How many companions does baby have?


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For 30 years Pupo (who celebrates his birthday on 11 September and who will be back on TV in a few days as a commentator at Big Brother Vip 2020) has been sharing his heart equally between two women: Anna, his wife (married in 1974) and Patricia , his partner who has been dating since 1989.

How many wives has Pupo had?

Pupo married his wife Anna Erli in 1974. But since 1989 the singer began a relationship with Patricia Abati, in the first period in a clandestine way: Patricia was married to the owner of a small recording studio, while Pupo tried to keep the yet another extramarital affair with his wife.

How many in Pupo?

He is 65 years old, 167cm tall and weighs about 65kg. It is of the zodiac sign of Virgo. His father, Fiorello, was a postman; his mother, Irene Bozzi, a housewife. Both parents delighted in singing and acting and for this reason Pupo approached music and the world of art as a child.

Where did the military Pupo do?

After getting married, he abandons his studies for military service with destination in Orvieto and will write his first song Primavera, dedicated to his maternal aunt, Clara, who died at 25 from a tumor.

How old is Fausto Leali and how tall is he?

Well Fausto Leali is 76 years old today, but the energy and strength of a little boy. Born in Nuvolento, in the province of Brescia, on October 29, 1944, Leali is of the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The singer is one meter and sixty-seven centimeters tall.

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How Tall Is Piero Chiambretti?

Television critics defined Chiambretti with these words: «the national Pierino, with his 163 cm in height and a heavier brain than Paris Hilton’s Lady Dior, is perhaps one of the few true stars of the Italian small screen.

How many records has Pupo è il principe sold?

Pupo, stage name of Enzo Ghinazzi, is an Italian singer-songwriter and TV presenter. His career as a songwriter has lasted for many years, starting in 1975: Pupo has sold over twenty million records and won 11 gold records.

What is Pupo doing today?

Even today, Pupo lives in a situation of bigamy (unofficial, of course, since he is only married to Anna).

Who helped Pupo with the debts?

In the past, Pupo also had to deal with gambling debts. To help him, in a particular moment, it was Gianni Morandi who, after having guaranteed for him, faced with the non-payment of the debt by Enzo Ghinazzi, personally paid that debt.

Who wrote Pupo’s songs?

Not only the author of his lyrics, Pupo has also written songs for others, such as, for example, It will be because I love you (composed by maestro Dario Farina for whom, together with Daniele Pace, he wrote the text), sung by Ricchi e Poveri . Many of his songs have been translated into German, French, English, Spanish.

What do Pupo’s daughters do?

Pupo and his three daughters: Ilaria and Clara manage the family ice cream parlor. But who are Pupo’s three daughters and what do they do? Ilaria Ghinazzi runs together with her sister Clara the family restaurant, “Gelato al Cioccolato da Pupo” in Ponticino, their country of origin.

Why is it called Pupo?

The name was chosen because of the singer’s sweet face, similar to that of a child. Her mother – who has always followed her son every step of his career – wanted another name for him: she believed that Pupo would jeopardize her future as a singer.


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