How is the sea in Portoferraio?


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The beaches of Portoferraio are sheltered from the winds that blow from the south, such as the sirocco or the noon from which they are all sheltered making the water very calm and clear like real natural pools allowing you an unforgettable holiday day in tranquility.

How is the sea in Portoferraio?

Thin golden sand, seabed that slopes slowly allowing a safe bath even for children, a beach that is convenient for its size and services, can be reached by car and is equipped with parking lots nearby, as well as connected to the center of Portoferraio by public transport.

What to see in Portoferraio in the evening?


There are three recommended walks: the historic center. the Medici fortresses. the seaside.

How to get around the Island of Elba?

Those who decide to visit the island without their own vehicle can rent it through the numerous agencies on the island, which have cars, motorcycles, scooters, quads, bicycles, boats; or they can opt for taxis and buses that connect the main towns of the island.

Where to go today All’elba?

Among the several to visit we point out the beach of the Laghetto di Terra Nera in Porto Azzurro and the beach of Cala Seregola and Topinetti in Rio Marina. In addition to these, the two beaches closest to us are also recommended: Barbarossa and Reale in Porto Azzurro which with the winds from the west are truly unmissable.

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How to understand the winds at Elba?

If the tip of the arrow points to the North we have the Tramontana wind, East the Levant, South Ostro or Mezzogiorno, West the Ponente, North-East the Grecale, South-East the Scirocco, South-West the Libeccio, North -West the Mistral.

How to get around Elba without a car?

Bus. Active throughout the year, the island of Elba can boast an extremely efficient public transport system that connects the main inhabited centers. The service is divided into urban and suburban networks, and will allow you to move around the island without the need for a car.

How long does it take to get around Elba Island by car?

Challenging tour of over 5 hours.

How to get around the island of Giglio?

On the island there is a bus service that regularly connects the three countries. There are ncc taxi services, car, scooter and bike rentals and alternatively you can also move by sea by renting a boat or taxi-boat service.

What to do in Porto Azzurro in the evening?

Porto Azzurro at night

  • The fountain and the square of Porto Azzurro.
  • Fireworks in Porto Azzurro.
  • Strolling along the seafront in Porto Azzurro.
  • the summer craft market.
  • the evening market in Porto Azzurro.
  • the ancient square of Porto Azzurro.
  • Tourist Port of Porto Azzurro.

  • shopping in the streets of Porto Azzurro.

What to do in Capoliveri in the evening?

Almost every evening, Capoliveri hosts cultural and theatrical initiatives, food and wine events, such as the traditional “Poor Fish Festival” or the more innovative “Street Good”, entertainment shows, such as the unmissable “Blue Night”, the white night of Capoliveri, but above all a lot of music: the square of …

Where is there more life on the island of Elba?

Marina di Campo is the most popular place for families with children to stay on the Island of Elba, because it has the nearby beach, easily reachable on foot; but also for young people looking for a bit of evening life, in fact there are many clubs, shops and restaurants.

Where are the white beaches in Puglia?

Puglia white beaches: the most beautiful

  • Punta Rossa, Gargano. …
  • Scalo di Furno, Porto Cesareo, Ionian Salento. …
  • Torre Lapillo, Porto Cesareo, Ionian Salento. …
  • Punta Prosciutto, Porto Cesareo, Ionian Salento. …
  • Baia Verde, Gallipoli, Ionian Salento. …
  • Marina di Pescoluse, Ionian Salento. …
  • Spiaggiabella, Marine Lecce, Adriatic Salento.

What to see in Elba in 4 days?

What to see on the island of Elba in 4 days: our itinerary

  • Day # 1: Rio Marina. Once you disembark from the ferry in Rio Marina, your journey along the east coast of the island of Elba begins. …

  • Day # 2: Western Ring. …

  • Day # 3: the beaches. …

  • Day # 4: Monte Capanne.

How do you get to Padulella?

How to get to the Padulella beach

It is possible to access the beach from two different points on either side of the beach, both of which can be reached along the road that leads from Portoferraio to Le Ghiaie, then following the signs for Padulella and Enfola.

How long does it take to get around the island of Elba?

if for everything you intend to go around pubs and discos 2-3 nights are enough, if for everything you intend to go around the island I would say that a week is an understatement, two is better, a month may be enough to turn at least fifty beaches and do the various outdoor activities (canoeing, trekking, mountain biking, boat trips, diving, …

How long does it take to cross the island of Elba?

The ports of arrival

The ferry trip to the main town of Elba, which is located on the north coast of the island, takes about 1 hour.

How many km around Elba?

The total route of the western ring is about 48 km and includes the complete tour of the western part of Elbe.

How to reach the island of Elba by train?

Starting from the north, to get to the island of Elba by train you have to take a vehicle that passes from Pisa and Livorno, the provincial capital of the island. The closest point to the coast is Piombino and the ferries all depart from the port, in front of the Piombino Marittima station.

How to reach the island of Elba by car?

To reach Piombino by car there are three solutions: A12 Genoa-Livorno motorway for those coming from the north; A1 Bologna-Florence-Pisa-Livorno motorway for those coming from the north-east; highway A12 Rome-Grosseto.

How much does the ferry cost to the island of Elba?

How to book and pay for a ferry to Elba

The prices of the ferries are flexible and depend on various factors, such as the chosen route and the departure period, however they remain on a range that goes from 15 to 20 euros per route.

Where to go to Elba with sirocco?

Sheltered beaches on the Island of Elba when the wind blows …

  • Frugoso beach. Cala Mandriola beach. …
  • Nisportino beach.
  • Nisporto beach. Cala le Secche. …
  • Bagnaia beach. Ottonella beach. …
  • Schiopparello beach.
  • Beach of the Views.
  • Ghiaie beach. …
  • Padulella beach.

How to choose the beaches based on the wind?

The first thing you need to do is open any app to check the weather (I usually use, determine which wind is blowing and how strongly. Once you have identified the right wind, you can choose the side you prefer and the beach in which to swim.

What to do at the sea with the wind?

Lots of games to play with the wind, such as flying a kite, running with pinwheels, flying paper airplanes. Or activities to do in a group, such as ball games, running with friends, wheelbarrowing, juggling tug-of-war, writing together in the sand, playing hopscotch.


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