avoid urinating in the three hours preceding the collection.

How much does a spermiogram cost in a public hospital?

The ticket for the spermiogram amounts to 36.15 euros. The amount of the ticket may vary if other services are requested at the same time.

What is Spermioculture?

What is Spermioculture

Sperm culture is the diagnostic laboratory test that allows the detection of pathogenic microorganisms within a semen sample.

How do you count the days for the spermiogram?

The correct execution of the spermiogram foresees an abstinence from ejaculations of between 2 and 7 days. A lower abstinence can decrease the concentration of sperm in the semen and a higher abstinence can increase the percentage of immobile sperm.

When is it necessary to do the spermiogram?

Semen testing is usually considered at the onset of a problem, but should begin to be considered a normal routine test for preserving fertility and general health.

When is the spermiogram not good?

A result below 7.0 may, on the other hand, indicate sample contamination or obstruction or absence of the ejaculatory ducts. The semen liquefaction process should take between 15 and 30 minutes. Failure to liquefy semen within 30 minutes could compromise fertility.

How to cure spermiogram infection?

The therapy is based on the use of antibiotics, in case of bacterial prostatitis, and anti-inflammatories, lifestyle correction (avoid spicy food and alcohol) and eventual prostate massage repeated periodically for decongestant purposes.

What must man do to be more fertile?

5 ways to increase male fertility

  1. Avoid smoking and drug use. When it comes to ensuring that sperm is strong and active, avoiding smoking, vaping, and drug use is a must. …
  2. Get enough vitamin D. …
  3. Limit your consumption of soy. …
  4. Eat foods rich in antioxidants. …
  5. Limit alcohol. …
  6. Conclusions.

What does seminal fluid have to be like to be fertile?

A normal semen must contain at least 50% of normal spermatozoa. More precisely, the presence of at least 25% of spermatozoa with type a motility or 50% of type a + b motility one hour after the emission is considered normal.

What to do to increase male fertility?

– adopt a diet rich in vegetables and foods that are a source of essential fatty acids, Omega 3, called good fats. For example, they are blue fish, extra virgin olive oil, seeds, dried fruit; – intensify sexual activity to increase sperm production; – take specific supplements.

How Much Should Progressive Motility Be?

The reference limits established in the latest version of the WHO manual are: for total motility (progressive and non-progressive) 40% (5th percentile), for progressive motility 32% (5th percentile).

What does the spermiogram show?

The spermiogram is the analysis of seminal fluid to evaluate the quality of spermatozoa, by verifying their shape, their number and their motility. It is the main test for evaluating male fertility, or any good results of a vasectomy.

How to do a spermiogram at home?

The method of collection to be explained is this:

  1. urinating.
  2. wash your hands and external genitals thoroughly with soap and water by retracting the skin of the glans.
  3. rinse with plenty of water.
  4. dry up.
  5. collect the seminal fluid directly into the sterile container, without touching the edges or the inside with your hands.

How to calculate the days of abstinence?

the correct abstinence must be between 3 and 5 days so just do a calculation of the hours and it will reach the value you want, you can collect the sample at home for a more “peace of mind” and bring it within 30 minutes otherwise you will have to collect it at the Clinic, before the examination may have …

How is a spermiogram done and where?

The spermiogram can be done in hospitals, clinics and specialized medical centers. The sample to be analyzed can also be collected in the comfort of one’s home and then, duly stored, delivered to the analysis laboratory within 1 hour and a half.

Where to do the spermiogram in Lecce?

Are you looking for an analysis laboratory in Lecce specialized in performing spermiogram analysis and you don’t know who to contact? The Mater Gratiae Clinical Analysis Laboratory specializes in carrying out this analysis.

How much do the tests cost to know if you are fertile?

The preconceptional exams are free (the exemption code is M00) for both men and women: the Ministerial Decree of 10 September 1998 provides that it is possible to access a “package” of tests at no cost.


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