How long does the discussion of the three-year thesis last?


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How long does the discussion of the thesis last? The time varies from faculty to faculty and usually ranges between five and twenty minutes. Less is granted for three-year degrees, more for master’s and doctoral theses you can easily get over half an hour.

How long does the defense of a degree thesis last?

The average length of a graduation discussion usually ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. The factors that affect the duration are many, such as the type of thesis, whether three-year or master’s: the discussion of the second, it is clear, generally lasts longer than the first.

How does the dissertation discussion work?

Usually, the discussion of the thesis is open to everyone. Anyone interested can therefore assist without problems. This means that you will have to support your arguments in front of relatives, friends, the President and 4 other professors, including your supervisor.

How do you prepare the speech for the discussion of the thesis?

The speech of the thesis must be an excellent synthesis of the thesis itself. Just as the thesis will have an introduction, it will summarize the contents of the chapters and have conclusions. So, you can extrapolate sentences of the parts of the thesis and connect them according to a logical thread.

How long does a degree proclamation last?

The ceremony has a total duration of about 2 hours.

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What do you do after the graduation proclamation?

To celebrate graduation in some areas of Italy it is also customary to make bags of sugared almonds, often accompanied by real wedding favors. Finally, in addition to celebrating graduation, it is often also the case to remember who helped you draft your thesis.

What do you do in the graduation session?

The final exam, called “graduation exam” consists in the drafting and public discussion of a paper written in Italian or foreign language (chosen from French, English, Spanish and German), which will allow the student, under the guidance of a supervisor , to demonstrate theoretical and technical skills …

How is the graduation speech done?

The supervisor introduces the topic of the thesis, then passes the floor to the graduate student, who begins his graduation speech. By the way: how to start? Generally, in a personalized way, saying: “in my thesis work, I deepened …” or “for my thesis work, I did research on …”.

How do you prepare a speech for the thesis?

Pay attention to your way of communicating and non-verbal language: be confident and do not let any worries leak out. Look the members of the Commission in the eye, keep your back straight and regulate your movements and the tone of your voice.

How to discuss the thesis in 10 minutes?

Time yourself to make sure your speech is timely. And if you have 10 minutes, prepare a speech that lasts 9, to allow time for unexpected events or questions. If you are going to use the slides try to slide them and simulate the speech you will make.

What to do the day before graduation?

5 tips to relax before graduation

  • Don’t go overboard. Do not spend your night before graduation compulsively repeating the speech to be submitted to the Commission: now what is done is done. …
  • Don’t go out partying. …
  • Indulge in your hobbies. …
  • Prepare everything in advance. …
  • Be calm!

Who reads the thesis?

Nothing more.Your professor and the president of the commission will read your thesis, but not all of it (he will peek more than anything else). Go quiet and good luck. When I graduated, they also stopped me while I wanted to elaborate on explaining the work I had done well.

How does the three-year degree thesis work?

The degree thesis consists of an original work conducted by the student under the guidance of the teacher in charge of the subject (supervisor) and his collaborators. To support the thesis on a subject it is necessary to have passed the exam.

How to face the day before graduation?

How to psychologically prepare for the graduation session

  1. Let’s start from n ° 1: It is absolutely not recommended to remain closed within the walls of the house. …
  2. Tip # 2: Avoid last minute corrections. …
  3. Tip 3: Take a glass of water with Bach flowers before the session. …
  4. Tip 4: Trust yourself.

What does proclamation of degree mean?

In fact, the proclamation is not only the final episode of a series of academic acts, but it is something more. Not only does one discuss one’s thesis before the commission, but one affirms oneself as a person. And it is right to live this moment with respect for the dignity of a student.

How to celebrate graduation without spending a lot?

A small memory for your guests will surely be a welcome thought. The sugared almonds, strictly red, are a must! If you don’t have a lot of budget, simply opt for confetti and personalized dedication. Or you can range from solidarity favors, books, plans, small crafts, etc.

How to celebrate graduation at home?


Even if you are at home, it is very important to create a nice, cheerful and colorful party atmosphere that immediately puts you in a good mood. Just choose the room to celebrate and set it up with balloons and colored festoons that immediately give a touch of positivity.

How many confetti per three-year degree?

Even graduation, like any happy event to celebrate with sugared almonds, requires that the number of the latter is odd. You can then choose whether to insert three, five or seven confetti.

How many pages must a three-year degree thesis be?

from 10 to 25 pages for the theses of the three-year degree courses; • from 80 to 150 pages for the theses of the master’s degree courses.

When is the thesis done?

The application must be submitted at least 30 days before the start of the appeal. You can submit your graduation application even if you have not taken all the exams required by your degree program. You can eventually cancel it and then resubmit it for the next session.

What does it mean to write the thesis?

The thesis is a document written by the student on a topic agreed with a teacher, who acts as a supervisor. The topic chosen by the student is deepened by the student through a thesis of a compiling nature (research of sources, reading and synthesis of these in an innovative way) or experimental.

What happens to the theses delivered to the secretariat?

The delivery to the Secretariat will therefore represent, for undergraduates and speakers, the deadline for the work.

How do you see if a thesis is copied?

The best “plagiarism detector” is Copyscape present at the following address This system is limited to the control of two texts both present on the web, so it is possible to verify the thesis only if it has already been published on an internet page.

What happens if you copy a thesis?

Copying the degree thesis is a crime; you risk up to one year in prison and the revocation of the title. … So be careful and avoid copying and pasting sentences, considerations or, in the worst cases, the entire degree thesis of others, as you can even risk jail.

How many slides per degree thesis?

How many slides? Consider an average of one minute for each actual slide, therefore excluding the one with the title of the thesis and the final one with thanks. So if you have 10 minutes, start preparing 10-12 slides. Then there will always be time to add.


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