How is the English B2 level?


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According to the official CEFR guidelines, an individual at the B2 level of English is able to: understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, understand technical discussions in their field of specialization.

What does the B2 certificate correspond to?

The B2 English certification indicates the advanced intermediate level and certifies that the person who possesses it has higher linguistic skills than the intermediate level, represented by the B1 certification, but not yet sufficient to pass the language proficiency level indicated as C (C1 or C2 ) …

What does English B2 mean?

At the reading level, the B2 level English language certifications identify the ability to understand articles and reports on topical issues in which the author expresses a specific point of view and that of understanding a contemporary narrative text.

How to know if you have B2?

If, for example, you achieve a ‘; Distinction’; on PET, usually seen as a B1 level exam, the certificate will show that you are a B2 level user of English. In another situation, if strictly successful the Cambridge Advanced will still be awarded a B2 CEFR band.

How to get an English B2?

To obtain the B2 English certification it is necessary to have passed an exam that includes tests on the different areas of linguistic competence: reading, writing, dialogue, listening comprehension, grammar.

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How much does the English B2 certification cost?

Cost to take the B2 First exam (prices 2021/22)

Recommended price for: Private applicants is € 231.50. Students and school staff of state and equivalent schools € 177.50 * (rate conditional on the submission of enrollments by the reference school)

How long does a B2 English course last?

English language course lasting 50 hours. The course is suitable for preparing for the Cambridge English FIRST – Level B2 certification of the European Framework. Before enrollment, a specific written and oral test will be carried out.

What is the B2 equivalent to?

Upper intermediate (EF SET 51 – 60)

Level B2 is the fourth level of English established by the Common European Framework of Reference for the Knowledge of Languages ​​(CEFR), a system for assessing linguistic knowledge at various levels determined by the European Council.

How to tell if you are B2 in English?

B2 – Upper intermediate level

Can understand complex text ideas on concrete and abstract topics. You are able to communicate with fluency and are able to establish natural bonds with native speakers. You have the skills to write clear text on multiple topics.

What is the English B2 level for?

The B2 level certification in English certifies the candidate’s possession of a certain linguistic competence. In the Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages ​​(CEFR) there are 6 levels of competence and the B2 level therefore certifies an “intermediate knowledge of the language”.

Where to take the B2 level of English?

Where to get B2 certification

Language certification – of whatever level – must be taken by taking an exam at a certification body authorized by the Ministry of Education. In detail, as indicated on the MIUR website, the following are certification bodies: Cambridge ESOL; City and Guilds (Pitman);

What do you study in B2 English?

For the CEFR, those who reach level B2: Can understand the main concepts of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics. It includes technical discussions relating to one’s field of specialization. … Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects.

How much is the B2 certification worth?

Cambridge Assessment English certificates do not expire. The result and the Cambridge English certificate have no validity limit *. They certify that on a certain date the candidate has demonstrated language skills of a certain level.

What is the best English certification?

Who has no doubts: the best certification is Ielts. «It is the most requested one at the moment, created by Cambridge as the English correspondent of the American Toefl. In the past few did the Advanced or the Proficiency while everyone threw themselves on the Toefl.

How to get an English language certificate?

To obtain an internationally recognized official English language certificate of one or more of these levels, you can choose to take the TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge exams.

How many points do you need to do to pass B2?

With a score of 160 or higher, the exam has been passed and the students who obtain this result receive the certification for the Cambridge First Certificate, which corresponds to the B2 level in English of the CEFR scale.

What score does it take to pass the First?

With a score lower than 160 the exam is not to be considered passed, however a level B1 certification is still issued if the score is between 140 and 159. Candidates who obtain from 122 to 139 points do not receive any results, level CEFR or certified.

What does B2 include?

B2 – (Vantage)

Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his / her field of specialization.

What does level C2 correspond to?

Level C2 in English is basically like being a native speaker. Level C2 allows you to read and write on all kinds of topics, to express your emotions and opinions in a complex and nuanced way, and to actively participate in any academic and work environment.

How long do the language certificates last?

Language certifications do not have an expiration date, except that, in its own autonomy, a certifying body decides otherwise, reporting, in this case, the expiration date on the certification issued.

How long does it take to prepare B2?

It depends on your starting level. To prepare a certification on the 4 skills 87 (such as the First certificate), consider 40 hours of English course to go from level B1 to level B2, to which the hours of individual study must be added.

How long does it take to go from B1 to B2?

We note, however, that 80% of our learners move from level B1 to B2 or from level B2 to C1 with, on average, 50 hours of blended learning.


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