How long does it take to update the cashback?


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“On average, three working days can pass from its accounting, but in some cases it may take longer (for example, if the purchase takes place close to the weekend or during holidays)”, explains the public body.

Why is the cashback not updating?

Ultimately if the Cashback does not update and you do not see the transactions it is because you may have paid in a store that has not yet enabled its POS to the cashback convention.

When do I update the IO app?

He joined Libero Tecnologia in 2018. On July 9, PagoPA released the latest update for IO, the public services app that now comes to version 1.29.0 for iOS and for Android, and on the weekend most some of the apps have automatically updated.

How many transactions does the top ranked cashback have?

The “spizzichino” ranking is clear: in order to be among the 100,000 most active users in digital payments, at least 740 transactions must have been carried out between 1 January and 30 June 2021. They are the ones who will be entitled to the 1500 euros of the Super Cashback.

How many transactions does it take to win Super cashback?

The first semester of State cashback is now running out: on Wednesday 30 June the first tranche of the program will end, the last few hours therefore to reach the minimum number of 50 transactions in the first six months, which guarantees the collection of reimbursements directly on the Iban, accumulated so far one purchase after another …

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How many transactions for 1500 euros?

Those who want to try to get the 1,500 euros, therefore, will have to have more than 598 transactions and make over 3 payments a day to keep up with the other “competitors”.

How many transactions for Super cashback 2021?

Super Cashback 1500 euros: how many operations do you need to be in the first 100 thousand as of June 30th? The amount of transactions required to win the State Supercashback in the period January-June 2021, updated to July 15, is 787 transactions.

When is the ultimate super cashback ranking?

2021 supercashback reimbursement, ranking established: when will the payment of the 1500 euros arrive? The reimbursement of the state supercashback 2021 is just around the corner. A few days ago, the first 100,000 classifieds received the notification of the disbursement of the prize by November 30, 2021.

When will it be known who won the Super cashback?

Therefore, to find out if you have won the 1,500 euros, you must wait a little longer, with any winnings that will be credited by 30 November 2021. In the event of incorrect or non-accounting of the reimbursements relating to the first half of 2021, you can send a complaint to Consap by 29 August 2021.

When Super cashback final ranking?

Super Cashback, the ranking is final, credited by 30 November 2021.

Why is the io app not updating?

One of the main reasons why the IO app doesn’t work is the server’s inability to handle new requests in addition to those already in charge. This can happen when there are too many connections, or requests, at the same time and the app is unable to manage them.

How do you update me?

You can also follow these steps:

  1. Plug the device into power and connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to Settings> General and then tap Software Update.
  3. If there are two software update options available, choose the one you want to install.
  4. Tap Install Now.

Why can’t I see all cashback transactions?

As can be seen from the cashback program, if you do not see all the transactions, the reason could be related to the time between your payment and the moment of registration of the same in the government system.

How to increase cashback transactions?

Super Cashback: how to make the most transactions

  1. Don’t use cash. …
  2. Pay cashless (mostly) in the morning. …
  3. Buy on but with this trick. …
  4. Buy a prepaid card and gift certificates. …
  5. Don’t be a “spesona” …
  6. Make the supermarket relay. …
  7. Cashback is also valid at the pharmacy.

How to contact IO?

Finally, for problems related to the installation of the IO App you can send an email to the email address On the web portal there is also a section dedicated to frequently asked questions and answers – FAQ.

When does the Super cashback refund arrive?

Super Cashback: that’s when the refund will arrive

And in addition to having confirmation that he is entitled to the amount, he also knows that he will receive the transfer by the now imminent November 30th.

How many transactions as of June 30th?

There is time until June 30 to complete the 50 transactions with digital payments that entitle you to a refund of 10% of the amount spent.

How many cashback transactions per day?

To date, 440 payments are needed to park the last of the useful slots. Calculator in hand, there are 3.03 transactions every day considering the entire period of the initiative.

How many cashback transactions to date?

Nine million Italians. From the start of the program to date, 8.9 million citizens have already signed up, with a total of 784.4 million transactions processed and 16.4 million payment instruments activated.

How to read the CIE with a smartphone?

Help. Download the Cie ID app from the Google play store. The app can be used on all Android version 6 (Marshmallow) or later smartphones with NFC interface. Start the app and enable your Electronic Identity Card (CIE) on your smartphone by clicking the Register your card button.

How to enter the io app?

To start using IO, simply register with Spid credentials or, alternatively, with the Electronic Identity Card (CIE). After the first registration, you will be able to access by typing the chosen PIN or by biometric recognition, fingerprint or face recognition.

What can I do with the Io app?

IO therefore functions as a channel that any PA can use to send communications to its users: provide updates, remember deadlines or request payments for a specific service.

Which SPID for app IO?

To start using IO, you must register with your SPID credentials or, alternatively, with your Electronic Identity Card (CIE).

How to download IO app on mobile?

App Io: where to download and how to install

In fact, to download the app, simply go to the Play Store for owners of an Android device or to the App Store for Iphone owners and then type IO in the search engine and install the application on your device.


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