How is the face roller used?


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As for the forehead, the roller must be passed from the eyebrows to the hairline, always working from the bottom up, applying a vertical and then horizontal movement, from the eyebrows to the temples, toning and firming both sides of the face.

How do i use the jade roller on my face?

First in the lateral parts and then move on to the area under the jaw. Always from the bottom up. Cheeks: Place the roller in the center of the face and then roll outward. Again, the movements must all be done in the same direction.

How to use the face roller?

The jade roller is passed on the clean face, with movements from the bottom upwards and is used after applying a serum, moisturizer, mask or any other facial treatment.

What is the face roller for?

Facial massage with the jade roller

Also known as the Jade Roller, the jade roller has long become an object of common use in daily skincare to loosen the tensions of the facial muscles and obtain a more radiant and relaxed face with an important lifting effect.

What does the jade roller do?

First of all, the movements of the jade roller promote the drainage of toxins, stimulating the lymphatic movement. It also improves circulation and this makes the skin brighter and, with prolonged use over time, firmer and more compact.

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How to recognize the real Jade roller?

What is the difference between jade roller and gua sha? The main difference between jade rollers and gua sha tools is that jade rolling is mainly lymphatic drainage face massage and gua sha is fibrous tissue massage. They should therefore be used in a slightly different way.

What is the Face Roller used for?

They are the face rollers, those beautiful tools, usually in rose quartz or jade, which are used to massage the face. And to hear the “affectionate”, to really do a lot of positive things, like erase dark circles, bags or fatigue from the face.

How do you use the Jade Roller?

How to use the jade roller? The jade roller should be used after cleansing the face and applying your usual serum and cream. The accessory should be passed on the face with dry skin, for at least 5 or 10 minutes, preferably in total relaxation.

How is Gua Sha stone used?

The gua sha beauty ritual starts from the neck. Using the heart stone, apply light pressure starting from the base of the neck and ending at the hairline, in a bottom-up direction and making smooth movements.

Which dermaroller to buy?

The 10 best dermarollers of 2021

  1. Mroobest Dermaroller 6 in 1 titanium. …
  2. Molyhood dermaroller with 0.5 mm steel needles. …
  3. SQIN BLOOM Dermaroller 0.5 mm for sensitive skin. …
  4. LDREAMAM Jade Roller 0.25mm Gua Sha Kit. …
  5. TinkSky TS5 roller with 0.5 mm titanium micro-needles. …
  6. Nivlan 6 in 1 skin roller in titanium.

Where to buy Jade roller?

You can also buy your jade or quartz roller on Amazon, where you can find them at various price ranges. What I post below is not one of the cheapest but it is certainly one of the best qualitatively speaking.

What is rose quartz used for?

Rose quartz is associated with everything related to the heart, on a physical and emotional level: it relieves heart problems, regulates the circulatory system, lowers high blood pressure. Rose quartz fights stress, depression, insomnia and physical and mental fatigue.

What is the color of jade?

The color “jade” is a very saturated blue-green, which takes its name from the gem called jade, although in reality the color of this stone varies significantly in gradation.

How often to use the jade roller?

The secret of the success of the jade roller lies precisely in perseverance, so it would be good to massage each area of ​​the face at least 3 or 5 times: In the morning the aim is to tone and massage the skin. In the evening it is useful to relieve the tensions accumulated during the day.

What is the most precious jade?

The finest variety comes in a beautiful emerald green shade and is called imperial jade. Nephrite has a lower hardness, a lower refractive index of light, and a color that can range from green to white.

How much does a rose quartz stone cost?

It is found in abundance, usually at rather low prices in tumbled stones, beads and cabochons. To give an idea of ​​the real value of the stone, we can say that rose quartz has prices from 0.5 to 5 € per gram.

How to purify a rose quartz necklace?

You can also purify rose quartz with real incense or by placing it on top of an amethyst druse. Like all quartz you can clean it under running water but you can leave it immersed for several hours. But remember that rose quartz loves cold water. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.

How do you know if the stones are real?

In short, the real stone is

  1. colder.
  2. heavier.
  3. it does not degrade.
  4. has imperfections.
  5. has veins.
  6. it is shiny.

  7. has quartz or calcite crystals in its structure.

Where can I buy a dermaroller?

There are various types of dermaroller, and since it is not always easy to find them in a pharmacy or perfumery, the simplest solution is to buy online, for example on Amazon, where you can also take advantage of many reviews.

How often can the dermaroller be used?


As I said, I am currently using the dermaroller 0.5 about 5 times a week, in the evening before going to sleep. It is slightly more discomfort than 0.3, also because if, for example, I pass twice on the same area, it begins to redden, but I would not call it painful.

What oil to use with Gua Sha?

If you use the oil in the evening, take your treatment to the next level and try a gua sha facial massage! Does your skin sometimes give you problems? Then you should use a non-comedogenic oil and try, for example, the Renovality Original Series argan oil which, in addition, is also a perfect oil for dry skin!

What is the Gua Sha stone used for?

Gua Sha is a body massage technique used by Traditional Chinese Medicine to remove excess heat: its accumulation is identified as the cause of various inflammatory diseases.

How to clean Gua Sha?

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  1. Always clean after use. …
  2. After each use it would be better to rinse it under cold water, in doing so it recovers its properties. …
  3. Yes, the guasha message tool must be washed and then dried after use.


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