How long is the citizenship income?


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The Citizenship Income lasts 18 months, renewable, after a one-month break, if the requirements are met. But how to calculate the 18 months of the Citizenship Income?

How many times can the Citizenship Income be renewed?

It is good to specify, right from the start, that as it was conceived, the Citizenship Income which is granted for 18 months, can be renewed without any limit in relation to the number of times.

How long does the Citizenship Income last in total?


The Citizenship Income is granted for a period of 18 months, starting from the day following that of the request.

When does the 2021 citizenship income expire?

The deadline for submitting the new ISEE 2021, necessary to renew the Income or the Citizenship Pension, is set for January 31, 2021. We remind you that the DSU presented in 2020 have expired and are therefore no longer valid in the new year.

Why did they block my citizenship income?

The main reasons why the Citizenship Income Card is blocked is the fact that false information is provided, or that the interested party omits some of it. Obviously, this is information that turns out to be fundamental for the granting of the benefit.

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What happens after 36 months of citizenship income?

I would like information regarding the citizenship income: after the 36 months that I have received it, can I renew my citizenship income again? … it is possible to renew the citizenship income. To renew the rdc, the ISEE must be renewed.

How to renew 2021 citizenship income?

The procedure for renewing the RdC is in fact the same as that which must be carried out to apply for the first time. The form or format to be filled in on the website, on the INPS web portal or at the Poste Italiane offices is also the same.

How do I know if they have accepted my citizenship income?

In the period of time in which an answer is expected, it is possible to check the outcome of the application on the INPS response site and see at what point the practice is on the page “check application status of the RdC”, or on the official website of the citizenship grant.

When does the INPS response for citizenship income arrive?

Applications submitted for Citizenship Income on any day of the month are answered from the 15th of the month following the month of submission.

When does the message of citizenship income arrive?

The second message of the citizenship income is received when the application is accepted. You will receive a message from INPS or from the Italian Post Office. The message will indicate the post office where the RdC card is located. You will therefore have to wait about a week before you can collect it.

How long is the citizenship income 3-6 months?

Citizenship income after 36 months

The decree 4/2019 does not place any limit on the number of renewals that can be presented to the citizenship income, stating only that between one renewal and the other it will be necessary to wait a month without receiving the subsidy.

What does assigned protocol mean?

The protocol number assigned by INPS for Citizenship Income is the number sent by INPS with the first RdC message via SMS. Knowing this number, it is possible to contact INPS to ask for the status of the Citizenship Income application.

What does successful application mean?

Accepted, the application has been approved and it is necessary to check the payment date in the social security file, Rejected, the application has NOT been approved for the reason indicated, for example it does not fall within the requirements of the support decree (it is possible to produce additional documentation, within 20 days from the negative opinion)

How long does it take from successful application?

Usually the first amount arrives within 30 days from the confirmation of acceptance of the unemployment application. At other times, the timing can extend beyond 40-60 days.

How do you know if the bonus has been accepted?

How does the citizen know if his application to take advantage of the social bonus has been accepted or not?

  1. Citizens can find out the outcome of their application for access to the Social Bonus:
  2. 1) by going to the institution where the request was submitted (the Municipality of residence; the Caf; the Mountain Community; etc.)

How to see the payments on the INPS website?

If you want to know how to see NASpI payments on the INPS website, the procedure is very simple and intuitive. Once the Social Security Dossier is open, click on the Benefits item in the navigation menu on the left of the page and, from the list that opens, click on the Payments option.

How to check citizenship income with SPID?

Another way to check the flow of money is to use the INPS website, through the Spid. There is the “Your card” section where you can get all the useful information. Finally, you can call the toll-free number 800.666.888; you can find out your balance by typing the card code.

What is the Inps protocol?

ISEE INPS protocol number: what it is and where it is

The protocol number usually consists of nine digits and is quite easy to find. … The INPS protocol number is the number present at the top right of the ISEE certificate containing the indicator for subsidized services (eg INPS-ISEE-202X-XXXXXXXXX-00).

When is ISEE 2022 renewed?

On December 31st all the ISEE forms elaborated in 2021 expire and from January it is possible to process the ISEE 2022.


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